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Tastebuds Review 2022 – Hot singles and music lovers nearby

Expert's Summary
For the most impatient hookup seekers, Tastebuds might not be the best option. It's rather for friendships and romance. Young singles surely welcome a hookup lifestyle as well, but they mostly match by music preferences. It's a soul mate concept. But this principle is also great for friendships, partying together, attending the events locally or internationally. So, Tastebuds can be used for local hookups and travel dating, although it's not the primary purpose of the app. Singles can be easily chosen by their hotness as well, as the majority are posting their real photos and a short bio.
Ease of use
Members Quality
All age groups
UK and US singles
No explicit content
Premium is needed
Not for instant sex
Total Score

How much is Tastebuds

1 month$10.00
3 months$19.98
6 months$30.00

As the site based on hobbies and interests, Tastebuds could come for free. But this would decrease the quality of services.

Also, the member base could get a bit messy. For now, Tastebuds remains a stylish platform for single music lovers.

What are special features on Tastebuds

There are three main features on Tastebuds, Soapbox, Questions, and Bored. Only one is useful for dating online.

Soapbox is a kind of forum or chat groups where all popular topics can be discussed. It includes flirting too.

Pretty smiling blonde woman with cheerful expression wears stereo headphones

Most often, UK and USA singles use Soapbox for getting acquainted and then move to private chat.

While Questions and Bored? are just automatic online games with fun questions and random photo ratings.

The Incognito Mode allows to hide you have been viewing others’ profiles. It’s useful if you’re just exploring things.

Is Tastebuds any good

For modern apps, it’s already a success if they have technical stability and a sufficient member base.

There are 600K+ active members on Tastebuds, with 160K from the US and the majority from the UK.

Reportedly, most are seeking casual affairs and others just want some fun. Some are rather introverted.

Cheerful young woman in headphones holding mobile phone

It’s mostly suitable for 25+ folks who want to hook up on or to find something more serious.

There are lots of positive reviews from the users but all of them are mostly from big cities such as London.

Negative comments and reviews mostly come from people who don’t like to pay for dating.

But it isn’t the most expensive app, after all. It allows sharing favorite music and discussing the bands, so all is fair.

Why choose Tastebuds

One may get a nice experience on Tastebuds especially if he lives in a bigger city. There are much more chances to meet.

Tastebuds may seem just one of many apps for youth but it’s worthy of the attention and a certain reward.

Portrait of a fit young blonde woman in black sport bra in gym

There are some pros and cons like everywhere. Customer support is a separate topic in case of Tastebuds.

Those guys work quickly and react to every wish coming from the clients. It’s quite a rare quality of dating support teams.

Here, they compensate the lack of security and some basic features with their helpful attitude and attentiveness.

It partially explains the price of the membership and a good response from real users worldwide.

How do I date on Tastebuds

Those westerners who are open to traveling prefer to date on Tastebuds and meet exactly British girls.

British girls tend to be more Americanized with each decade but they are still less big, less spoiled, and less materialistic.

They prefer very fashionable clothes or just casual grey items. It depends on their place of living and social status.

Young British girl with amazing blue eyes laying on the bed wearing lingerie

In general, British girls are well-provided and independent so they won’t trick you for a few hundred dollars.

Moreover, they’ll insist on paying their part of the bill on the first date. You can convince them but it feels natural.

Sometimes high-end girls choose modest guys and show them all the commitment, which is not so common elsewhere.

But he must be prepared that she’ll be pushing him to get trendy and ambitious. It’s typical for Tastebuds users, too.

What makes Tastebuds different

Plus to a good music exchange, Tastebuds is an example of British dating online that always differs a lot.

Meeting true ladies is still possible here though. Polite, classy, with great manners and a sense of style, and reasonable.

These unique British beauties combine the wisdom of their ancestors with the newest worldly trends.

Smiling young woman in headphones using mobile phone

Laughter is a big part of their lives. If you don’t have a sense of humor, better don’t try to catch their attention.

If you don’t know what to say, say something polite. There are never enough polite phrases when you’re with a British girl.

But before you say anything, make sure it’s necessary. They like thoughtful talks and they dislike wasting words.

On the good side, if they compliment you or confess they want you and have feelings for you, they really mean it.

Can I meet a cougar on Tastebuds

Since the 25-35 y.o. prevails on Tastebuds, chances are high to meet a cougar who likes younger guys.

British girls become providers early. They are extremely goal-oriented, and always busy. Men usually react to that in two ways.

They are either sad there will be no place for them in women’s lives or relieved they shouldn’t be the only providers.

Adult blonde woman posing in the evening in a white shirt on the bed

Although financial matters aren’t discussed much on Tastebuds, follow your intuition and analyze a woman’s face and bio.

Moreover, UK hotties don’t mind their boyfriends earning less or taking care of the home while they are working.

If that is what you seek too, Tastebuds is one of the sites that can provide you with a sexy cougar lady.

Is it ok to use Tastebuds

Some men think Tastebuds isn’t actually for dating or sex, as it’s so focused on the music.

There is a type of people who don’t really care what to listen to. If to ask them, they simply turn on the radio.

Gorgeous smiling blonde hipster using smartphoner

So, when they join Tastebud to find a hookup mate or romance, there can be misunderstandings.

The site is certainly for those who love both the music and attractive personals or chatting with them.

Then one’s search will be harmonious, and other topics can be discussed too up to the meeting in real.


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