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Tinder 2021 Review: Is Tinder a hookup app and why use it

Tinder Hookup Review
Expert's Summary
Tinder is the world number one match-based hookup app founded in 2012. The owner is Match Group also the developer of such dating giants as OkCupid, Hinge, POF, OurTime. It is currently used in 196 countries in 40 languages. 28 mln. members are from USA. It was one of the first apps that invented the swiping principle and it still goes by it. Search is quick and user-friendly so that even a teen or senior can use it. There is nearly a one hundred percent guarantee of getting laid instantly after signing in.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Number and variety of members
Strong location feature
Free chats with matches
Photos quality
Shallow profiles
Paid chat with non-matches
Lack of mature singles
Male members severely prevail
Many catfishers
Total Score
Tinder 2021 Audio Review

How to start a conversation on Tinder 2021

Tinder is a well-known platform for hookups. There is nearly a one hundred percent guarantee of getting laid on the very same evening after signing in. 

So, be courageous and have no doubts about how to find a random girl to hook up and prepare for that. Start a conversation with a confident greeting and a compliment.

How does Tinder work

Tinder works on the principles of swiping and matching. Search can be done by the location or other parameters like age etc.

The user sees the main profile photo of another member who meets his search criteria, and can quickly move to the next profiles by pressing heart or cross symbols, which mean Like or Dislike. 

Is Tinder free

Free basic features

Tinder GoldTinder Plus
$6.92 – $14.99 / month$6.67 – $19.99 / month

Most youngsters use the free version of Tinder since chatting with matches doesn’t cost anything. Premium packs like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold provide more opportunities though. There’s Advanced Search, rewinding the last swipe, No ads. 

How to get unbanned from Tinder

Tinder has strong customer support. So, it’s enough to contact the team by email and describe the problem. If it doesn’t work, for any reason, create a new profile. For this, use another phone number and Google account. Make sure to put another main photo and refill your bio facts. 

When did Tinder come out

Tinder app was first launched in 2012 and quickly joined the top of best dating apps. In just two years, in 2014 it reported having one billion swipes a day with the widest coverage across the world.

Does Tinder notify screenshots

Unlike Snapchat or Raya, Tinder does not report screenshots that have been taken. It might be good for the one who takes screenshots of hot personals to show off to friends, but not for the second part.

There’s no safety provided in this regard, since any profile photo or chat dialogue can be saved without a person being aware. There are currently no plans to get this practice forbidden on tinder.

How many likes do you get on Tinder 2021

Tinder 2021 doesn’t allow endless swiping. The limit is 100 likes per 12 hours, given and received. Only a certain percent of that brings mutual likes. So, there cannot be a huge heap of matches, just reasonable.

How to change your age on Tinder

Tinder doesn’t allow to change certain information like name and age once they are saved upon the profile verification. It is considered against safety rules and this action is impossible to complete.

If you wonder how to get laid when your 15, be aware that tinder separates the adult and teen member base, although allows joining since 13.

How to get laid on Tinder 2021

Tinder is known as a hookup app and singles know what they join for. The choice of hot personals is real big as well. You can easily choose who looks hotter or naughtier, and start your pickup game.

If your intentions are only casual, do not forget to show that. Present well your good shaped torso, smile playfully on a photo, indicate you love beautiful girls, not just a particular one.  

What does the star mean on Tinder

A blue star on a bottom of profile means super like. Swipe up brings exactly this result. This rather new feature has been added to make a difference to hundreds of simple likes users are giving and receiving.

With super like, you can react to a single’s especially hot look and compete with other pretenders more successfully. No need to say a blue star raises the chances to match and then hook up in real.

Can you send pics on Tinder 2021

If you’re new to tinder app, you might not know it doesn’t allow photos exchange. Too bad because singles interested in sex with each other, often want to share some pics before they meet in real.

It’s true that even Tinder Gold doesn’t open the photos exchange option. But things aren’t that bad. There are still two ways to show the particular image to the others. First, to add it to your profile.

Second, to share it in your feed so your matches can see it. Of course, these things cannot be done with very intimate photos. But that is how Tinder 2021 team motivates people to keep it real and meet in person.

How old do you have to be to use Tinder

To see all adult database on Tinder 2021, one has to be at least 18 y.o. Tinder is also available to teenagers since 13, but in this case, they are able to view and contact only members from their age group.

How to flirt on Tinder 2021

Tinder is for limitless flirting, so, try to benefit from that. Like and super like every single girl who looks hot. When you match with them, continue with the nice compliments and positive stuff.

Do not get too serious and help a person relax during your chatting. Tell jokes, suggest where to go out together, discuss traveling and sports. Make a sexy woman feel wanted and well entertained.

