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SwapFinder Review 2022: Best online tool for meeting couples

Expert's Summary
Along with 3Fun and Feeld, SwapFinder is threesome-friendly and this already tells it all. But it is also kink-friendly, like KinkD and FetLife. It really isn’t for vanilla folks, so get prepared for unusual stuff. By stats, especially popular in the USA, SwapFinder unites couples and unicorns, but also dominant couples or groups with submissive singles and vice-versa. It’s a great way to hook up in a kinky manner without spending on escorts. SwapFinder is nicely designed and modern, with all the social and communicative features one expects to use.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Mature age prevails
Proven hookup rate
40+ mln. members
A lot of explicit content
Can be glitchy
Total Score
SwapFinder Audio Review

Is SwapFinder free

1 month Gold$39.95
3 months Gold$80.85
12 months Gold$239.40

SwapFinder is typically priced as for the adult site for couples. It doesn’t give a big discount on a yearly package, but two partners can afford it.

Taking that swinger swap is a lifestyle, it makes sense to pay for 3 months at least and explore it to the fullest. Then your investments will pay off.

How can I sign up on SwapFinder

Signing up on SwapFinder is easy and quick. Most couples are signing up, that’s why the statistics show male users prevail. Also, mature users in their 30s and 40s make the bigger part.

SwapFinder isn’t just for US folks, it works well in all European countries as well. It surely makes traveling much more pleasant, with all the new acquaintances and kinky events.

At least a third part of members out of the 40+ mln. are from the US. There is no difference between big cities and smaller towns, the coverage is still good. Many couples do seek fun.

It differs swinger sites like SwapFinder from BDSM platforms that have better coverage in capital cities. While swinger communities happen around the globe, even in villages.

Most users report the high rate of real meetings with sex that took place. Single female members are usually young unicorns in their 20s seeking threesomes and some support.

Beautiful smiling young woman standing on balcony and looking at her girlfriend

Is SwapFinder any good

SwapFinder is a long-expected swinger app that meets the users’ most important expectations. Besides, high-quality profiles, and quick customer support.

It has been launched in 2018, so the owners are obviously enthusiastic and swap-friendly people who wanted to fill the gap in the adult dating market.

Till now, it was offering only expensive and/or barely effective platforms that were pretty annoying. So SwapFinder is indeed in high demand from the 1st day of its existence.

No one is complaining about the ads so far, so although it’s ads-sponsored, the team doesn’t overload it with commercial content and keeps it very comfortable for the users.

SwapFinder has no borders or limitations. It’s stylish and trendy enough to attract the youth, reliable enough to serve older people, and has everything to attract all social categories.

Literally, from economic to wealthy. It has the potential to become one of the world leaders in swinger hookups. Accordingly to this conclusion, we recommend it to everyone interested.

How to meet a hotwife on SwapFinder

Many women on SwapFinder identify as hotwives in their bio. It usually means, their partners identify as cuckolds, and they have a full hall pass for meeting extra lovers.

This sexual role differs from submissive females who only meet for sex in their man’s company and do things previously discussed with him.

A hall pass also means girls can meet casual mates separately, without their husbands even knowing about that. It is exciting for all participants if they enjoy the cheating roleplay.

Hotwives are slightly dominant and lead the threesome or swinger swap. They may initiate different bed activities and kinks, dictate to others what exactly to do, and control their orgasms.

But first and foremost, hotwives are just damn sexy and jealousy-raising. Their submissive partners enjoy showing off with them in public and sharing them with other guys.

Wonderful woman standing in lingerie and handcuffs while man holding whip isolated on white

How to attract other swingers on SwapFinder

Each experienced swinger knows the main secret. If you still aren’t using this trick, it’s your time to start. Well, swingers attract each other with their hot female partners.

She looks hot and seductive enough for males, and she is turning other women bi-curious enough to try with her. Her sexual initiative feels like a warm friendship.

Swinger community members often tell the woman’s attractiveness makes them choose a couple, even if a man isn’t very appealing. A true hotwife compensates it all.

She is also a strong magnet for cute naive unicorns. If she is good enough at interviewing them, her male partner is going to have new fresh adventures daily.

So, expose your super sexy girlfriend in the SwapFinder profile if you want as many swinger hookups and threesomes as possible. It really works.

What is the SwapFinder statistics

SwapFinder is surprisingly fast-growing, from 40+ mln. members at the beginning of 2021 to 45+ mln. at the end of the year. This tendency is kept in 2022 and further.

70 percent of male users are just a sign that couples prevail over singles while registering. The age group 35+ is leading, but young unicorns and just-married are also present.

Reportedly, at least half of SwapFinder acquaintances end in real meetings. Users mark it as suitable for quick hookups, but also for stable affairs and repeated partners swap.

Success stories are many, but as it is easy to predict, they mostly concern prolonged affairs, not one-night-stands. Couples are interested in FWB with other couples, to make a stable union.

For now, SwapFinder holds three and a half stars out of five. This rate could be higher if customer support was quick enough, and inactive accounts were weeded out.

Passionate sexual happy young couple in an intimate moment in the bed at home

How to control jealousy on SwapFinder

It is already proven that even swinger agreements and communities aren’t completely jealousy-free. One of the partners may still be struggling with this.

There are many ways to succeed though, and a soft swap is one of them. Partners may set the rules and boundaries that make them feel more at ease.

The third party might be a dominatrix who persuades two partners to make love and enjoys watching them. In this situation, no jealousy can appear.

The key rule for swinger activities is pleasing both romantic partners in such a way that their jealousy has no place to be expressed.

The most innocent and professional form of a threesome is massage. If you hire a masseuse who would lead you two to a HE, it will be perceived as a nice bonus.

Are all swingers kinky

There is a stereotype all swinger personals are very naughty and have fetishes. It can be true in big cities where nightlife is too intense, and married folks don’t want to miss a thing.

They basically have no reasons to change their lifestyle after marriage, as more as the competition is huge and their partner can be blown away by modern pleasures.

It makes more sense to experiment together and keep on exploring their sexuality. So yes, very progressive couples are present on SwapFinder, and their search is successful.

But there is also another type, conservative swingers. It may sound weird, but they are. In smaller towns, couples often meet just to watch TV and have BBQ together.

Partners swap and sharing come as a bonus. They might be friends and companions in other activities too, such as gardening and small businesses. They are usually kink-free.

passionate handsome man sitting near sexy woman in bdsm costume on black leather sofa


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