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RussianCupid Review – Eastern European hookups and getaways

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RussianCupid has a huge, about one million, database of Russian ladies’ profiles. CupidMedia, an Australian company owns many popular dating sites in different areas of the world. It helps people to find their matches since 1999 but at the same time, it often becomes a comfy soil for scammers. Real users’ responses are 50/50 negative and positive, but there are lots of success stories. RussianCupid is a membership-based site and not the cheapest one. Of course, there are very contrasting opinions as it’s a typical trait of popular sites. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons and decide together.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Vast member base
Detailed profiles
No ads
High quality of women
Big price
Some scammers happen
Total Score
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How much is RussianCupid


Messaging is only available to paid members. Free ones can only create the profile, view the photo gallery, and send ice-breakers. There is also a system of coins for pay-per-service scheme.

Why are girls so hot on RussianCupid

Russian women are beautiful in general. Being a professional model or a go-go dancer doesn’t necessarily mean a scammer or a fake profile. Check them by videochat, and ask direct questions.

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RussianCupid hookup website

Find out what made them chose this profession, and whether they are open for a real affair with the foreigner. It can be a good way to have an affordable model-looking lover from Russia.

What are special features on RussianCupid

There are only classical and a few unique features on RussianCupid. The Verified Badge is a green sticker given to each profile that confirmed the identity with the passport scan or other means.

Cupid Tags are the titles of one’s interests and hobbies helping to find like-minded singles. This feature isn’t very helpful for Russian hookups, honestly, but can be used for friendships with benefits.

Why are there many single mothers on RussianCupid

In Russia, girls do not build their careers until 30 y.o. before having a child. It is common to have a baby early enough, in their 20s. They either aren’t married or soon divorced, plus to that.

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If you don’t mind a woman with a child, better go for this option. Most probably, it’s not a skin-deep scammer who simply wants super expensive shoes. Single moms are more real and determined.

Even if they are still young and hot pretending to be sugar babies, it’ll be easier to hook up with them by just offering a box of Lego or chocolates to a kid. Like in third world countries, it works.

Is RussianCupid safe

Eastern European dating is always a favorable ground for scamming, since it’s about the distanced communication and empty Russian wallets. There is an option on RussianCupid of verifying the profile.

If you don’t see the mark “verified” in a girl’s profile, just don’t write to her. It’s that simple. Avoid girls who always find excuses to not video chat with you or never answer the phone after sharing the number.

Don’t send them any money and don’t fall for them unless they showed their real face and not even once. Ask a girl about her social network link or her full name. Find her page and check.

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Whether she is really single in her real life. If she refuses to give her data or you cannot find anyone under this name, be careful. Try to discuss with her the exact dates of your first meeting even if you aren’t ready yet. Analyse her reaction. Is she enthusiastic to hook up nearest time?

Don’t trust messages that attack you with romantic confessions and sexual desire even if you placed no photo and your profile info is empty. Most probably, those are just bots or paid workers.

Avoid both female profiles with 1 photo only, created just now, and Platinum members. It’s not typical, logical, or affordable for Russian girls to pay for themselves. Only desperate 50 y.o. women can.

Other than that, there are many genuine women on RussianCupid. They are detected by using common sense.

How do I avoid sugar babies on RussianCupid

If your income doesn’t allow you any sponsorship or travelling at the moment, say this from the beginning. You can even mention this in your profile, gold-diggers will stay away then.

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Hookup site RussianCupid

While poor women will be aware they should try better in life and reach some independence before contacting good men like you. If you want totally independent girls, better try meeting German or Norwegian ones.

Is customer support good on RussianCupid

Don’t stay silent if someone insists on their money request. Report this to the site administration. They normally react and send the warning to a girl, or even deactivate her profile.

Men who complain they didn’t see any actions from the administrators’ site, just weren’t patient enough. It takes time.

The site isn’t interested in keeping scammers within the database and risking the business because of them. The only negative fact is that the site administration prefers to register the girls from local agencies.

But not the separate persons who are usually more sincere. It’s obviously more profitable and convenient for them that a girl’s personality is double-checked by the agency and they will motivate her to reply.

Often, to each and every letter for keeping the business going. But that’s how it works.


  1. It should paint a picture of who you are as a person, and should describe your past experience in a positive light.

  2. Be aware of the dangers of online dating and choose a woman who respects your privacy and personal security.

  3. They may get 10 or 20 new messages per day, or 20 in a single hour! As a result, it’s important to ensure that you put your best foot forward.

  4. Online dating is becoming the most common way to meet a partner, so try your best to be authentic and attractive.

  5. Free sex dating sites allow you to browse thousands of profiles and find someone who tickles your fancy.

  6. The internet has become so popular that dating services have mushroomed, from major companies with millions of users to niche dating sites geared to particular communities.

  7. It is very difficult for a woman to feel attracted to a man if she does not have a positive attitude.

  8. The sites usually have huge databases of local women, so you can find girls in your city in no time.

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