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USA Sex Guide Review 2021: Best escort reports and MP reviews

Expert's Summary
UsaSexGuide is a unique site that gathers all discussions about escorts and massage parlors from real visitors. Such a concept is extremely useful for men seeking the info before ordering. The main focus is on safety and each site entering or reloading the page requires CAPTCHA passing. Basic threads are seen to non-registered guests, while others are only seen to members. Users who use the site actively for a while, get access to the kinkiest events and parties. So, this interesting source in fact has much more functions and purposes than it seems on the start. Experts in adult dating rate UsaSexGuide pretty high, exactly because it’s a concentration of all real and checked escort reviews across the US. One can find the most crucial data for safe hookups.
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Members Quality
Can be used for free
Available to non-members
Contains full info about escorts
Just forum, no hookup profiles
Not well structured
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USA Sex Guide Audio Review

Is USA Sex Guide any good

Yes, there’s a lot of positive feedback about this forum dedicated to the escorts service. One can discuss there the streetwalkers, naughty SPAs, strip clubs, and much more.

The most frequent requests are questions with the photos and names of a particular porn star or escort provider. Other men users add the info they have and update it when smth changes.

There is strong anti-bot protection on USA Sex Guide, also, mostly male users are welcomed to join. All newly registered profiles are pre-moderated, and posts or comments are censored.

These measures are directed to weed out suspicious folks and escorts who are going to vote falsely for their rating. It’s a men’s place, and it does everything to suit the escort customers.

How much is USA Sex Guide

UsaSexGuide isn’t an adult dating site, it is a forum. Like most similar platforms, it is free to use. There are no donations suggested either. It survives on ads and one sees plenty of them.

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To be honest, some are pretty provocative or even annoying, like porn banners on the top and bottom of the page. There’s no way to skip the ads. However, some threads are too frank as well.

Users who join USA Sex Guide should be prepared for the graphic content and the most revealing discussions. It responds to the escort theme and helps to warn inexperienced folks though.

Although there are no hidden commissions or extra payments, UsaSexGuide does encourage the users to spend on sex services across the US. Gang parties need a monetary contribution as well.

Can I contact other members on USASexGuide

Like on any forum, private messages can be sent on USA Sex Guide. It’s convenient and allows to ask questions of the most intimate character that aren’t appropriate within the thread.

This option is mostly used by senior members though since they often organize kinky or naughty parties together. In PM, one can get to know which roleplay costume and sex toys to bring.

These special events are just too intriguing to many. The newest users happen to pretend they’re senior already, being impatient to attend. But for this, 6 months of active membership are needed.

Again, it is noticed young members often prefer to discuss delicate matters in PM. For instance, the BBJ technique of a particular provider, her health certificates, and similar stuff.

How does USASexGuide help me

On the adult and kinky scene of the West, USASexGuide is the most helpful site. Why, because it’s the best amendment tool to escort listings, revealing the real worth of each provider.

Massage parlors, in particular, can be the shadiest business if not to make a deeper research and not to share it. Their hidden costs, the lack of hygiene or diligence can be serious cons.

It’s even more critical with independent escorts though. No one can say, except for the real users, whether some girl is drug-addicted, messy, or sick. It indeed makes sense to check on USA Sex Guide.

There are more pleasant reasons to join it as well. Quite frequently, users have a kind of crush on new escort personals due to their hot appearance. So they post their photo on the forum and check out.

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The same comes to the old escorts who are working for decades. Users are curious to know about their further life situation and post the photo to ask how these thots are doing today.

It can be called nostalgia and is definitely connected with men’s emotional response. So, meeting escorts and discussing that on USA Sex Guide kind of replaces the private life to them.

What are the cons of USASexGuide

Any adult sites may have their own cons, and USA Sex Guide isn’t an exception. As it was mentioned, there are annoying porn ads and one just has to tolerate them.

Second, the site doesn’t look visually aesthetic. On the opposite, it is very plain and simple like most forums are. The thread search isn’t too user-friendly either.

As in all serious male communities like the army or business, newcomers are being ridiculed. It takes some time and good posts or comments to gain others’ appreciation.

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The most prominent con is seeing all female gender from the point of sexual value and exploitation. USASexGuide members who are there for years, have a non-changeable mindset.

