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Ukraine Date Review – Top Ukrainian dating and hookups in Europe

Expert's Summary
Ukraine Date is a famous Eastern European dating site that went popular back in 2008 and still keeps its positions. The Russian fraud greatly decreased lately, as the country grew more successful. So, many girls have good professions and do not pose as sugar babies. Most users admit the site has been helpful for them, and real meetings took place.
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How much is Ukraine Date

1 month Premium$34.99
3 months Premium$69.98
12 months Premium$149.99
1 month Gold$29.98

Ukraine Date can be used for free. But Premium status gives extra advantages and opens fun features.

Why choose Ukraine Date

Eastern European girls are usually interested in foreigners and very enthusiastic to get in touch on Ukraine Date.

The experience of dating them, even for a few days or weeks, is very positive and leaves pleasant memories.

So, don’t lose this opportunity and take a chance with a cute and youthful Ukrainian babe on Ukraine Date.

Photo of gorgeous blonde woman in the gym

There is a moment in every man’s life when he wants to try dating a Slav girl. It’s really hard to resist since they are so pretty.

Also cute, slim, playful, fun, and childish in a good way. The opinion prevails these women are unique and entertaining.

Russian ladies know their power of looking young at any age. It’s hard to say, where the mentality ends and the game begins.

But they like to behave like naughty kids wanting to get spoilt. Experienced men recommend dating a Slav girl at least once.

Is Ukraine Date any good

Women in Ukraine are picky when it comes to the best dating sites since they have a good taste in everything.

Also, their own strong opinion about all kinds of services. They like to date safely and with a kind of guarantee.

Ukraine Date is appreciated by Slavic beauties and used frequently. Pros and cons of Slav dating are described in its blog.

Image of a pretty serious young woman indoors

Reportedly, it’s one of the most popular dating sites in Ukraine, since the quality of women and men is equally high.

Admins make sure to verify all profiles and contact the girls directly before approving. All chat features are safe and innovative.

Hot beautiful models from Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv are sharing their personal details and most secret desires.

Is Ukraine Date for travel dating

Real women database and events calendar, that’s what Ukraine Date presents to its users. One can meet a girl at the concert.

Also, while attending a film festival, romantic tour, or whatever. It’s common for western folks to combine the purposes.

This creative approach attracts many hot and cultural females who prefer to go out with a westerner as soon as possible.

Sexy Ukrainian girl with a selfie

If you’re a beginner in Eastern European dating, start from this awesome Ukraine hookup site. Ukraine Date suits that well.

It gathered the most open-minded females in its database, which guarantees an exciting casual meeting or a date.

Real daily photos, intensive and frank chatting, flirtatious ice-breakers simplify the process of acquaintance and trip organizing.

Find your perfect sexual match in Ukraine as easily as it sounds. The team of Ukraine Date works under your good impressions.

What is the girls’ quality on Ukraine Date

Ukrainian blondes are as beautiful as fairies, others look like sexy panthers. Choose the type you prefer on Ukraine Date.

It’s obviously legit and trustworthy since all girls are real. Ukrainian women met on Ukraine Date are model-looking and stylish.

portrait of the beautiful young woman with cat on the black background

They are initiative about the meeting, make the first step easily, send unique and personalized messages to prove their intentions.

Beautiful Ukraine women are the basis of Eastern European dating since this country is huge and rich in ethnicities.

Although Russia historically started from Kyiv, the most interesting types are found in Kiev, forming that stunning kind of beauty.

Is Ukraine Date worthy of joining

Although exotic gals from Latin, Arab, or African countries are of great interest, exactly Slavic beauty remains iconic.

Dating in Ukraine has many nuances, but all are covered by travel experts on Ukraine Date. It makes sense to study them.

If you’re planning a romantic trip to Eastern Europe, get acquainted with the theory first and then proceed on a practice.

Beautiful Lady Portrait, Gorgeous young woman

Ukrainian hotties win in beauty contests regularly, and some pageants are on Ukraine Date. When we say beautiful, we mean Slavic.

Natural blondes prevail there, a bit less than in Nordic countries. And this is how all other girls in the world attempt to look like.

Do I succeed on Ukraine Date

Since Slavic girls are known as very classy ones, some men are afraid it will be hard to hook up. But it’s easy on Ukraine Date.

