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Slixa Review – Elite escorts and sex models in your city

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Slixa is a number one elite escort site that overscored Locanto and Angel Elite. Not just its providers are model-looking and feminine, but there are other favorable differences as well. From the start, the site asks you whether you are really 18+ and accept all their rules. Those terms are very detailed and reasonable. Other escort platforms do not have such entering approach. Call girls put a lot of effort into their ads and main photos. They do invest in high-quality studio photos and show up in glamorous lingerie only. It shows their class straight away. Escort reports concerning Slixa personals as positive too, so we have all the reasons for rating it high and recommending to newbies or sugar daddies looking for their perfect sex companion.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Girls' quality
Fine design
Safety and encrypted data
Best videos are Premium only
A few fake ads
Total Score
Slixa Audio Review

Why do I choose Slixa

Not all hookup seekers are ok with cheap girls, in every meaning. Elite escorts shall always interest us more due to their excellent looks, unforgettable sex services, and luxy lifestyle they bring.

So, it is worth a few more bucks to get laid with the hottest girl in your area. There will be no regrets or negative memories, just a lot of pleasure like it should be with sugar companions.

Slixa women are the hottest and got manners. Whether they are supplying you with a HE massage or an incall quickie, they are polite and respectful towards everyone’s special needs.

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Slixa hookup

It’s crucial for safety the site only allows adults to enter and insists on its terms and conditions. This factor alone shows its level, and the gorgeous females’ gallery is the next step.

Sites like USASexGuide are showing a lot of critics towards escort personals throughout the US, but it’s not the thing with Slixa where providers are so qualitative and responsible for what they do.

Is Slixa free

Like most escort classified ads sites, Slixa is free for viewing. Not just it provides a free audience with multiple hookup options and services but also opens access to a video gallery.

Those are naughty vids of all popular categories, from anal to fetish. What matters is their glamorous look and the overall quality of filming, some script, and cool visual effects.

But the best content and extra communication features are open to Premium members only.

3 months$29.95
1 year$79.95

This is what differs elite escort sites from usual ones, pricing not only quality. Escort workers are charged as well, and there is a system of credits for them that defines their popularity.

While one plain ad costs around $1 like on all other call girls listings, the price goes up when the promotion is intense. National ads seen in all over the US, cost 300 credits per week which is a lot.

But it’s a good reason to appreciate escort women on Slixa who invest the big money in their appearance and getting known. They do care about their physical shape and perfect services.

How to find girls on Slixa

There are very exact and precise providers’ categories on Slixa. The site structure is awesome and very comfy, along with a trendy design and excellent ads photos.

Plus to location categories, there are such subdivisions as Ethnicity, Affiliation, Gender, Body Type, Distanced dating. The last one usually means virtual sex as it is, with webcam sharing and HE.

One may choose from Caucasian, Ebony, Latina, Asian escorts, then out from Independent, VIP, Mature, and Pornstar escorts. They accordingly charge higher or lower for their services.

Among non-standard models, there are BBW and Super Busty. In the gender section, only Lesbian and Female escorts are presented, not Trans of the wide range or modern genders.

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Still, Slixa is considered LGBT-friendly and supplies all kinds of services typical for today’s world.

Finding escort personals there is as various as a contemporary single could hope.

Is elite escort costly

One can barely meet inexpensive escorts on Slixa. There are many sites like Listcrawler where local thots charge just a few dozens of bucks for their so-so service.

While Slixa is openly for rich men or at least, for very selective ones. If you’re currently short in money, so-called distanced dating can be an option for you, i.e. just exchanging private videos.

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Gorgeous beauty

At the same time, when you’re on top of your success, you can even pay the girls’ flight to you, as well as their sweet companionship in public and sex service in private.

Some categories charge a bit less, although they still need to cover their clothes, accessories, gym, and rent expenses. If one wants a well-groomed female, he might sponsor that.

Check the BBW and Super Boosty categories. Although they have their own audience ready to pay any price, they tend to set the cost a bit lower. Those who do not indicate the price at all, give discounts.

What do I do with elite escorts on Slixa

If you got used to get basic and unprotected services with cheap escorts, it’s not the case with Slixa girls. Most of them care to give CBJ and CFS, in order to avoid any risks.

Elite call girls, just like gay escorts, tend to be on PrEPs and openly declare that. It makes men clients more confident about their health safety and allowed sex activities.

Thus, one can easily order Greek or AA service, which simply means anal. Also, full nights or quickies, depending on his timing, budget, and the degree of his naughtiness.

That can be a threesome, a four-handed massage, a BDSM session if a call girl accepts it, or whatever beyond your daily experiences. Just discuss things in advance and ask providers directly.

Slixa girls do not tend to list their dos and don’ts right in the ad like it is practiced on other escort sites. They leave it up to a client who is ready for paying extra if there’s too kinky stuff.

Can I really date a Slixa girl

Hot women on this site are true professionals. Their time costs a lot, and they constantly develop their physical, sexual, and diplomatic skills to raise the level even further.

