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Wildbuddies Review 2022 – Flirt online and find friends with benefits

Expert's Summary
Wildbuddies is totally for casual affairs, and it keeps things simple in regard to basic features as well. There are no tests or tiresome games. All is classical and straight to the point. Browse through the profiles, read users' info, enjoy their photos, and contact anyone. The quality of photos tends to be poor on Wildbuddies though. Looks like busy MILFs are taking some selfies in hurry and posting them. Have some patience to find smb you like and start a meaningful conversation or just chat for fun.
Ease of use
Members Quality
2+ mln. active members
Big choice of MILFs
No explicit content
A bit pricey
Lack of features
Total Score

Is Wildbuddies free

1 month$34.99
3 months$59.96
6 months$95.94

Wildbuddies was initially meant for youngsters, but this kind of price is a bit high for them. Instead, it is filled with MILFs, but then it should be cheaper as well.

There is a 3-day trial though that makes $4.47. It’s usually enough to understand whether you want to continue using the site.

How do I use Wildbuddies

Nothing is easier than using Wildbuddies. If by any chance, you have been visiting dating sites back in the 1990s, it’s all the same here.

Meaning there are no trendy options, just fields to fill like age, gender, place of living. There are just two genders, the site doesn’t seem gay-friendly.

Yet, this super primitive interface is sufficient for meeting singles around you. Anyone bored on a Friday night who would be glad to join you.

Gorgeous beauty. Rear view of beautiful young woman in panties and tank top looking through the window while leaning at the window sill

Although there’s no kink list, and adult video chats are absent, members know why they joined. It’s easy to get laid and make friends.

Exchange photos and ideas, share contacts and arrange your hookup date the soonest. Otherwise, enjoy virtual flirting and online FWB.

Is Wildbuddies any good

Nothing is more pleasant than a sexy girl’s attention. Here you will find plenty! Many of them are making the first step just to get noticed by a man they like.

Gorgeous local women, Latin hotties, Asian teens, Eastern European women can’t wait to finally meet their special man. Or at least, to get laid.

Time to use your charm and talk to carefully selected women who you can easily drive crazy. Long talks and quick bedtime chats are of great help. 

Gorgeous beauty. Top view of beautiful young African woman in black lingerie looking away while sitting on the bed at home

Thousands of users whose sex life has improved after signing up in here give a piece of advice. Take your chance and contact the hottest girls online.

Open new horizons with Wildbuddies created for singles’ comfort and joy. Improvise online with the best chicks and hear their sexy fantasies back.

Why use Wildbuddies

We live in lucky times that are the least conservative. There aren’t girls’ categories who wouldn’t adopt this open-minded attitude, so a guy has multiple opportunities

Wildbuddies covers all kinds of modern affairs, from sex-positive adult hookups to classical dating or interracial sex. This site is aimed to educate singles about that.

Experts teach to catch those nuances and hook up worldwide with all possible pleasure and effectiveness. The same comes to Asian women, Russian girls, or BBW. 

Chubby pretty woman in sexy black lingerie looking away while standing against brown background in studio. Overweight female

It is obvious that all of them require a special approach. A modern person doesn’t have much time for gaining the same info from other sources. 

To make our spare time more fun, Wildbuddies describes and popularizes top categories as swingers exchange, threesomes, and LGBTQ events.


  1. It’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean you should only use an app if you’re just looking for a quick date.

  2. If you’re meeting a woman for the first time, make sure you notify your buddy before you go out with her.

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