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Secret Benefits Review: Sugar dating and hookups with rich singles

Expert's Summary
Secret Benefits is a well-known sugar dating site. Yet, it can be joined without any waiting list or other difficulties. Male members aren't pre-selected or checked by the admins. They shouldn't prove their wealth, which creates opportunities for sugar daddy scams. The majority of members are happy about Secret Benefits services though. It counts 700K active members in the US and more in other western countries.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Strong support and moderation
Real meetings
Almost 1 mln. members
No app
Some fake sugar daddies
Lack of female members
Total Score

Is Secret Benefits free

100 credits$59.00
500 credits$169.00
1000 credits$289.00

It can be said with confidence none of the sugar dating sites are free. Although Secret Benefits doesn’t charge monthly, it is credits-based.

It might be more convenient, but also a bit risky for men who like endless chatting with hot girls. They might stop watching their budget spent.

Is there adult content on Secret Benefits

The team really cares about the site content and makes sure it is never vulgar. Sugar girls should look almost as decent as mail-order brides.

Not only photos are monitored, but also the profile text. Women models cannot use such provocative words as physical, sexy, etc.

Once this rule isn’t followed, the girl is getting notified about the need to correct her bio. Yet, private photos are allowed if they are hidden.

Only particular male members can view them after they are given access by the girl. So, Secret Benefits isn’t totally strict or hypocritical.

It is understood people meet there for sex and sponsored hookup meetings. Just there should be a fine line between sugar dating and escorting.

Do I get laid on Secret Benefits

The site definitely isn’t meant for virtual sex or webcam models admiration. Users do meet in real for casual sex or companionships.

But one needs to take into account some nuances on Secret Benefits. First, only 25 percent of members are females, so they meet many men.

Second, some are escorts and can be found on adult sites, just they post modest photos on SB. On another hand, it ensures they’re very skilled.

Feeling sexy. Beautiful and slim woman with blond hair covering her breast with her hands and looking at camera

Girls on Secret Benefits can be encouraged financially, both with the online bank transfer and cash meetings in person. The site openly declares that.

So, do not sign up if paid sex isn’t for you. Normally, female singles on SB want to be rewarded for hookups, in this or that way.

What is a sugar daddy scam on Secret Benefits

Experienced sex models, escorts, and sugar babies know that not all daddies are real. Some just pretend to be so, but it’s a fraud.

Those can be poor Indian guys or imprisoned westerners who want some bank transfer on their account. So, they create some tricks.

A sugar baby beginner should be very careful with those who approach her. The best way is to scan a man’s data and test him.

Since the Secret Benefits team doesn’t check male members’ social status, it all remains on a girl. Do not trust daddies easily.

Some red flags are, getting a message instantly after registering or being showered with compliments although other girls are hotter.

Do not listen to men’s life stories, it’s not the reason why you joined. Stay a bit cold until they prove their financial stability and intentions.

What is the green badge on Secret Benefits

Verified members on Secret Benefits are getting the green badge. Not only their phone number or email should be confirmed.

It is also required that they record a short video talking out loud their name, age, city of hookup dates, and some greetings to men.

Sexy Fashion model in black jacket hiding bare breasts. Beautiful young woman with sexy body. Blonde long brown hair and natural makeup

Once it is done, male users can see that a girl is legit and safe to chat with. The same thing isn’t applied to male profiles though.

The same system actually exists on modern escort sites. Yet, it is helpful and reassuring. New girls members should care about the green badge first.

It replaces long explanations, reviews, or success stories proving the previous meetings. If you have no experience, show you’re real.

How to hook up on Secret Benefits

The main secret one should start with, is treating a sugar baby like a princess because she deserves that. It doesn’t involve a lot of spending, rather complimenting her.

Girls models aren’t feminists, and they will never be. They are classical and secretly old-fashioned, even the most modern of them.

Young woman in sexy lingerie, elegance and beauty. Beautiful female model posing on camera in underwear, attractive girl in erotic clothes

They adore it when a man holds the door or moves the chair. They get independent and mature early, but they feel the need to keep on phoning their close people daily.

If a man accepts to share some of these duties with them, it makes them more than happy. Their gratitude is expressed in extra kisses, caresses, and getting intimate.

Modern girls models are educated and skilled, so they usually find a good match quickly and communicate in the most open-minded and sexy way.

Is Secret Benefits any good

It is known that hot models make perfect lovers, but how to meet the most genuine ones? The answer is a reliable site where all profiles are pre-checked.

If a beautiful girl is ready to meet you any time, it’s a good sign. Just catch a chance and use this opportunity to hook up a model-looking hottie in real.

Passion is smth you cannot measure, yet you can use adult sites where chances to get laid are the highest. Secret Benefits is high-rated and reliable.

Model girls who impress with their hotness, intelligence, affection, are all gathered there and impatient to meet their sincere daddy.

Beauty pageants feel the quality, as they have great taste. That’s why they hook up online only on sites like Secret Benefits.

Why use Secret Benefits

Gorgeous girls possess true femininity that is almost lost in the West now. They can only be compared to American pinup beauties of former years.

No wonder men desire this lost treasure and want to own it. The main key to success is remembering they’re special and not judging them.

These highly attractive chicks really cannot imagine their nights without a lover they would cherish and admire.

They keenly need wild sex, affection, trusting communication, and they can never replace this with career, ambitions, or shallow philosophy.

Although hard-working as models, they see the sense of their days in romance, sweet talks, and hugs with their sugar daddy.

How to have sugar dating on Secret Benefits

Sugar dating secrets are many, from knowing female psychology in general to turning back to classy values such as courtesy, sensitivity, protection, and support.

Articles in sugar dating blogs reflect cultural differences as well, which helps to avoid awkward situations. This kind of blog exists on SB.

The one who follows it is guaranteed to have an easy acquaintance and a hot affair with a SB girl, even if it’s a high-end model or a successful celeb.

Satisfied naked woman hides breast, looks happily away, wears straw summer hats, poses against tropical background

Basically, all you have to do is establish a strong mutual trust while chatting, then your meeting in real will be just a logical continuation of it.

If she accepts, it means she is serious and there are no worries. She values you, your personality, a special connection, and all the rest is just a bonus.


  1. The best part about online dating is that you can use the same application for multiple sites at once.

  2. This way, you can save time and meet multiple people without the hassle of meeting them in person.

  3. You can filter through the profiles of other users, so you can meet those who share similar interests and goals.

  4. In addition, it’s easier to make friends and meet people who share similar interests with you.

  5. For example, there are plenty of matchmaking services, like Dinner for Six, that will help you find a match that shares your interests.

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