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Willow Review: Find a match online for hookups or romantic friendships

Expert's Summary
Willow dating app would resemble Hot or Not as it's also based on the game element. One should answer each user's personal questions in order to start chatting. They might be simply playful and superficial or really serious, it depends. In any case, it's a good way to get acquainted with smarties rather than with hotties. And many youngsters prefer exactly this way of finding a casual or long-term match.
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Members Quality
Free of charge
Bazed on quizz
Young members prevail
Users' hotness comes second
Mobile app only
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How much is Willow

One will be glad to know that Willow is all-free. There are no hidden costs, credits purchase, or monthly fees.

Young singles highly appreciate this opportunity and date free with their peers for FWB or more.

What profile structure does Willow have

Profiles are really brief and almost non-existing on Willow. It’s because matching is based on questions only.

Also, it’s due to the fact that Willow is a very compact app without many functions.

Yet, there are three important sections one needs to fill if he wants to fully use the platform and succeed.

Portrait of a young blonde female holds a cup of coffee and a digital tablet

The Traits section is a list of character qualities. If you think you have them, just pick them out of the list.

The School list also allows you to choose and set up yours. Then your peers find you easier by this location.

Finally, the About Me section is an empty field you can fill in any way you want. Be exact and creative there.

What is Willow about

It’s well-understood and expectable that such a virtual game of quiz passing interests young people more.

While older singles may want a profound communication instead. 1+ million youngsters are online at any moment.

So, 25-35 year-olds rule the site with the teens in second place and with just a small percentage of mature members.

Indoor portrait if elegant girl wearing crop top and sparkling skirt

Willow ensures the correct matching with compatible members who liked you back.

In this case, chatting is more pleasant and usually, much safer too. Btw, the verification process is unique.

To complete it, one needs to repeat the pose or gesture. Thus, users chat with verified members only.

How do I sign up on Willow

Signing is easy on Willow but some tips should be known. One should sign via FB only if he is sure he wants so.

Then he reveals his FB first name and some photos from there, automatically. Not everyone is ok with that.

If there are doubts or the profile is secretive in any way, it’s better to register directly without using social networks.

Beautiful young Black woman enjoying sunbathing

After signing up, it is mostly used for local encounters. It helps find the hottest and popular members located nearby.

It’s a kind of game too as one can decide to meet those folks or not, but it’s interesting to know whether there are sexy peers around.

Accordingly, Willow works on a navigation basis and this should be adjusted both in the app and phone settings.

The geo-location tool defines where you and your potential matches walk. So, make sure to answer their questions well.

Is Willow any good

On Willow, there is an enormous number of young people’s photos, sometimes indeed very attractive.

The app also helps to find them and like them through social networks such as FB or Instagram.

In this case, you can see whether there is any recent activity, and make sure those people are real.

Morning. Lovely girl in bed

Willow is extremely popular among teens and singles under 35. For many, it’s just an online game.

It encourages to tell about one’s interests such as sport, self-education, hobbies, joining real communities.

Also, fun events locally, sharing things and self-made items, and so on. These activities are typical for the youth.

It is a modern platform for meeting new people nearby, either for friendly interactions or casual affairs.

Is Willow for hookups

Regarding casual sex, Willow is a controversial app that isn’t meant exactly for classical long-term dating.

Its principle of work is estimating other users’ hotness, smartness, and comparing them. So it’s for FWB.

Although there are profile texts too, they are quite brief and no one actually looks at them.

Beauty girl face portrait

We would characterize the purpose of this app as a very light form of flirting. But it is great for friendships and hookups.

Another question is whether teenagers are reasonable enough to choose lovers for quickies online.

But since the interest is based on similar thinking and there’s never explicit content, this purpose seems ok.

What can I do on Willow

Willow is comparatively poor in features, but still entertaining enough to attract the youth.

There are personality quizzes, communities, and links to users’ social networks if they adjust this option.

Which makes the app similar to a pleasant virtual game. It allows building social circles online, too.

Two amazing joyful girls in warm woolen sweaters with naked long

It is a casual dating app that definitely exceeds one’s expectations. Many of the modern apps promise so-called serious dating.

But they end up maximum as local hookup platforms. Sometimes they don’t even reach this level.

While Willow promises a good hookup but it takes us much further, to friendships and smart communication.

Is it ok to use Willow

Some singles think it’s time-wasting to meet on the sites based on game elements or quizzes.

Many other specialized apps help to be straight to the point and choose by physical data only.

Positive bright summertime portrait of gorgeous happy woman having fun

True, the concept of Willow is the opposite. One shall rather meet smarties or like-minded buddies.

But luckily, modern youngsters believe smart is a new sexy, and don’t mind choosing by brains not just tits.

So, Willow will always find its grateful audience and match users more successfully than ever.

How to get laid on Willow

Whether it’s indoor sex or getting laid in public, it can happen anywhere. Regardless, act normal like it’s your lifestyle.

Just add some nuances that respond to each particular situation. Hookups at nightclubs are routinely practiced by singles.

When you take smb to the hotel, it requires some experience and boldness to later call a taxi for them or to leave them there.

Willow hookups with single girls

The main rule is, do not give your phone number, do not smile or kiss. For these cases, you may have another SIM card.

If you’re going to meet this single for sex one more time, establish some warmer contact and exchange contacts.

The best answer to how not to feel awkward after a hookup is to find a friend with benefits on Willow.

You already know each other, you don’t even need any foreplay or pickup lines, and you easily leave after sex.


  1. And don’t be shy about it! If you’re unsure of what you want from a date, consider using an app.

    1. Women don’t want to deal with an arrogant man and are highly sensitive to the way they are portrayed online.

  2. It’s a great way to find a guy with your same interests, but you can’t send messages to them.

  3. They can match you with the perfect spouse based on your preferences, such as your age and location.

  4. When you’re ready to meet your potential partner, you’ll need to know what to expect from the process.

  5. To avoid becoming a hopeless beginner, here are a few tips you can follow when online dating women.

  6. Many online dating women are well aware of this trick and know that you’re only wasting your time.

  7. While some women are shy about sharing their sexual histories online, there are a number of reliable adult chat apps out there that promise a satisfying sex meeting.

  8. Sending a generic message to a woman is insulting, shows you don’t put effort into your message, and doesn’t attract any attention.

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