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TSDate Review – Best LGBT hookups online for modern singles

Expert's Summary
TSDate is an important LGBT dating & hookup site, reportedly equal to TSMeet. It indeed unities TS, TV, TG, queer, gay, and lesbi personals worldwide, including bi-curious singles and couples. 88 mln. have currently joined, with 24 mln. from USA. Those are mostly trans lovers and folks on any stage of transition, from cross-dressing to hormonal therapy or complete surgery done. TSDate teaches politeness and mutual acceptance in the chat or real life, even if your sexual preferences or likes do not match with a person. Many bi-curious couples join as well. We consider the site awesome and affordable, critical for everyone who pursues open-mindedness and sex adventure quest. It is suitable for many search purposes and sex life goals.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Vast and diverse member base
Inexpensive features
Genuine users
Member and photo quality is low
Some escorts present
Total Score
TSDate Audio Review

Is TSDate free

One of the highly appreciated and attractive traits of TSDate is its low price. For free, 3 messages a day on Instant Messenger can be sent. Private chatrooms are available for $9.95 a month.

Gold 1 month$39.95
Gold 3 months$80.85

Although Private chatrooms access for a few bucks is enough for arranging a hookup, at least a half of members prefer to get all possible tools for the communication and purchase Gold package.

Then one can lead as active sex life as possible, adding up to 1000 personals to their Hotlist and sending private messages to anyone, in any quantity. All live models shows get accessible too.

If you have some more free time and interest in erotic education, Sex Academy is also open for paid users. Otherwise, just use TSDate almost for free and you’ll be successful anyway.

Why hookups with trans are the best

There are many reasons to seek casual affairs exactly with TS personals, experts say. Very often, they put a bigger effort to look awesome and well-groomed than cisgender females.

It’s because they cherish femininity and their new image to the fullest, but also hate loneliness and show commitment to finding a partner the soonest, even if for one-night-stands.

TSDate singles who went through the transition or the preparation for it, kind of combine two genders in their mind and know for sure how to please a man. It drives many guys crazy.

They think more about their wardrobe and especially lingerie, often happen to collect sex toys and work on the atmosphere of their bedroom. In general, trans folks just have a bigger sex appeal.

Not having usual worries about babies and domesticity like assigned women do, and being more fit by nature, TS singles appear to be the most alluring and inspiring personals for wild sex.

What is My Stuff on TSDate

In a few words, My Stuff is simply a member’s space, his account with multiple sections and features for his convenient search. The Hotlist, Top Fans, Gifts and Tips, they’re all contained there.

Since this section has many sub-sections, it’s easy to organize one’s search in the best way and bring him more entertainment than on other dating sites. TSDate is really cool thanks to this tool.

With My Stuff features, one can get inspired to use TSDate further, along with the blog, group chats, live streams, and all the diversity of this great platform. It is more functional than average profiles.

The Gifts and Tips list, in particular, shows how active you are in other interactions. Both given and received, Gifts reflect your popularity level and often lead to real meetings for sex.

How do I match on TSDate

There are many ways to find a match on TSDate, or to be exact, many of them. Since LGBT personals need extra support and care, due to their minority, the site was turned into a social network.

Plus to matching by location, singles and couples can contact each other via such tools as Who’s Online, Who’s on IM, New Matches by search criteria, VIP members, Kink search, and Browse.

In addition, there’s a super popular Hot or Not game that matches participants who both marked each other as Hot. It’s a great ice-breaker for timid or introverted folks seeking hookups.

Compatibility is a pretty uncertain factor on sites like TSDate, especially in the case of couples where partners’ interests may differ. The Kink search might be the most realistic matching tool.

It unites people by their sexual preferences, not by other non-sexual hobbies that don’t matter for casual sex. Also, search manually and read other profiles carefully, to define all dos and don’ts.

How to choose Trans singles on TSDate

The first condition for choosing between numerous Trans singles is respect. They may have their physical characteristics and various kinks to prefer, and they have a right for being different.

If you’re a first-timer and didn’t go further than bi-curiosity, read the adult dating blogs and learn to detect and treat multiple Trans categories. Your choice also depends on your liking.

To approach feminine and young trans singles, contact those who identify as ladyboys or femboys. If you like those who are bigger physically, and probably mature, try the shemale or drag category.

There are also folks calling themselves non-binary, or gender fluid. They may look too feminine for men yet too mannish for women, but it’s just a personal perception.

Another way to categorize trans people is to differ dominant ones from the bottom ones. They do indicate that in their profile, so it’s easy to find and choose the right ones for you.

Is TSDate safe

TSDate dating site isn’t heavily criticized like it often happens with paid or controversial platforms. The developers really managed to create a friendly, supportive, and helpful atmosphere.

First of all, for T-people and those who are interested. Positive reviews are greatly supported by other users and often provide the real example of someone’s success story.

There is a big need for good and qualitative dating apps in the modern world nowadays. Ladyboys dating, particularly, is a norm for many countries and big cities.

However, some of the existing trans apps are purely commercial and vulgar traps for T-people aimed to play on their feelings and budgets. TSDate site is very far from that.

It suggests a huge pool of members so there’s someone special for every single person who joined. Moreover, it improves its features and fixes the problems every month.

So there are even bigger chances for those who will join or continue using it in 2022. Developers of TSDate insist on a friendly and respectful attitude towards every member.

Admins keep on controlling all processes to make sure this recommendation is followed. As a result, we are having a safe and highly effective dating environment for millions of T-folks.

Is customer support good on TSDate

Quick and prompt customer support is rare in today’s dating market. We really encourage and celebrate the quality of customer service on TSDate. Thanks to it, the site is totally “alive”.

It is really dynamic, no one feels lonely or abandoned and can get help at any moment. We would also like to admit that the price of Premium membership is fair and a bit lower than competitors request.

It’s an important factor for the overall high rate. In general, we would recommend this site to anyone interested, not depending on his age or other parameters, and rate it as “Excellent”.

For sure, it isn’t in this perfect state yet, but all steps towards this are made and we believe in its potential. Quick customer support is a factor number one that defines that.


  1. On the other hand, men don’t want to waste their time with a woman who seems uninterested in a long-term relationship.

  2. If you are serious about your relationship, it is better to go with a site that has many members.

  3. In general, there are two main types of sites: those for professional people looking for casual dates, and those for the more discreet extramarital affairs.

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