They surely have a few special friends with benefits and stable sponsors in between their duties, who would set up a nice relaxing getaway for them to have some break.

Only if you are sure about your success and ability to afford such getaways and prestigious gifts to your personal porn star, dare to date them. Some may accept your gallant offer.

Although sugar dating seems to be the most natural thing on sites like Slixa, in fact, girls are very selective. There’s a hint, they tend to choose those guys who often ordered a GFE service.

It alone brings the participants closer and helps them get to know each other. Even if you managed to date a Slixa girl, leave your jealousy behind and be the most open-minded.

Top legit kinks I can practice on Slixa

Adult dating site Slixa isn’t exactly for kinksters like FetLife. But let’s be clear, everyone is getting kinkier today with all the opportunities and sex trends. So are Slixa clients.

Knowing that girls online remain open to discussion. Just note they would do smth legit and safe only, such as light BDSM or threesomes along with their female co-worker.

Here are some other ideas for kinks on Slixa. Start from approaching mistresses as they are very common on this escort listing site. They may welcome alternate fetishes and turn-ons too.

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Age play is totally acceptable. You can either pretend a call girl is your mommy or your daughter, in terms of age. This kind of sex game activates the neurons and hormones to spice up our sensations.

Begging roleplay can be a part of this game or practiced separately. While breath play is popular but too risky and not all girls would accept it. Food play is growing trendy and desirable.

What are best cities for hookups on Slixa

Top girls on Slixa would apply as National escorts, which means they paid more for the advertisement and they are ready to fly over to any city or state. Yet, there are the best cities for hookups.

It’s surely LA where options are too many, and each possible category is well-presented. Some chicks also work as strippers or HE masseuses, which doubles the nightlife pleasures.

Then comes NYC with endless alternatives. Although Slixa is an elite escort site, prices may vary in this giant diverse city. The same comes to Chicago and San Fransisco.

If your preferences are very particular though, for instance, you like Latina girls, then Tampa and St. Louis might be your choice. Just non-Hispanic or mixed girls prevail on Slixa.

To not forget elite areas like Boston and Vegas, or interracial hookup centers like Houston. In any case, escort personals on Slixa are going to be tall and 90-60-90 or sexier.

What is BDSM section on Slixa

The BDSM section is very interesting on Slixa, it contains out-of-the-box personals ready for experiments. If dominant women or submissive kitties are your cup of tea, you should know a few nuances.

This section is divided into two sub-categories, Pro and amateur. Only a half of girls have the badge Pro on their ad photos. They may indicate right away they’re dominant, in their nickname or text.

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Delighted woman

Others are amateur, and most likely, they have selected this service as optional among many others. While professionals specialize in dominating and their main photo may reflect that.

Since amateur personals on Slixa do not get very precise in their ads, you can tell a lot from their photos. Note that a cheetah print of any kind usually means a submissive role in sex.

BDSM escorts are more diligent towards full vaccination and health certificates. They also have a much wider assortment of sex toys. Some indicate they’re available for all genders.

How do Slixa escorts screen me

Most girls on Slixa indicate they would screen a client before meeting him in real. It especially comes to expensive escorts in LA or BDSM performers who risk a lot with their services.

In the era of electronic databases and virtually accessible info, screening got common. It’s enough to provide your ID, Linkedin, or even a clearly seen picture of your face.

Then providers are finding the available info about a person, either themselves or via specialists they trust. They mostly want to see there’s no criminal record and one has a business to run.

It’s a kind of the obligation from the clients’ side, since escorts provide a lot from their side as well. Those are vaccination passports, PrEPs, hygiene, a good shape, and more.

Screening is usually requested after you discussed the details of your upcoming session and agreed about its duration, pricing, etc. The first step to make is a nice introduction and self-presenting.


    1. When you are not thinking about playing games then you can definitely discover ladies by searching online and then it is also very easy to make contact with the ladies by email or text message.

      1. Thailand is a conservative society and should you be not able to retain the individual that you are currently looking to day delighted they will never be happy inside your marital life.

    1. When you find yourself in Thailand on-line it is crucial that you make sure that you do some research around the person you are attempting to get married to.

  1. After you fulfill up you will be able to communicate with all the girl and you will know whether they like the person you are trying to get to know.

  2. The final thing that you should understand about dating in Thailand online is that you should be respectful of your local customs and cultures.

  3. Your local folks are very polite of the things and this helps you get to are aware of the particular person that you will be attempting to time.

  4. While looking right into a dating site, you would like to ensure that you end up picking an internet site containing some sort of track record of simply being safe and secure.

  5. There are so many dating websites on the web which are frauds, so it is essential to make use of a web site which includes some believability and a medical history of success in aiding people see enjoy.

  6. none of them talked about that the majority of Thais expect one to support their households, not every but a great deal do….economically which is, they believe all foreign people are unique which happens to be not real, most go to Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia because it’s cheap and they can reside comfortably there and not have difficulties like they will in their region but when you begin assisting the girls loved ones lots of occasions the foreigner could have been better off remaining in their own nation because financially it may be be same.

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