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TheAdultHub Review – Sex chat with swingers, gay, trans, and straight

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As a dating, hookup, and escort site, TheAdultHub combines everything modern singles could expect from it. The most progressive categories of mates and providers are met there. The accessibility of all these exotic and alluring caegories, from hot young unicorns to BDSM performers and drag queens, probably explains the high price of the platform. It’s indeed 1,5 times higher than of average dating sites, taking that escort listings are usually free at all. This factor alone makes it doubtful, but its success rate is high, nonetheless. Still, it is fair to note that TheAdultHub is a very important part of today’s sex education and development. It encourages people to be themselves and enjoy the bravest togetherness.
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How much is TheAdultHub

VIP 1 month$35.96
VIP 3 months$85.44

For free, one can only view all chat options and join the forums. Communication is impossible without upgrading. But with VIP membership, it is getting limitless.

If one reports to admins that after 1 month of using the site, he found no one to his liking, he is then given another 30 days for free. Also, free members can write reviews on other users and get noticed.

Why use TheAdultHub for gay and trans hookups

Nowadays, when European society is totally acceptable of the LGBT partnership and marriage, it’s not a problem anymore to meet gay men online.

The question is, whether this Internet source is reliable and whether it corresponds to one’s wishes. These factors are especially critical for guys in their late teens and inexperienced folks.

Psychologically, a person is not one hundred percent stable or confident yet, he cannot protect himself from his own doubts or some people’s rejection.

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The greatest advice ever received regarding dating for gay teens is, Do not date. Join adult communities where you can find like-minded friends. Then get closer with a buddy you like.

And that is why one needs TheAdultHub with its group chats, private messenger, personal videos and photo galleries, forums, and blogs. It’s a perfect and friendly environment for bi-curious.

What age range is TheAdultHub

Young people prevail on TheAdultHub, which shows it’s modern and effective indeed. The 24-28 age range is the most typical for this site. Some of those folks are first-timers and others are experts.

Older and more experienced young people can meet gay men through as many Internet resources as one can imagine, as there are hundreds of them online.

Moreover, vanilla dating sites, if they are trendy enough, also have special sections and search options for gay matches so the number of opportunities can skyrocket.

However, if one is already smart enough to have a close affair with another person, he should be mature and responsible enough to take care of safety. Classical tips remain the same.

Choose only reliable hookup sites like TheAdultHub with a high rating and nice design not overloaded with pornographic content. Do not answer messages that start from sex offers.

Then your experiences with just any age category will be successful and well-protected.

How to hook up safely on TheAdultHub

This site is about meeting strangers, first of all. So, TheAdultHub is giving its safety recommendations as well. Always cut a conversation where someone tries to get your exact address and data.

You may not notice that as he will be asking innocent questions about your studies or work. Stay aware. If you already arranged a date in real-time, it’s obligatory that you take someone with you.

It can be any person whom you trust. He can wait for you somewhere near and make sure a folk you meet, is not too suspicious or aggressive. Keep with you such stuff as pepper spray, or a stun gun.

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And even if everything goes perfectly, you should have a few condoms with you. At least the last warning you remember without reminders.

No matter how impatient you are, always try to establish an emotional human connection first, and follow your animal instincts only after.

How do I have my first hookup date

Of course, not all discoveries and situations are a priori negative. There are lots of positive discoveries that can happen on a first date, common interests, and hobbies, a similar story of coming out.

Also, similar fantasies and preferences. But we have to face the truth, youngsters are more fragile than adults, and it’s really essential to be your own bodyguard starting from a simple caution.

You may learn some unacceptable facts about your partner if you dedicate qualitative time to your conversations, such as his bad habits, criminal background, or a big family with kids waiting for him.

It’s considerably safer to meet gay men at LGBT events, in gay cultural centers for youth, etc. Well, it doesn’t allow you to stay anonymous but it brings you reliable people who won’t let you down.

However, if you’re very introverted, you may still prefer some adult dating site that allows not showing your face or your desires until a certain moment.

That’s ok too, just remember about common sense and most basic recommendations. Enjoy your best impressions, and first casual affairs, but never forget about all possible dangers involved.

What are sites like TheAdultHub

The hornier a platform is, the franker its name appears. TheAdultHub proves that, and there are darker alternatives in the market too.

That’s why it’s better for young gay or kinky personals to start from such platforms and apps as TrevorSpace, Yubo, MeetMe, and similar ones.

They normally weed out too negative or rude stuff and one can really find good friends who can turn into smth bigger with time. But it will be more natural and flowing like in real life.

