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SweetPea Review: Casual dating and long-term relationships online

Expert's Summary
SweetPea has an interesting concept and design that are certainly interesting for youngsters. But its member base is still growing, and it'll take time. The male-female ratio is good though. It is extremely user-friendly, with its quick registration and the absence of annoying ads. Most features can be used for free, so most singles tend to like it a lot.
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Mostly for hookups
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How much is SweetPea

1 month$7.00
3 months$15.00
6 months$18.00

Free members can have 15 conversations a day. It’s enough for busy singles but youngsters may want more.

Premium is affordable, meanwhile. It gives an unlimited number of conversations and other privileges.

What is SweetPea for

It is only logical that modern girls with an open mind are very freedom-loving, and less attached to the idea of a classical family.

For someone who managed to transform his fears into wider views and imaginative satisfying of his partners, nothing is complicated.

He just practices this lifestyle daily. SweetPea is a great helper in that, with its sex-positive yet easy-going concept.

Beautiful sexy lady in elegant white robe. Close-up fashion portrait of model indoors

Lots of single men believe they need a very experienced woman who wouldn’t be shy to be herself in bed and try the spiciest things.

But there is an opposite opinion as well, and it’s fair too. A young girl who wasn’t involved with many men yet may learn from you.

All age groups and categories on SweetPea allow choosing one’s perfect type without boundaries.

Are girls real on SweetPea

It’s indeed important to know whether a person on another end of the line is real. Especially when we are going to travel to meet her.

For sure, sex itself and long talks on intimate topics help to catch men. So, male users on SweetPea should always analyze things.

Keep on wondering, whether a girl communicates genuinely or does her work. Webcam models aren’t that rare nowadays.

Sexy girl on webcam

But they are easy to spot since they do not discuss their daily activities, do not ask normal questions, just get a man more addicted.

Luckily, SweetPea is too underdeveloped so far for being overly commercial. Mostly, simple local girls are gathered there.

Can I meet young girls on SweetPea

If you prefer to stay long with one mate, a young girl is better for you since she still looks stunning after a few years of intense sex.

They welcome all kinds of fun and adult partying, while mature women age quicker. Well, young girls prevail on SweetPea.

Another reason to choose them is that a man with a big experience is kind of tired of endless affairs, and wants a quieter girl.

Sexy lady poses at the side of the pool indoors. Swimming and relaxation, healthy lifestyle

Hopefully, who would possess good values and calm him down with her simplicity. In any case, a young woman is more preferable.

Especially compared to a sexy panther who isn’t completely yours and who may have a lot in her past. So it’s up to you whom to pick.

Is SweetPea any good

On SweetPea, the best-looking singles profiles are gathered on the main page, while all others are quite attractive as well.

Hot sexy girls from various countries are ready to video chat. They can really catch one’s eye easily. The site is well-organized.

Specialists recommend SweetPea for a big assortment of hot personals. But also for unique features starting from ice-breakers.

Close up portrait of sexy brunette girl in sunglasses over sea shore.

Meet beautiful women of all ages and start your frank communication with them. The number of success stories is really big.

Join SweetPea and find new experiences you desired for a long time. Sexy females are bored tonight so they need hot company.

What are special features on SweetPea

The best chat sites usually include blogs too, to educate inexperienced singles and hookup seekers. SweetPea isn’t an exception.

They may cover many topics that would be shocking or tabooed decades ago. Adult dating blogs are even franker and more helpful.

A highly personalized page presents each user in the most revealing manner. He can even attach a GIF describing his lifestyle.

Sexy girl wear red hat working on laptop with smile in morning

The Charity feature, meanwhile, helps to donate to organizations preventing home abuse or other kinds of violence. It’s rather cool.

Otherwise, a part of the Premium payment will be directed to these purposes. This way, SweetPea expresses its position.

Why use SweetPea

SweetPea gathers millions of hot singles in their member base and maintains the best solutions for keeping them well-informed.

Also, fully supported from the technical side. Sexy girls love such platforms. Although it still has to grow, it is quite prominent.

Date very young girls or mature women who don’t mind sharing the bill. All profiles are active, verified by admins, and very detailed.

sexy couple kissing with closed eyes

Start your hookup search or love story today and find a perfect match. SweetPea makes it possible even for the newbies.

Who wouldn’t want to be sure about his superman abilities to enchant any hot girl he meets. Use SweetPea with confidence.


  1. While it’s impossible to be 100% safe when you’re dating, there are a few things you can do to avoid being scammed.

  2. Cafes, restaurants, and movie theaters are all great places to go out with someone you’ve met online.

  3. It’s never a good idea to invite a stranger to your home, since they’ll be able to easily get suspicious.

  4. A recent study published in the Journal of Aging Studies found that 50% of young women engage in these uncommitted sexual encounters.

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