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Wamba Review – Long-term dating and soul mates in Eastern Europe

Expert's Summary
In some reviews, Wamba is said to be elite, but it's because of Russian girls' hotness in its database. In fact, it doesn't provide any elite service, and women's pictures are frankly of poor quality. Some definitely hope to become travel sugar babies, but it depends on a particular case and it's your final decision. In general, Wamba is very convenient and affordable, if not to spend coins too fast. It's real to find a wife there since most Eastern European women want to get married anyway. A western man can easily overcome the competition with their locals and get their attention.
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40+ million members
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Is Wamba free

VIP 1 week$0.93
VIP Light 1 month$2.99
VIP Full 1 month$11.99

Wamba can be used for free, and most users do. But there are extra attractive features paid in tokens.

Both VIP subscription and tokens are optional, but they help to catch other singles’ attention and get popular.

Some men do not like when a pricing system is complicated and not clear from the beginning though.

What is Travel Buddy on Wamba

The Travel Buddy feature allows choosing a compatible travel mate for trips together.

Unlike the similar site Mamba, Wamba contains profiles of users from many countries, not just Russia.

Funny stylish sexy smiling beautiful young woman model in summer bright

So, traveling together isn’t always sponsored by a man. Some girls are ok to share the cost.

It depends on your luck in searching, personal charm, and ability to make agreements with women.

It is advised to choose the urban girl who earns more, but not too model-looking who would be spoilt.

Are girls real on Wamba

Normally, Wamba doesn’t let scammers take advantage of you. Things are being checked and improved.

They check all the girls, their identities and correspondence, and react to every complaint from the men’s side.

Portrait of beautiful sensual woman with elegant hairstyle

The scammers’ profiles are deleted without hesitation. The only thing they don’t check is how recent the girl’s photos are.

Very often, women use the pics taken 5 or 10 years ago. It can be checked while video chatting or selfies exchange.

In general, success stories prevail over the complaints so they are worthy of consideration.

Are there sugar babies on Wamba

One should realize Eastern European women are raised in a classical, non-feminist way.

Psychologically, they see a man as a provider and search for a partner keeping this in mind.

Beautiful sexy lady in white panties and bra on the bedd

Of course, the times have changed and there are independent business women among Russians too.

But the salaries of the others remain small. If you take into account all these factors, you will be better prepared.

There are such situations when she relies on you and your support. It’s true that generous guys are loved more.

What is Wamba about

Wamba is an Eastern European dating site that gave new hope to many Slav singles as well as westerners.

At the first glance, it seems to be for Russians only just like Mamba or LovePlanet, but it’s not so.

All of these sites are successfully used for international dating as well. But there are differences.

Many Russian girls are completely ready for meeting a foreigner as their potential partner.

Beautiful European brunette beauty woman

Others can be focused on local dating but then pleasantly surprised by the westerner’s attention.

Now, is it free to use? We all know that Mamba is free, and LovePlanet can be used for free with limited features.

Wamba is closer to the last one in this regard. Anyways, girls find it affordable, and it makes Wamba popular.

How to communicate on Wamba

Since some girls register on this site with the aim of meeting a local single, they are prepared only for a traditionalistic thing.

Do not shock them with things, and they’ll be yours. Do not turn into a Tolstoi character of course, but be polite.

At least, do not propose wild sex without taboos on a first date, do not send naked pictures. Try to be gallant.

Western men who manage to find a perfect approach, usually succeed a lot in Eastern European dating.

Young woman is sitting on bed in bright bedroom

One more little hint, do not send pics of your amazing cars. This way, you will only attract shallow models and/or fraudsters.

Send nice photos with a natural smile, from your garden or seashore. Do not ask her immediately when and where you meet.

But rather bring this question after a few days of communication. It’s only normal and it will flatter your Russian girl.

How do I travel on Wamba

Wamba doesn’t exactly organize the travel tours nor create travel blogs with tips. But it’s helpful, still.

Since you need to travel to a girl’s country, you need to know certain nuances and adapt well there.

At least, for your vacation time. So, here are a few things to note before your trip to Eastern Europe.

Beautiful Woman Brunette Red Lips Healthy Beauty Skin Smile

It is safe for foreigners and locals now, but exactly thanks to the strict local rules and old-regime policy.

So please, make sure you’re quiet and respectful towards the others too. If you want to go low-budget, always use Uber.

Like everywhere, you’re charged more for the taxi and other services as you’re a foreigner. And still, prices are low.

How to date women on Wamba

We all know you came to Eastern Europe for courting their local women. But do not demonstrate that much.

Also, do not practice your day game in crowded places. It may look odd to most Eastern Europeans.

Museums are the best place for pickup. Read something about their art on the Internet before you visit.

Charming young long-haired blond woman holding a gift

Then try talking to any sweet and intelligent woman out there. It’s easier to chat on Wamba first.

Try to merge with the local atmosphere. Never discuss their political, economical, or historical situation.

Eastern Europe still lives in the past and some people are vulnerable about that. Avoid the topic and talk about neutral things.

Can I get laid on Wamba

Generally, Wamba isn’t for hookups, and that’s it. But some girls are westernized enough to consider that.

Many westerners are serious on Wamba. While others just want a summer fling with a hot Slav blonde.

In any case, be polite with these women and do not cross the line of basic ethics. Be thankful for a friendly attitude.

woman touching lips of shirtless man with blurred lighting on christmas tree on background

It’s actually a big deal, being accepted and welcomed by these conservative people so try to be friendly too.

After all, you can always find a girl on Wamba who looks and sounds light-headed enough for a casual affair.


  1. The best thing about online dating is that you can avoid the awkwardness of meeting a stranger.

  2. This app features a large user base, a variety of ways to connect, and a 30-second registration process.

  3. Moreover, the quality of the matches is very high and can help you find the best partner for you.

  4. Some sites will have an algorithm that matches you to a woman, but this won’t necessarily lead to a long-term relationship.

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