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SugarDaddyForMe Review: Hot trophy girlfriends and rich singles online

Expert's Summary
Despite its specialty, SugarDaddyForMe can be used for free, completely. Even if it leads to dealing with the ads, new users still prefer to chat without any payment. It makes the site so popular. The platform is focused on local elite sugar dating, which is an advantage too for someone who prefers quality. A big database includes 4+ mln. active users only in the USA. It’s surely more than one could hope for. The sugar dating blog is the strongest advantage of SDFM, since blogs are usually absent on such sites. This important bonus to the member base attracts many people and explains them things. Although 95 percent of users are Americans, some Asian or Russian hot guests may still record their life and love stories. Which is very exciting to read, and super helpful too.
Ease of use
Members Quality
4+ mln. members in the US
Free to browse
High girls quality
Price above average
No email verification
Total Score

How much is SugarDaddyForMe

1 month Silver$39.95
1 month Gold$44.95

One cannot save up by purchasing the 3 or 6-month pack at once. Premium Silver or Gold is paid separately month by month.

Free and even non-registered users can still browse and see the limited number of pics; Messaging is limited too, until one upgrades.

How to date girls on SugarDaddyForMe

A true sugar baby can become your best friend. Doesn’t matter what kind of issues you two may have in the future, she is exactly the rare type of girl who understands everything.

She won’t torture you with jealousy and drama. She is the one who can listen to your complaints on a phone late at night, or come with a bottle of whiskey and hug you tight.

She will inspire you and motivate you to always stay positive and believe in your own forces. Now you see that she’s worthy of your effort to find the right words and get acquainted.

Regarding food, she is an easy-going buddy too. She isn’t a fanatic chief or a kitchen slave. If you say you’re hungry, she will just make you sandwiches and open the bottle of beer.

But who said you’re against that? We bet you have other priorities and desires. Her friendly nature, open heart, helpful attitude, and sexy smile are like a magnet for people.

Nude pretty sexy woman stands back at camera, demonstrates her perfect slender body, has pleasant smile

How to hook up a model on SugarDaddyForMe

You must learn how to trust her, instead of controlling her. That’s crucial for your further affair. Don’t criticize her for super long shopping or spending all the money on cool fancy items.

In fact, she will be extremely happy if you make one of the serious steps. But she is smart enough to understand there is a right moment for every decision. At least, a well-educated girl.

You can hardly find a VIP girl with bad taste. They have an exceptional sense of fashion and you will never be ashamed of her looks. Quite the opposite, care better about your own style.

Don’t miss this game, enjoy wearing the clothes from the same brand or of the same color, and you will make a perfect match together. Just find someone feminine, with a warm character. 

But why are we talking only about her human traits? Let’s return to the most essential part, her sex appeal. She likes good perfumes, the best lingerie, and she is typically a great kisser.

The well-known western open-mindedness serves us the best since all girls are aware of how to please their daddies. So, it really makes sense to leave all doubts and make the first step.

What is a trophy girlfriend on SugarDaddyForMe

Be very easy-going even with top models online. Don’t worry, if she wants a more sophisticated conversation, she will let you know immediately.

If her favorite topics are too complicated for you, just be a good listener. Most VIP girls are extremely social and amiable, so you should train your jealousy, there’s no place for it.

It must be left home once you decided to go out with such a trophy. Manage your emotions. Be her daddy not her controlling monster, you are going to learn how to enjoy that.

She may excite you, and only you, in a very special way later on. You better stay prepared for her elite treatment and VIP surprises in bed.

Always remember that even the brightest celebs still fall for caring gentlemen. She may laugh at your care in the beginning and call it ridiculous, especially if very young.

But believe us, her heart will be melting like an ice cube under the sun with every gallant and generous action of yours.

Girl with long and shiny wavy hair. Beautiful model with curly hairstyle .

Is there travel dating on SugarDaddyForMe

Foreign sugar babies are extremely popular among men travelers. There is so much rumor about them, both critics and compliments.

Don’t be fooled by your weakness for exotic lovers overseas who will shine for you only. You have to know a few basic facts before you hurry up to get a sugar baby abroad. 

It happens that they’re from a successful family where they are treated like princesses. They are not after a few drinks one can provide, and it differs them from average bar girls.

They gladly attend the nightclubs, five-star bars, and other cool places where they can hang out with a stranger. Of course, if he looks decent and has good manners.

They consider foreigners to be a better option than locals and are very open-minded about a nice fling. It’s understandable as local men are often extremely primitive.

It shouldn’t be just a robotic purchase of expensive stuff though. However, in order to succeed, you should never hurt their feelings. Put some thought into your gifts and words.

What is SugarDaddyForMe about

There are so-called elite, or VIP dating sites in the market, and SDFM is definitely one of them. It is created for two categories of singles, sugar babies and sugar daddies or just rich men.

There is a stereotype that a sugar daddy is always older and a sugar baby is younger and poorer. But VIP dating platforms unite even same-age singles or with a similarly high income.

They are celebs of a kind, who reached certain success in their area, artistic or business-oriented. Yet, sugar babies require exclusive gifts and attention regardless of their status.

