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Xdating Review for adult singles – No taboos sex online

Expert's Summary
Xdating itself had been launched in 2016 and represents the 3rd wave dating sites. The owner claims to have the 20+ year experience with other similar platforms for hookups. In 2016, the site developed the mobile app and updated the main one so it looks like a cool lending page now. The member base didn’t increase much though, it remains average-sized. Even not being an elite hookup platform with a long waiting list of new members, Xdating serves its members with decent quality and makes sure all looks and sounds decent indeed.
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Trendy and well-designed
Couple friendly
Attractive girls
Lack of older singles
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How much is Xdating


The site philosophy obviously differs from that on teenage hookup sites where the price is a few bucks, or from that on free hookup sites where the quality of members and services is low.

For the price they pay, members receive the full pack of bonuses such as quick support, anti-scam protection, top secrets of adult dating blog, high technical quality and functioning.

Who do I meet on Xdating

Xdating is one of contemporary dating sites where users meet for casual sex only. It is open for single men, single women, married personals, and couples. There are some sister sites like Xmeeting.

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LGBTQ hookups aren’t planned within the registration field, except for bi-curious personals interested in threesomes. The site is mostly meant for straight one-night-stands and flings.

The age of women is mostly between 28 – 35 y.o. So, it isn’t a sugar dating site but rather the platform for same-age encounters. It’s more suitable for local hookups than for travel dating.

What is profile quality on Xdating

Sexy girls are truly the essential fuel of each hookup site. Women’s profiles on Xdating are attractive enough, girls put efforts to look Instagrammable and stylish in their mini dresses and lingerie.

There aren’t low-minded vulgar photos on Xdating, even erotic ones look trendy and decent. Although the site is ok with international hookups, girls from western countries noticeably prevail.

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The profiles themselves aren’t informative, but they rarely are on such casual sex sources. The brief basic info is enough to understand where the girl is located and how old she is.

How do I match on Xdating

The matching is organized in a very simple way on Xdating. One is surfing through the profiles gallery and either likes or ignores them. He can message them instantly too.

The group chats or chat rooms aren’t available, since this site doesn’t have social network features. All chats are private, and the profiles can be discreet or not by each member’s choice.

What is the first impression of Xdating

Xdating is very well-designed and organized, with modern looks. The main colours are white, black, and red, keeping it simple and classical yet exciting. The illustrative content is minimal.

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There aren’t many sections on the site, only home page, search filters, online now gallery, photo galleries, video chat, and live cams. Accordingly, the features aren’t many either.

How do I sign up on Xdating

The signing up process on Xdating is fairly simple and user-friendly. It is email based and each new member should create his unique username. No extra questions are asked during that.

There’s no same gender search option nor the complicated questionnaires for better matching. The user is suggested to indicate his current location and previous place of living for local hookups.

Is Xdating legit

Xdating may not seem the most popular hookup site, but it took its own niche and has devoted admirers. It is mostly achieved thanks to its stylish design and a high trust level

Although there are a few scammers like on any online platform, at least, the site doesn’t use the bots of its own to attract more customers. Male members who join, are average men not rich ones.

Probably that’s why, it isn’t filled with catfishers or other fraudulent personals. People come there exactly for hookups and they’re interested in casual sex without any sponsorship. 

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Since western girls prevail on Xdating, there are no so-called international brides from the third world countries who’d ask for money. Most of young women are independent.

It saves you a bunch of money. Even if you decide to use this site for travel dating and hookups, a girl you choose will be able to pay for her ticket and the hotel. It’s very budget-wise. 

If you want to know how to detect real hookups online, be cautious with webcam girls. Women of this type hope men will reward them in some way if they perform well as virtual lovers.

Also, they may advertise their escort services with the help of this hookup source. On another hand, there are trustworthy and genuine women on Xdating, and they really prevail.

What do Xdating users say

Xdating is worthy of one’s attention if he’s after spontaneous hookups with pleasant and qualitative personals. Although the team doesn’t pre-moderate or select new female members, they rock. 

It’s probably thanks to the site reputation in general and there aren’t completely negative reviews on it. Most of the users are traditionally happy with it, or at least consider it neutral and above average

After a deeper investigation, we believe Xdating isn’t just visually attractive but also trustworthy enough for giving it a try. The member base isn’t huge but efficient for local hookups within the USA. 

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