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Three Day Rule Review: Elite dating for LGBTQ+ and straight singles

Expert's Summary
Three Day Rule is a unique platform where matches are found manually by specialists, not just automatically. Although it doesn’t define itself as elite, women’s quality is high and the price is too. Judging by the real members’ reviews, most use it with the purpose of sugar dating. Same-age encounters greatly take place too though, not just meetings with the age gap. What matters is real compatibility and mutual benefitting from the acquaintance. This concept is putting TDR to one range with other VIP dating sites and apps.
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Is Three Day Rule free

$50003-6 matches / 3 months
$75006-12 matches / 6 months

TDR is everything but free. Joining the database of applicants is at no cost, but for being matched with smb, one needs to upgrade. There isn’t a typical monthly payment though.

Premium pack pricing is simple yet challenging. It is obvious that an average worker of lower social status wouldn’t be able to pay that much. Also, it makes no sense to pay for low-class chicks.

So, TDR is certainly for VIP matching of singles with high self-esteem who do not like wasting their time on poor-quality dates. Whether it’s for LTR or casual affairs, it should be high-end.

Professional match-makers do compare each profile’s data, from interests and hobbies to private expectations. After thorough checking, they send possible matches to a member.

It’s usually a real person with straight-away direct contacts and potentially interested. In this regard, one never feels he paid for nothing. All investments on TDR are quickly rewarded.

Who do I find on Three Day Rule

TDR is barely for sugar babies as they do not tend to pay that high for the membership. Two main categories a successful person would meet there, are equal matches or high-end escorts.

Many businessmen use it with the purpose of finding a trophy wife or gf. But on the condition that she is a local model, celeb, or a small business owner already and can invest in her hot appearance.

The same comes to same-sex couples that make at least a half success stories on Three Day Rule. Partners are both ambitious and prominent in their own way, so they need smb to share it with.

As users explain, even a GFE escort service for the whole vacation requires a certain level of trust and confidence in a casual partner. Not talking about prolonged sugar dating contracts or LTR.

Any kind of companionship from friendship with benefits to lifetime commitment can be found on TDR by those singles who are too busy for taking care of all the thing by themselves.

How Three Day Rule works

All is simple, the one who is richer sponsors the younger one. The Premium pack is very expensive but it’s reasonable as sugar daddies and mommas should prove their wealth.

Therefore, no one is complaining about its price and the feedback is mostly positive. The partnership found and established with the help of TDR, is joyful, legit, and mutually profitable.

Although the users’ interest might be financially grounded, the app owners strictly avoid the promoting of prostitution and immediately ban all profiles with suspicious and fishy content.

In today’s world, the sugar daddy kind of dating is getting a whole new meaning. The age difference between the counterparts becomes less visible and sometimes it is simply absent.

It’s because modern prosperous people tend to be very well groomed and lead a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, hot models shouldn’t be super young like it was before.

What makes them high-end is relaxed thinking and a strong decision to have a stable mate.

Who are elite partners on Three Day Rule

This kind of relationship reaches a new level of quality comparing to last decades as hot young people can be more self-efficient thanks to their blogs, vlogs, Instagram accounts, and so on.

These modern sources of extra income allow them to direct much more costs on physical self-improvement and classy wardrobe so sugar babies aren’t cheap and silly Barbies and Kens anymore.

Plus, their former sugar daddies may provide them with new possibilities and open new doors to them. Sugar babies actually become local TV stars, owners of model agencies, etc.

Sometimes, when sugar parents broke up with them, they aren’t taking back those career opportunities and positions so a sugar baby remains a part of the elite circle during her/his next search.

This brings freshness to the Three Day Rule member base and strengthens the users’ trust.

Is Three Day Rule any good

The site indeed has many good responses. Its concept is the most precious, it doesn’t differ singles by their sexual preferences or social status, but rather respects and unites all of them.

Matchmakers are trained in a special way, and this is a part of the expenses. The customer support also works the most diligently, unlike other dating sites where the mess is possible.

