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TalkWithStranger Review – The best flirting chat for teens and 20+

Expert's Summary
TalkWithStranger is another messenger and chat platform for youngsters that can be used fully for free. It allows even teens to enter, so it is rarely used for adult content. Virtual flirting, sharing videogames, making friendships, those are purposes of TalkWithStranger. Which makes it similar to Paltalk, HotOrNot, Chatango, and others. Dating issues are discussed actively on TWS, and members exchange pieces of advice all the time. So, the site is really precious for the young audience and older folks.
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How much is TalkWithStranger

TalkWithStranger is completely free for everyone, and it always will be. Since its users are 13+, it’s only fair to not charge anything and provide easily accessible chats.

There are no hidden payments, no credits system, or complicated packs gradation. One can be sure to approach other members limitlessly once he enters TWS.

How to sign up on TalkWithStranger

Signing is easy on TalkWithStranger but some secrets should be known. One should sign via FB only if he is sure he wants to reveal his FB first name and some profile pics from there.

If there are any doubts or the profile is secretive in any way, it’s better to register directly without using social networks. MSN, Twitter, and Vkontakte are among them.

Who is TalkWithStranger for

Like many modern platforms with a good understanding of the target audience, TalkWithStranger is especially welcoming towards single girls.

The registration process itself is also easier for female members, while guys should answer a bigger number of questions and verify their identity in a stricter manner.

As a result, men are so excited to rate many gorgeous hotties and choose out of them, that they accept such a strictness readily and join a lot. Guys prevail a lot.

It’s well-understood and expectable that such a virtual game of rating the photos interests young people more, while older singles may want profound communication instead.

So, 17-25-year-olds rule the site with the younger teens in second place and with just a small percent of mature members. 1.5 million youngsters are online at any moment.

Is TalkWithStranger safe

TalkWithStranger does a lot in order to protect its members even if there are millions of them. Each user can choose the option of chatting with verified members, to not let scammers act.

The site ensures correct matching with compatible users who liked you back. In this case, chatting is more pleasant and usually, much safer too. Btw, the verification process is unique.

To complete it, one needs to repeat the pose or gesture the system suggests. This trick some experienced men use when they check whether the girl’s video is real-time stream or pre-recorded.

So yes, TalkWithStranger is safe, and it has different fun ways to ensure that. Although some fake or inactive accounts are on the way, they are easily reported.

Parents rate TWS as one of the safe chat sites for teens, which is a great sign too. Older users find it secure and convenient enough for meeting new friends.

How to meet singles on TalkWithStranger

With a rating concept, it’s no surprise members find very important to make their profiles attractive. It takes some time, but such efforts are always paid well from the first minute.

For models or stylish and sexy girls it makes no difficulty to upload amazing pics, while for others it’s more challenging. Try to use studio photos or ones with pretty landscapes.

Choose the pictures where you’re smiling, and where your flaws, if any, aren’t seen. Use as many chances as you can as the number of profile photos is limitless on TalkWithStranger.

Since videos can be upload as well, do not miss this opportunity. Record short and fun videos of the high quality where your physical attractiveness is well seen in the beneficial light.

Do not underestimate the profile text either. The majority of members care to fill all sections in detail and share a lot of thoughts, to be truly intriguing for someone else.

Private photos are also allowed to intrigue other members even more. A part of your photos can be kept private for selected matches only, so they’ll be motivated to chat.

Beautiful girl in white t-shirt. Woman in a spring city. Lady with a tablet. Girl in a university campus;

How to have local meetings on TalkWithStranger

Although TalkWithStranger is perfect for travel dating and international FWB, it is mostly used for local encounters. It helps to find the most attractive and popular members nearby.

It’s a kind of game too since one can decide to meet those folks or not, but it’s interesting anyway to know whether there are many sexy personals around in any place or area one attends.

TalkWithStranger works on a navigation basis and this should be adjusted in the app and phone settings. The geo-location tool defines where you and your potential matches walk.

While in the desktop version, TWS rather resembles Twitch where gamers share their experiences and strategies. Some youngsters use it to meet and party together.

How does TalkWithStranger work

Like already mentioned platforms, TalkWithStranger is using its previous achievements to keep the audience interested. Since there isn’t much negative experience, it keeps going.

