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What is nsa hookup on adult dating slang and how to deal with it

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Among many special definitions sex-positive singles use, there’s nsa hookup. You may encounter it in the discussions online and offline. Well, all is simple, NSA means no strings attached.

Nsa relationships are well promoted and shown in the popular movies. The synonyms are, casual affair, one-night-stand, friendship with benefits. It’s useful to repeat the main rules of such an interconnection.

Having other partners

Open relationships and quick hookups have something in common, partners do not care about each other’s private life, marital status, or the number of other lovers. You two are united by pleasure.

There should be no jealousy. Control yourself well if that is your trait. You two aren’t checking each other’s phones, aren’t asking questions about time spending with other people. It’s a part of personal space.

No drama allowed

We all have our moments. It can be an odious boss or toxic parents, bad memories or traumas. Such things shouldn’t be discussed with your nsa hookup. It’s not their duty to rescue you from difficulties.

Your complaints or feeling down may become a turn-off for your nsa hookup. Try to sound as positive as you can, get humorous and healthily cynical for the time period you meet.

Experiments are a must

Not all hookups are kinky, but it’s normal we want new things in a bed with someone we meet for sex only. Since it’s our mutual purpose, we won’t shock each other or hurt anyone’s feelings.

So, set yourself free and be really naughty. Bring sex toys you haven’t tried before, watch adult movies together. Nothing is tabooed in nsa hookup in case all participants accept the idea.

Readiness to let go

No matter how deeply satisfied you are by each other, remember there are no strings attached. Each of you may leave very suddenly, disappear, change the phone number, or start ghosting.

It’s all ok because you have had this agreement since the beginning. Do not stop your nsa hookup or bribe him by promising wilder experiments or more kinks. Let them enjoy that with the others.

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