What does the gold heart mean on Tinder

The golden heart is the easiest way to see who already swiped right on you when you’re browsing through tinder profiles. Then you can swipe right back and get the match instantly.

To be exact, it’s a gold heart with three stripes. When you’re new to tinder, you barely see this heart next to any member in the gallery. But when you’re there for some time already, you’ll see the gold heart often.

What to put in Tinder bio

User’s bio on tinder is never too long. Do not even put exact facts about yourself there. It’s more common to write a few playful words and add that you keep in a good shape always. It brings you more likes.

Some experienced singles advise to sorry for not being photogenic and promise a better look in person. Hot girls are very curious and will want to meet soon. Mention your good sexual performance too.

How to respond to hey on Tinder 2021

Saying just hi or hello how r u, is very typical for tinder and similar hookup apps. When a person writes so, you can already conclude smth about their personality. They may appear to be very young.

Otherwise, they’re just busy singles with the lack of imagination but still, they liked you and made the first step. Answer with simple What’s up or a longer phrase showing your interest in return.

How to change your location on Tinder

Tinder has a geolocation feature, which means it detects users’ location automatically. This option is rather hard to switch off, unless separate apps are installed that help to fake the location.

However, it is possible to change the search settings on Tinder 2021. Then you will be viewing only singles in the area you choose manually, and match with them. You can do this in the app settings.

How to make a good Tinder bio

Remember Tinder is for quick hookups, not for tiresome facts sharing. There’s no commitment to read someone’s long stories, especially that swiping process is super fast and superficial.

Yet, you need to let a single girl know what you are after. List just a few main advantages of you, for instance, your sportive achievements or wide traveling experience. She may find your bio intriguing.

What does fwb mean on Tinder

Like other modern hookup apps, tinder often uses such definitions as fwb, nsa, ons. Accordingly, it means friends with benefits, no strings attached, and one night stands. It should be in your vocabulary.

Buddy with benefits can be easily found on tinder, but be careful, there are singles who identify differently. Some feel they are more than plain buddies, and others don’ want long friendships.

The best way is to look at the person’s profile altogether. How cute or proud their main photo looks, what they write in their bio, and how they express themselves in the first message.

How to talk to girls on Tinder 2021

Most female members on Tinder find it ridiculous when a guy is getting too serious online, since everyone knows tinder is for hookups. What they want is some fun and relief from busy days.

So, set yourself on positive vibes and try to be witty, flirtatious, engaging. Take the initiative and suggest immediately where you two could go together, meaning best nightclubs and pubs.

Tinder girls like to be approached quickly and confidently yet respectfully. Do not get too vulgar, better show your playful side and pursue the interest in events of culture you could attend nearest days.

Another best tip on Tinder 2021 chatting is that all single women there are aware of the huge competition. So, make them feel special in a way, without sounding tedious. Compliment them lightly.

Is Tinder safe or is there scam

Tinder is just too popular to stay completely scam-free. Of course, some fraudulent personals sneak in, just follow the common sense and analyze the profiles or words you’re seeing.

Experts say, classical dating with the marriage purpose attracts much more fraud. Casual affairs are just for one night or less, there’s no commitment to play with, just plain sex without any sponsorship.

So, you are basically risking less when you hookup online than when you seek a girlfriend. The only thing you need to stay away from is money requests from strangers like everywhere else.

What is Tinder 2021 top picks

Top Picks is a rather new feature on Tinder 2021 added to the Gold and Platinum packs. It basically means highlighting other users’ profiles if the system considers them most relevant to your latest matches.

If you’re mostly choosing slim blondes with prolonged faces who are into sport, it’s more likely the matching system will keep on suggesting you this type. It doesn’t always work that precisely though.

Matching on tinder is already good enough without any extra options since it ensures how to have sex for free anywhere you go. It’s up to you whether to upgrade for better results or enjoy what it provides.

In any case, the Top Picks option is super convenient for mega populous places like LA or NYC, where the choice is just too enormous to manage it. With this feature, you see potential matches quicker.


  1. The algorithm will automatically match matches based on how similar you are, so you can be assured that your dates will be compatible.

  2. When meeting a stranger for the first time, remember that people look different in person than they do online, so you may have to adjust your expectations.

  3. This website is popular in many countries, but it’s a bit more expensive than most of the other dating sites.

  4. The best hookup date is one that’s comfortable with both parties and is able to establish a connection.

  5. The free version is designed for singles and allows you to meet up with one prospective partner per day.

  6. The best dating websites are those that allow you to contact as many potential partners as you want in the privacy of your own home.

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