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Squirt Review – Gay hookups and LGBT sex tourism worldwide

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Squirt is one of the oldest sites for gay singles that manages to be trendy, nonetheless. With millions of members in the US and worldwid, it really has its unique atmosphere. Although greatly erotic, it keeps decent and serves LTR too, not just quickies or one-night-stands. While promoting the nightlife in big cities, it feels homey and amiable.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Very affordable
Large member base
Confirmed efficiency
Lack of modern features
Fewer trans and queer members
Total Score
Squirt Audio Review

How much is Squirt

7 days$3.97
1 month$8.97
3 months$22.97
1 year$55.97

It is easy to recognize an early appeared gay site for its minimal Premium price. 3-month payment is equal to the 1-month price on many other LGBT dating platforms.

Free trial is available, but once it is expired, one cannot use any of the site features without upgrading. Which keeps the site from time-wasters and cheap escorts not willing to invest.

Why join Squirt

This site for gay personals is just pleasant to be at, with all the friendly company of 10+ mln. members. Such a popularity turns it to the LGBTQ+ social network with great features.

No less than 60K active members are online any time, making it possible to chat with like-minded singles and gather in local communities by interest, kink, fetish, or sport hobbies.

Also, it’s one of the most democratic platforms where a half of users are non-white, and couples can sign up on special conditions. It simplifies gay threesomes and interracial hookups.

It’s not a purely American gay site, but rather an international one with millions located in other countries. It makes it totally convenient for LGBT sex tourism and friendships around the world.

By statistics, users who identify as men, regardless of the gay category, severely prevail. It makes the platform more comfortable for those who like the men’s kingdom atmosphere.

All ages are presented more or less equally, but there’s a nuance that Squirt is good for gay sugar dating. Since two age groups are in majority: 25-34 and 55+, a typical range for a sponsorship.

How do I sign up on Squirt

Plus to being free, signing up process on Squirt is ultra simple and user-friendly. Even email verification is optional. What should be done is confirming one is at least 18 y.o.

Also, the site rules should be accepted. Once a new user marks these initial fields, he is welcome to start communicating. For this, set up the search criterions such as gender, age, and location.

After, one might start filling his profile. Long details can be added later, while the main photo and a few basic words in each field are requested at the beginning. Then access to the chats is given.

Comparing to other gay dating sites, Squirt has a super convenient and quick, even a bit primitive signing up system with lowered demands. It doesn’t affect the profile quality though.

Most members realize that a success of their search will depend on the length and attractiveness of their self-description. So, they put effort and dedicate some time to write the bio.

How to hook up on Squirt

With millions of members mostly from the US and modern chat features, it’s no difficult to find a gay match and get laid quick. All search requests work well on the site, even long-term.

As it was said, a part of users are exploring the site for commercial means. There are favorable conditions for gay sugar dating, call boys, gay webcam models, and similar purposes.

So, if you do not mind spending a symbolic amount on a bunch of pleasures, choose these spicy options. Otherwise, there are still plenty of genuine gay singles not stimulated financially.

Gay singles and couples are rating Squirt as a number three site to hook up, after two similar ones. The response is quick and the range of choice is pretty wide, users admit.

Not to forget this platform erotically stimulates its members with the sexy layout, a number of gay escort ads, horny forum and blog topics, kinky smileys in the chat, and other means and tools.

So, it’s a progressive and effective app for gay sex arranged instantly or postponed in time. Members are real on Squirt, views are open-minded, and casual affairs purpose prevail.

Is Squirt safe to use

Despite a big number of erotic and impersonal pics on the site, it is generally considered safe and secure. Plus to technical safety means, there is also a simple way to report any suspicious account.

For this, go to their profile, and press a red button under a picture. Make sure you have strong reasons for doing that, not just disliking someone. You can also report an inappropriate photo.

Again, the team itself doesn’t remove naughty pics, so report only offensive ones, for instance, images of violence or underage children. Photos of bad quality shouldn’t be reported.

While sending this kind of complaint, one needs to confirm his ID. Once it’s done, a fraudulent account might be banned or warned by the team, within the 24 hours.

Whether it’s safe to meet for sex on Squirt? Such things do not depend on a platform you use. Follow common sense and analyze the profiles, chats, the first meeting, in order to keep safe.

Gay bareback requires attentiveness and extra hygiene wherever you get acquainted. Use the means of protection and discuss in advance with your casual partner the forms and cautions of intercourse.

How to initiate a chat on Squirt

Recommendations for the chat contacts are automatic and feed up constantly. But they depend on the search settings, three of them can be saved for further matching.

It is better to be polite with others even if you’re not in the mood or not interested. For that, a smile emoji is ready to be used at any moment while chatting, which is convenient.

Only active and updated conversations are being stored in one’s chat history. If not replied, messages get deleted within ten days. Paid users have all these limits enlarged and chat more comfortably.

Basically, not many actions are required for starting a chat on Squirt. If settings are adjusted right, just tap on any match suggested and type hello. Be original to impress more.

One can chat from two profiles of himself, a local one and a traveler one. Also, when chats are getting tiresome, a user can watch live cams without communicating back, until interested.

Users report, initiating a chat on Squirt is even easier than on other top gay apps and sites. If to copypaste a nice welcoming phrase, the process will be quicker and very fruitful.

What are the cons of Squirt

Although high-rated and overall effective, the platform is overloaded with vulgar ads. Even if upgraded, there are commercial profiles everywhere.

Also, the site features are noticeably fewer than on the desktop site. It doesn’t hurt the communication itself, but it makes things less entertaining. Many are there for hanging out.

As some users suggest, there could be an extra line in the profile indicating whether a person likes to dominate or submit in bed, or both. There are no gay types as bear or jock either.

Along with that, profiles are not structured nicely, the text is just placed there in a primitive way. Yet, none of that prevents gay singles from finding each other and having successful hookups.

Squirt isn’t criticized much on the Internet, since the advantages prevail. The app isn’t glitchy or buggy like many others, it serves well and has a strong geolocation tool for quick matching.

How to find local gay hookups on Squirt

The system finds you options automatically, but you need to use the latter versions of one of these browsers: Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Explorer.

Care to indicate your city of search in the profile and repeat it while chatting. Then there will be no misunderstandings or postponed meetings. Be very clear about wanting to get laid the soonest.


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  7. Studies have shown that high blood pressure can also have a negative impact on female orgasms.

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