What age should I be to join USA Sex Guide

Terms and Conditions of the site are saying, only 18+ personals can join. The site isn’t considered teen-friendly though, as it develops a naughty attitude towards women and relationships.

On another hand, reading the threads can be useful for young members. As it teaches them to check twice before ordering sex, and to weight all pros and cons carefully.

The correct way to use sex toys and best places to purchase them, the meaning of sex slang, nuances of niche subcultures, all this can be learnt on UsaSexGuide.

In this regard, the site helps to older singles as well, since they might be less updated about the new tendencies. Therefore, the site can be recommended to all groups of adults.

Is USASexGuide for adultery

UsaSexGuide isn’t your typical cheating site, but it’s highly possible to be used with that purpose. The talks users lead there, are barely meant for open-minded couples.

Instead, they are definitely held by males and for males, with the aim of safe and nsa entertainment on adult scene. At least a half of hookups with escorts are secretive.

Accordingly to experts’ research, a big part of USA Sex Guide users are long-time singles who prefer sex positive lifestyle. Another part are married to old-fashioned women.

So they’re hanging out on this forum anonymously, not to hurt their partner’s feelings. And only a third part are in a relationship with broad-minded girls and may have their allowance.

Is USA Sex Guide scam or legit

There is no scam on this forum, it isn’t meant for money requests but rather for open discussions in the threads. Admins are warning against the suspicious PM though.

Since a part of members are females, some of them may try to scam the others, although such cases haven’t been noticed lately. Also, there can be fake pre-payments for kinky events.

Always keep an eye on everything connected with the money. Otherwise, USASexGuide is rather created for scam avoiding, and for finding the most budget-friendly options.

Affordable escorts and passage parlors, genuine streetwalkers who never charge you extra, those are typical topics on the forum. Follow their hookup advice and you’ll save up a lot.

Is there actual info on USA Sex Guide

The site warns its users, opinions, facts, and ratings expressed on the forum pages, aren’t always recent or eventual. Check the date of this post or comments, and use common sense.

Remember the folks who are ordering escorts regularly, may have kinky tastes the opposite to yours. So, what suits them in sex may not suit you, and vise versa.

It is believed escort listings are not updated regularly enough. It’s because providers who upgraded or paid extra for their ads highlighting, have them on for months even if not actual anymore.

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But it’s not the case on forums like USA Sex Guide where the thread keeps being updated endlessly till the audience is interested in this topic. Men inform each other whether some provider is on.

So, if someone wants the freshest info about escorts, porn stars, massage parlors, and kinky communities, the best way for him is to join USA Sex Guide and get updated daily.

How do I leave USA Sex Guide

By the forum rules, once created profiles are never deleted. They can get inactive or banned, but they remain in the base. So, just do not upload your own photos, do not use your real name.

In case you truly insist on your membership being deleted, write to the site support and explain your situation. It cannot be completed manually, but can be requested via email address.

How do I submit a report on USA Sex Guide

New posts are accepted from Regular or Senior members. There are moderated and non-moderated members. To get a non-moderated status, first become a Senior member.

Then prove you rarely need moderation at all, with your correct and respectful posts and comments. Your texts will be approved briefly and if all is still ok, get non-moderated at all.

The post is done through the main menu. Enter the needed section and press the button Post Reply at the bottom. You may either type your post or copy-paste it from Word.

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Then you’ll be able to preview, edit, and finally publish your text. It’ll apear after some time.

What is forbidden on USA Sex Guide

The forum UsaSexGuide is one of the most open-minded on the Internet, with just a minority of don’ts. Still, there are things to be banned for and rules to follow, like on any other platform.

For instance, humiliating words about sex workers are forbidden and automatically detected. Also, titles or links to the sites competitors, names of other banned users, wrong or harmful info, etc.

Is there Private Messaging on USA Sex Guide

Like on all forums, there is PM system on UsaSexGuide for communicating with other members. It’s the best way to exchange the updates on escorts info and schedule.

Also, both newcomers and senior members may invite each other to interesting kinky parties. To practice that on a regular basis, one should reach a certain level of trust on the forum.

Use Private Messaging in order to send your suggestions, offers, invites, to ask special questions not appropriate in the thread. Just in case, try to stay polite and sound experted.

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