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Spdate Review – Adult dating and sex-positivity best source

Expert's Summary
Although associated with speed dating, Spdate rather serves adult sessions for very open-mided singles. There are many alternatives of hookups one can have there. Equal affairs, sugar dating, and escorting are among them. In general, you’re just sharing your special turn-ons and sexual desires with other members in the chat. Despite using some so-called illustrative materials, i.e. attractive fake profiles, the site is rather legit and brings a lot of new horny acquaintances in each location.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Quick signing up
All ages present
800K+ in the US
Lots of ads
Some spammy profiles
Price is above average
Lack of female users
Total Score
Spdate Audio Review

How much is Spdate


The price is similar to AdultFriendFinder and that was probably the owners’ purpose. But the site service is far from what AFF provides, just the concept matches.

For free, one can only join and take a look there. For taking any action, Premium is needed. In a free version, there are plenty of explicit ads and banners.

Many find Spdate a bit overpriced for what you get, but at least, there are no hidden costs. All is transparent and understandable, without even automatic renewal.

What is Sex Request on Spdate

This special feature is called to contact users you are going to meet in real for sex. Many use it to promote their services, so one needs to make research for finding real folks.

Sex Request is used the most, along with Discovery, Top users, and other basic features. That’s basically enough, plus to the chat, for using the chat with the utmost effect.

If to consider Sex Request a kind of ice-breaker, it is getting understandable why this tool is popular. As more as other unique features are absent and people do not have much choice.

This option’s title is closely connected with the whole idea of Spdate in regard to instant hookups and total frankness. Singles do not tend to restrain from intimacy at all.

On another hand, it’s too straightforward for those expecting some courtship or foreplay and too vanilla for kinky singles. But that is Spdate philosophy to keep it plain and naughty.

How to use Spdate

It’s really easy to navigate on Spdate, it is neat and intuitive. Some call the interface confusing, but it’s only at first glance since the options list is very clear and obvious.

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Lady enjoys use Spdate soft

Why would one seek the girl’s private info in a bio? Some care to share their OnlyFans page link or more personal data. Often, guys wonder whether an attractive sex girl is true or fake.

Reviews and comments are normally called Escort Reports if that is what you seek. If a girl works in another field, there are also streetwalker reports, massage parlor reports, etc.

After all, if limited in time or lack patience, post your own question with the girl’s photo. Chances are high you’ll be answered in a matter of hours and get all the detailed information possible.

How do I get laid on Spdate

Since all Spdate members are like-minded and sex-loving, it takes minimal effort to get laid once you act right. Just use the best pickup lines and be alluring enough to them.

Some are just seeking their commercial profit as web models or sugar babies. So, it is appropriate if your first question is, do you meet in real? And then, when are you free?

The third question you ask, might be what your conditions are? Sometimes it’s a free meal, in other cases a brief getaway together, and mostly just hanging out on equal rights.

So, it’s not hard at all to hook up on Spdate. The only thing you need is bravery, and then some experience and logic to care about your own safety during online encounters.

Spdate girls are helpful and welcoming in general unless you show disrespect. Be very clear about your dos and don’ts, your turn-ons, and offerings, so you won’t miss a chance.

What are sites like Spdate

Although the adult scene is so well developed on the Internet, with hookup sites and sex-positive blogs, there are just a few forums where all these topics and providers can be discussed.

Reviews listings like RubRatings or LiveJasmin, have the closest concept to Spdate. They also offer detailed opinions of real escort customers, not just webcam models’ profiles or galleries.

It is getting normal to use adult services most widely, moreover, to compare experiences in order to have happier endings since that is what people seek. Analog sites to Spdate do help.

Porn sites or sex aggregators shouldn’t be compared to this platform, as their main idea and purpose are different. It is expected though, that sex chat sources will be multiplying and growing.

There are no other spots to learn about camgirls as they do not film the process of their real-life services. Spdate members say, getting laid should be as easy as food ordering.

Are there any cons of Spdate

Along with all the pros such as girls’ availability and easiness of use, there are weird pros of Spdate as well. For instance, there’s no Search tool, no matter how silly this sounds.

It means, one should either scroll down the gallery and pick from there or chat with random girls. Both options are ok if one isn’t too selective though, and needs quick solutions.

Also, hundreds of external links are really distracting. Even though sex theme is what most users seek, it rather helps to focus on one or a few searches to get satisfied quicker.

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Confident mature on Spdate

Logging out from Spdate is the most inconvenient thing. Once you do that occasionally or as a panic button, you cannot find the logging in button anymore, and that sucks.

Age verifying is issued via one’s bank card, which isn’t exactly safe. Although the site claims to be fully protected and secure, consider well whether this suits you or not.

Can my Spdate profile be removed

On adult sites, many are worried about personal data that remains there forever even when one goes inactive. Well, it won’t happen on Spdate where processes are automatic.

If one is non-active within 3 months in a row, his profile is getting deleted for good. If he is then interested again, he will need to create a new one up from zero.

Accordingly, if that was a Premium account, the status would be removed too. One needs to purchase it again for his new profile. It has a good side, noncharging one’s bank card.

Most users find this condition fair enough. Also, the account can be banned or suspended if it is often reported by other members as a suspicious, violent, or fraudulent one.

Altogether, it shows Spdate as an interesting and trustworthy place where the team cares about the users’ comfort and overall safety. It differs the site from other sex chat sources.


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