One can be sure there are no scammers or fraudulent personals in the member base. All matches are hand-selected and the psychological side is valued a lot in this process, not just looks.

Another interesting and unique aspect of Three Day Rule is sex & dating education. It is gin both in the blog and via private consultations. Singles are really encouraged to pursue self-development.

To summarize, the only flaw of TDR is its high price. But it’s also a motivating tool to be worthy of each other in higher society and form the most harmonious partnerships.

Are there success stories on Three Day Rule

There are plenty of success stories from TDR users, both placed on the site itself and on other sources. There’s no such a thing as a success rate or percent like on other platforms.

A payment is too high for letting the result be optional. It’s rather a closed deal, where the result is delivered within pre-agreed terms. And the site doesn’t disappoint in that.

The only thing that confuses a bit, is that they mostly post heterosexual couples’ stories. While TDR intensely promotes working with LGBTQ+ folks too, and casual sugar dating isn’t rare there.

How to find a richer woman on Three Day Rule

A big database of generous women and thankful complaisant guys is available on TDR. Some skills are needed to please one’s hot and well-groomed mature queen though.

Most probably, that classy and wealthy panther used to be the head of some organization or at least an honored member of a certain social group. There are many such personals on TDR.

But if she wants just an easy-going affair or even a rude and rusty male, she may let you know in one of her first messages. Be attentive, forget about the shyness and ask what her wishes are.

A frank dialogue is key. Don’t you want your momma to be happy and proud of her hot younger counterpart? It’s a two-way road so be resourceful!

She must relax well after another day of being a big boss or another boring event. And you probably shouldn’t even do anything for that, it’s enough to be handsome and declare your dedication.

How do I meet a young model on Three Day Rule

Women enjoy compliments and nice words at any age. However, a popular model shall always recognize cheap flattery. So be careful, and stay sincere.

After all, she is admiring you and vice-versa, so stay in a good shape and send her sexy photos of your spectacular torso, as many as she wants.

Find out which hairstyle she likes and please your picky lady. Learn from other guys’ experiences. Read forums, ask your friends’ opinions, share stories, and you will gain all the knowledge.

Just don’t lose your alpha male looks too quickly, cause this is what she, particularly, likes in you. Never tell her secrets to anyone else. It should be one of the main rules of your etiquette.

Girls models often have second jobs as elite escorts or private dancers. They do not want this to affect their LTR or casual affairs. Both of you have the past, but let you two have a future.

Are there Asian girlfriends on Three Day Rule

One of the typical traits of modern society is globalization and culture mixing. People in different countries became open-minded enough for interracial marriages and affairs.

Apparently, skin color and facial type that differ from our own, excite us more. It is told that healthier offspring can be raised by mixing very different genes.

But it’s not only that! We are finally starting to understand that a great personality, a big heart, a brilliant mind, or a sex drive can be found in any shell, and it’s really cool.

Well, there are plenty of Asian beauties on Three Day Rule, and it’s already seen in the Testimonials section. These girls make perfect trophy wives, shining and respectful.

Hot Asian girls, exotic and feminine, are nearly as popular as Slav models. They remain in favor for decades. Exactly this part of the world is famous for a big number of success stories.

But Asian hotties aren’t just good as wives. They are amazing at casual sex and can give you an unforgettable adventure on Three Day Rule.

Is Three Day Rule really for gay singles

The site rule is serving all categories of singles regardless of their age, gender, sexual preferences, or ethnicity. What matters is their social status so they can afford Premium.

Although in fact, there is a smaller number of gay singles in the member base, there are in fact all kinds of LGBTQ+ folks seeking qualitative casual partners or LTR mates.

Three Day Rule is often promoting exactly the cubs models as the main part of their LGBT database. Bears are often searching exactly for cubs as they make a perfect match.

But it would be a misinterpretation to think that bear gay men are exactly sugar daddies to their cubs. The times have changed a lot and even young gay men are already independent.

They have all career opportunities and possibilities for that in a modern world, it all depends on their wish only. So, there’s rather an equal gay partnership established via TDR.

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