For the most impatient daters, there are such categories of Ukrainian women as escort girls, disco clubbers, or bar girls.

Just like in any other country. They have their pros and cons, but they’re available online and ready to meet in real.

Gorgeous brunette girl in cute swimsuit sunbathing on beach bed

For example, escort girls in Kyiv services aren’t cheap, the pricing is close to European. It’s not budget-wise.

One can find cheaper options in Ukraine. As to clubs and bars, some of them can be costly and not fully safe to visit.

The best way is to treat any Slav girl in such a way that she is happy to give her allowance. Ukraine Date girls are more decent.

Is Ukraine Date safe

Since the 1990s when Ukraine girls have started to gain popularity, there have been many positive and negative stories.

The very first personalities who joined international dating sites were certainly adventurers and sugar babies only.

But the times have changed. Today, Internet dating is widely practiced both locally and internationally.

Portrait of beautiful cheerful young bride near curtains

All Ukrainian women got used to that fact. It can be said for sure all females in Ukraine practice it, from 17 to 60 y.o.

That’s why we should leave our fears and doubts behind and make our experience unforgettable on Ukraine Date.

If our aim is a sexy girl without bad habits, we should choose among such categories as vegan and organic food lovers.

Otherwise, among devoted Orthodox Christians, hot fitness lovers, or career-oriented women. They do not drink or curse.

What is it like to use Ukraine Date

If you never dated Slav women, you have probably seen Ukrainian models, singers, actresses in magazines. True, many are celebs.

Strange but when it comes to naturally sexy yet sportive shapes, Ukraine girls can be compared to African beauties.

They also grow to be sex bombs without any plastic surgeries or artificial stuff. But not all African girls can be that educated.

Adorable white woman posing with bengal lights. Gorgeous red-haired girl

Ukrainian women are extremely intellectual. So what you get is a white top model with brains and a soft loving heart.

Lots of men ask if that is real. Why would such beauty be interested? There’s a phenomenon connected with Ukraine brides.

The absolute majority are down-to-earth and can get their hands dirty. They look like princesses yet act like Cinderellas.

Can I find a wife on Ukraine Date

Since many western singles come to Ukraine exactly with the purpose to find a good life partner or a soul mate, here are some tips.

They absolutely love cooking and are famous for their nourishing cuisine. They love getting up early, making breakfast for you.

During the day, Ukrainian brides love calling or texting their man and surprising him with lovely photos and confessions.

gorgeous girl in pink lingerie and checkered shirt using laptop and drinking coffee

They consider daily love-making and satisfying a partner their must-do thing. Never shall you hear about the headache in bed.

Ukraine women are the most passionate and tender. It’s already seen while chatting on Ukraine Date and proved in real later.

Are girls real on Ukraine Date

Since their childhood, Ukrainian women learn that their beauty won’t bring them benefits, as all other girls around are pretty too.

So they just accept it as it is and keep on living modestly. There’s no such a definition for Ukraine gals as an average man.

They consider a man a family leader, as well as a guide in all other spheres even if he doesn’t have big achievements.

Young romantic woman in polka dot dress dreamily walking along old beautiful city park

It’s patriarchal thinking, and it basically makes Kyiv girls so traditional and valuable. None feminism has power over them.

However, some caution and common sense are always needed. Instagram shows us some girls learned to take advantage.

So, when communicating on Ukraine Date, remember it’s just another micro-society where people can have their flaws.


  1. Just remember that a good woman is the one who understands what women want and how to meet them.

  2. And with the best options, you can have multiple conversations with different women and pick the one you feel comfortable with.

    1. Another thing to remember when online dating women is that women have a higher response rate than men do, and most of these messages are unsolicited.

  3. Once you’ve found someone you’re interested in, you can send a private message to arrange a date.

  4. You can meet potential matches offline, too! This will give you a much greater chance of meeting someone compatible with your personality.

  5. The online dating experience is a necessary part of adulthood and it can be a wonderful opportunity to find love, companionship, or a lifelong partner.

  6. For instance, individuals who are sociosexually unrestricted are more likely to use online dating for casual encounters, while those who are restricted are more likely to seek exclusive love.

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