Ready to start such an adventure? Experienced daters call it the test for real men, self-confident, and self-aware. It starts on SugarDaddyForMe, but it can be life-changing.

It’s also fair and convenient to use SDFM thanks to the equal number of male and female users. It means, everyone will find a perfect partner at his taste, either instantly or a bit later.

Daring dreams. Top view of gorgeous young naked woman covered by white sheet sleeping while lying on the bed at home

What differs SugarDaddyForMe girls from others

A real sugar baby will never search for excuses for being too busy. They look feminine and gorgeous, still. No matter how active her life is, she finds time to polish her hotness.

Don’t show her your interest in other girls, don’t criticize her, and don’t try to touch her too frankly at the very start. Remember sugar babies aren’t escorts, and they do not serve you.

Listen to her words with great interest even if she just says, shopping and dancing. Right, your talk with them is not going to be brilliant. But they are brave to present themselves.

They got used to look like pretty dolls and to be treated accordingly. If you see an equal partner in her and appreciate her personality, she’ll be blown away and filled with delight.

If you play this card, other men aren’t competitors to you. Now when she is crazy about you, be careful as she starts dreaming of having a stable sponsorship-based relationship with you.

Although they are very cute and rather submissive lovers, they usually want more, at least in a perspective. Let your sugar baby be herself, and express her passion freely.

How do I have my first sugar hookup date on SugarDaddyForMe

Luckily, sugar babies are not limited by social restrictions or phobias when it comes to showing affection in public. You can hold her hand or sit closer to her even during your first talk.

Don’t be too pushy though otherwise you will fail just like other men probably did. Follow these recommendations and catch your sugar girl on SDFM, that’ll become your best experience.

Trophy girlfriends have a unique quality to accept a man as he is. You don’t need to impress her much with your super-muscles or super-cars, you don’t have to play any role.

You shouldn’t pretend you’re a celebrity or a cool macho, just be yourself. It’s such a long-expected luxury, being yourself. When the sweet time comes, express yourself fully.

To not cross the line, re-ask her gently whether you should pay the bill. This way, you will keep the balance respecting her modern feminist side. Then your first hookup date will be perfect.

Young pretty cheerful blond woman in swimsuit wearing white shirt and hat happily looking in camera with sea on background

How do I pick up girls on SugarDaddyForMe

The art of the pick-up is something you should never neglect. It’s a shame to be a bad student in this kind of discipline. The thing is that you are disciplining yourself to be joyful, and resourceful.

We should start by saying that most fit models on SugarDaddyForMe are very balanced and harmonious. They rarely express all thoughts that come to their mind and stay polite.

If you did either anything wrong, or anything very pleasant, she may let you know immediately though. Also, she definitely prefers a man to look like a dandy.

Be sure that she has a keen sense of high class. So if you’re lucky enough to catch her attention with cool and stylish clothes, just go on and start a nice conversation.

A VIP girl can be super confident, but at the same time, sensitive. So watch your language and be very sincere, yet strategic, in what you are saying. 

How do I make a hot model like me on SugarDaddyForMe

Never be boring. It’s something that hot models cannot forgive or accept, just like cheating or paying attention to another girl. She likes to dance, to laugh, to have fun.

Also, to enjoy life, to travel, to dedicate herself to people. She is so many-sided. If she sees your kindness to others and your openness to charity or ecological projects, it’s a win-win.

Note that she got used to beauty in all forms and she is refined, even if she seems easy-going. Beautiful landscapes, handsome people, nice-looking food, and stylish houses…

Elite women manage to be very classy and traditional, but at the same time, modern and open for experiments. If you are able to deal with this, then take a chance and act.

Other daters’ evidence proves your relationship with a VIP sugar baby will be full of bright surprises. But if not, you’re going to remember this short and passionate fling. 

beautiful young woman in sunglasses and bikini relaxing on yacht

How to attract rich singles on SugarDaddyForMe

Taking care of your appearance should become your main principle if you wish to apply. It becomes everyday ritual one follows, since your looks should be absolutely perfect and stunning.

Not only it comes to profile photos, but also to video chats and the first meeting. SDFM is a prestigious and high-rated site with elite audience, and one won’t profit from the average appearance.

The most thorough skin and hair treatment, intense exercising, vitamin boost and nourishing of all kinds, that’s what should become your daily and even hourly routine if you want success.

It’s not a secret that successful businessmen are very smart people. Only a few of them want a trophy partner just a bit smarter than a silicone doll, others realize silliness brings a lot of problems.

Ideally, even an escort girl who accompanies a VIP member, not talking about a stable long-term sugar baby, should have manners. Also, all the knowledge for having a meaningful dialogue.

But at least, be erudite, be witty, read the news and analyze them, to be able lead the conversation on a high level. It’s your responsibility to entertain your sponsor on SDFM by all means.


  1. If you’re not looking for a long-term relationship, you can use these apps to meet new friends.

  2. While meet-cutes can be exciting, you may be looking for a deeper connection that can lead to a long-term commitment.

  3. If you have a girlfriend, you can contact her through the internet, but you can’t talk to her.

  4. Avoid talking about religion, money, or politics – these topics are off-limits on dating websites.

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