Once one is getting more experienced, it is advised to try out SexFinder, FetLife, and others. They are LGBT-friendly, BDSM- and couple-friendly, with all the modern options to enjoy.

Is it ok to have gay and trans hookups on TheAdultHub

If to do everything right, first gay dates can be fun and memorable. Discovering one’s real needs and favorite roles in a bed is always healing and informative.

The majority of young gays admit that their first gay experience definitely brought them to the next personal and social level. Why so? Our sexual life is closely connected with other goals.

Self-realization and sexual satisfaction bring us peace and motivation to become successful in other areas too. That’s a fact! TheAdultHub users and blog authors are sharing that.

After establishing a stable relationship or at least fulfilling their fantasies, many young gays found great jobs or started a little business with their relatives’ help.

Those who tend to be less independent and search for sugar daddies, also get closer to their goal. The only thing that hurts and ruins one’s life, is doing nothing about his desires.

Many gay dating sites are free so it costs you nothing to try gay chat online and observe your reactions. But the benefits of being honest with yourself can be tremendous.

How do I chat on TheAdultHub

Here are some of the tips on how to get the maximum profit from adult chatting. First, decide for yourself in advance what you are interested in – virtual sex, finding a like-minded friend.

Maybe, finding a real-life lover located close to you, finding a sponsor, or just having fun online. After, filter or even block those guys who are out of your area of interest and your main goal.

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Importantly, check your physical reactions and your inner voice while talking with someone who responds to your interests. If it’s all fine, let it flow but never forget about safety.

Otherwise, chatting tools on TheAdultHub are insanely convenient and well-organized. It’s not a problem at all to find sex mates there and establish strong chemistry with casual partners.

Can I have a crush on my gay hookup

Our world is the world of opportunities. And it’s not just a promo slogan but a reality. Just look at the number of gay dating sites and trans clubs in your city.

You will see that only a lazy man will not find entertainment or a lasting affair in this ocean of chances. But in fact, it’s just an illusion. Dating is an art, in a way.

Because people are not just robots supposed to please us and meet our egoistic needs; they are all very different and complicated. One should understand himself well and consider people’s differences.

Especially, when he is asking another guy out for a date. So here are some of the gay dating tips. First, there should be a good balance between the introverted and extroverted nature of two mates.

If your meeting is meant to be a true date and not just average looking to hook up, consider this aspect well. Maybe you prefer to enjoy a small cozy space such as a home cinema or a tea house.

While your mate feels good only in spacious bars or on open-air gatherings. It can be vice-versa, too. In any case, one shouldn’t sacrifice too much for the sake of his partner’s comfort.

How do I treat my trans sex partner

Intimacy means different things for each person. If you two don’t know each other well enough, most probably, you won’t guess what intimacy is for your buddy.

Of course, the discussion is key, but sometimes it’s hard to reach this level from the beginning. Well, at least you should try. First of all, define who is the more sensitive person out of you two.

It will be the one who needs tenderness and romance. Maybe another one wants wild sex and it’s the only thing to him that defines love or care.

If you want your date, and all next dates, to be successful, there should be a good ratio of romance/courtship and physical wilderness. It’s actually a formula of a brilliant and healthy affair.

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Never ever tell your mate you are with them because one of their physical traits is a turn-on for you. Even if a person is immature enough to take it as a compliment, sooner or later they may be offended.

Because it has nothing to do with their inner personality. For example, mature gay dating is all about liking older men but they probably don’t want to be put into a separate category due to age.

The same with interracial sex, it’s understandable that you prefer exactly this race, you find it exotic and hot, but a person may want smth more than being perceived as a colored sex toy. It’s only fair.


  1. Then, if you’re looking for a mate who shares your interests, you can go on to talk with that person.

  2. When you’re looking for someone who’s compatible with you, a video chat can be a good option.

  3. Therefore, if you’re not completely sure about the person you want to meet, a casual date will be more effective.

  4. You might find yourself meeting people who are far away from you, with the wrong political affiliation, or even someone you already know.

  5. If you’re not sure of your first date, go on a night out with a stranger and be sure to make your first date unforgettable.

  6. Although free sites are a great way to get started, if you’ve had no luck finding the best match, you might want to look at paid options.

  7. If your partner is not interested in the physical aspect of your relationship, it is best to avoid a sexy evening.

  8. Some of them have a large database of members and will allow you to search through them for dates.

  9. A lot of people use this website as a way to connect with someone with a different personality.

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