The case of TalkWithStranger proves once again that a good advertisement is everything. The name of the owner also means a lot. It explains what it is about.

Surprisingly, TalkWithStranger has quite a simple design, it can even be called minimalistic. While some apps and sites put much effort to catch a customer’s eye with very trendy designs.

Beautiful woman working. Lady with a mobile phone. Student use a laptop. Girl with a coffee.

And we really see it isn’t the main thing for getting popular. To stay so many years on the peak and keep millions of members in its base, the platform definitely needs good work.

On a fair note, the database is rarely cleaned from fake profiles, bots, scammers, or trolls. The members should weed out and avoid such profiles by themselves.

An important reason why all disadvantages are forgiven to TalkWithStranger is free usage. That is also why the platform is so popular among students and less fortunate folks in their 30s.

How do I get a match on TalkWithStranger

The matching algorithm on TalkWithStranger is automatic. It isn’t good or bad, some people prefer to find matches by themselves especially if they have got a lot of free time.

And others prefer the system to do the job for them. In any case, it matches singles quite well, without ridiculous mistakes or mixed locations.

The matching feature is intriguing and helpful as it allows to see the user’s status and goals from the beginning. This status in the profile can be changed which is helpful as well.

Sometimes a person doesn’t tell you what’s on their mind, but it is already said in their modified profile. TWS provides all the opportunities for meeting like-minded buddies.

Not to forget the geolocation feature which is pretty precise on TalkWithStranger. While many other apps are working with mistakes and do not guarantee sharp local matches.

What are the best features on TalkWithStranger

TalkWithStranger wouldn’t be that appreciated by youth if not for its handy features. Particularly, such an important element of online dating as photos is managed very easily.

They can even be re-uploaded from FB or Instagram. Perfect for lazy folks or for someone who doesn’t have access to his gadget with favorite pictures.

Although TalkWithStranger looks absolutely plain and is often used for hook-ups, it offers a detailed questionnaire and encourages the users to have exactly detailed and informative profiles.

It is quite idealistic but it responds to people’s inner needs. Experts notice that we like to tell about ourselves even if the relationship isn’t meant to last long.

That’s why people are so frank with complete strangers. The same is observed on sites like TalkWithStranger, which aren’t very meaningful but give an illusion of sharing.

Is TalkWithStranger any good

TalkWithStranger is doing its best to be trendy and accessible. It has the potential, even if isn’t fully realizing it recently. The primary concept was really great.

Bright design, particularly, is very important for success among teens and youth. The developers have followed this condition and that’s particularly why they are loved.

Free usage also means the dating site or app is made for students and people with a low/average income. Teens traditionally prefer free platforms for finding new friends.

Quick signing up is also focused on the young audience. They aren’t patient enough to fill in the endless questionnaires and pass personal tests or compatibility tests.

Social network elements, such as forums and easily editable posts, were surely added for young people’s pleasure and convenience. We doubt seniors would equally enjoy that.

Multiple original ice-breakers can also be called an entertainment tool for single youngsters who turn the dating process into another online and offline game.

At the same time, they are disciplined by the necessity to write interesting facts in their profiles, because empty ones are not going to be visible. Which is very smart.

A young woman with drink dancing at summer festival.

Why choose TalkWithStranger

It doesn’t look too commercial because it never involves the dating agencies, nor the scammers are noticed there in big quantities. In this regard, TalkWithStranger is sincere.

Many people find themselves in emotional emptiness and want to find a companion either for going out, having sex, traveling, or even simply for talking.

It is in fashion, that’s why its fame doesn’t fade away. Although there are many competitors in the market, TalkWithStranger remains fresh and intriguing, especially for students and other youth.

Let’s be clear, many platforms that allow LGBTQ members to join, gradually turn into weird sources with lots of ladyboys searching for new clients or a stable sponsor.

There isn’t such a thing on TalkWithStranger. Some young gay people join it, but it remains very strict in its verification policy and never encourages weirdos or escorts to flood it.

There aren’t even webcam girls noticed among the active members. It’s just a typical platform for after-school dating and chatting through the weekend in people’s free time.


  1. There are no membership fees or credit card requirements, and you can chat with potential partners for free.

  2. There are many free online dating services, and they can be a great option for a long-term relationship.

  3. If you are a professional, you can use a dating service that has a low cost and doesn’t require a lot of personal information.

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