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RubMaps Review: Pros and cons of bodyrub parlors listings

Expert's Summary
There’s no such a problem nowadays as non working out the body or non released libido when single. The need in risky bar acquaintances has disappeared now when massage parlors are at avail. Those are usually neat and cosy places where all man’s needs are met. It depends on a particular saloon whether the shower, good towels, and girls’ diligence are there. Rubmaps is exactly the site where all these naughty spots and details are revealed. Find them the closest to your current location and enjoy the skilled masseuses’ sexy companionship. These Asian SPAs and parlors listings are accurate, comfy to use, and modern looking. It’s easy to search for what you need and set up the session as soon as your desire requests.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Vast base of MP in US
Convenient interface
Good price
Database is rarely updated
MP reports need to be searched elsewhere
Total Score
RubMaps Audio Review

Is RubMaps real

Unlike some escort listings, Rubmaps is one hundred percent real. It indicates the existing places that can be visited any time, except for some that aren’t updated and can be already closed.

Some ads contain videos and most of them, masseuses’ photos so that one can come and order exactly this person’s services. The complaints happen that the most model-looking workers aren’t available.

It depends on a particular place and can always be improved with extra tips. Then even the hottest girls suddenly appear in the parlor to bodyrub you and bring you the best happy ending.

The quickest way to check whether this or that SPA is real, is checking on it on Google and forums like UsaSexGuide. Just type its title or the provider’s nickname, in order to see the reports.

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RubMaps adult hookup

Most users admit they had success on Rubmaps thanks to all ads being real. Except for some insignificant cons mentioned above, massage parlors listed on the site work efficiently and satisfied them.

There can be no fake accounts since the parlor can be found geographically and detailed ratings are always included to the ad. Some fraud is possible though if the SPA charges more than promised.

Is RubMaps free

1 month$19.99

There’s no free trial on RubMaps, probably because there’s nothing to try. Everything works, the massage parlors are real, and there are plenty of positive reviews from the users worldwide.

On another hand, there’s no free usage for male visitors like on many other escort listings. Providers do pay for their ads being posted, but customers pay the monthly subscription to view and choose.

Usually, nobody minds the payment since RubMaps offers such a precious and complete information. Kinky massage parlors are great for bored couples or tired singles who need some relax.

This kind of service grows more and more popular in all over the West, especially taking that legal teens and very young Asian personals happen to work in MPs. It’s worthy of investments.

In return, millions of members get access to the fullest database of naughty SPAs and bodyrub centers. Whether it’s around the corner or across the world, the service is guaranteed.

So now it’s clear why RubMaps Review site is considered reasonably priced and highly trusted. The majority of 2021 users, by statistics, called it budget-wise and extremely helpful.

Is RubMaps any good

It’s quite funny, experts say, that the absence of intimacy and sexual satisfaction is one of the main reason of all divorces. While these things can be so easily and cheaply received nowadays.

RubMaps is a cute and progressive way to reach out those pleasures without any stress. It doesn’t feel wrong or weird like with the escort girls. Instead, it’s very homey and peaceful.

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If to keep comparing Asian SPAs sex service to the relationship, a partner might just limit us with the quick hand job or passive BBJ if exhausted after work. Well, in a parlor, one can get much more.

A model-looking masseuse may allow mutual touch, girlfriend experience with sweet talks, CFS, BBFS, roleplay, fetish stuff, and all that without any tiredness or caprices.

Along with that, one will spend no more than he’s spending to flatter his stable lover or a friend with benefits. So yes, RubMaps is very good for someone who wants to have his needs covered.

Can I hookup on RubMaps

Visitors come up with this question regarding all adult dating apps and escort listings. Note that RubMaps isn’t usual in that regard. Even the best happy ending can be just a handjob.

Singles and couples who seek full hookups, should rather try out the call girls databases. However, there are some tricks to get full service in massage parlors as well, specialists say.

Of course, it cannot be done in a narrow saloon without any private corners with at least the curtain, with too many masseuses hanging there, or with a greedy ladyboss. Seek better conditions.

If the place is known as budget-friendly and client-friendly, you’ll reach the agreement sooner. Choose the girl who served you nicely several times already, and express your wish.

In some MP, masseuses can be taken to the client’s home. All kinds of things become possible there. Learn whether it’s possible, from the massage parlor reports on UsaSexGuide.

Otherwise, talk to the SPA administrator openly and ask how much full service costs exactly. It may depend on a girl’s youth, her skills, and popularity. In any case, a positive answer is likely to be received.

What are special features on RubMaps

RubMaps is an encrypted site, and it guarantees Safe browsing mode as one of its main features. All ads are equipped with thorough details such as providers’ pricing, way of payment, ethnicity.

Under some of the posts, real visitors’ reviews can be found as well. And in any case, there is always the rating that helps estimate the pros and cons of RubMaps masseuses and call girls.

The site surely has a strong geolocation feature. One can either search by his city or get local options automatically. The advanced search filters make the process pretty enjoyable and easy.

Accordingly to the slogan Where fantasy meets reality, Rubmaps Review users are watching the alluring videos of masseuses and providers to then experience that by themselves.

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milf hookup RubMaps

It is also convenient the ads are indicating the exact kind of massage. Plus to the kinks typical for MP, one can really get some good Asian body-to-body massage, Nuru, or Lomi Lomi.

Why is RubMaps the best

Just a few decades ago, naughty massages with happy ending were mostly available in top countries for sex tourism like Thailand. Then this principle has been adopted by western culture.

It’s indeed fair that sex positive people can stop limiting themselves in very basic needs that should be satisfied daily. Regardless of their success or failure with pickup, they can get relieved in a parlor.

Gradually, this kind of sex service became very common in the West, and so people’s minds got more opened as well. There’s less stigma regarding the massage with happy ending vs the escorts.

RubMaps popularity just proves this positive attitude and keeps bringing more clients to the industry. Thankful reviews and MP reports are counted in thousands throghout the US and UK.

Before RubMaps listings have appeared, folks interested in HE had to Google the local massage saloons trying to guess which ones are meant for sexual pleasure. Today, it’s more than easy.

Is it ok to use RubMaps

There are special cheating and adultery sites for married and taken where they can get entertained. Along with other adult platforms, they may have a panic button and be highly avoided.

But not the massage parlor listing sites like RubMaps. They look neutral and the ads are comparatively innocent, taking that even a small corporative party can be held in such a kinky SPA.

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RubMaps is a hookup site that work

Since bodyrubs become such a common and semi-official pleasure, no one considers this cheating or bad taste. Of course, there’s still some graphic content on RubMaps, so don’t be too obvious.

Being cautious concerns the office only though. As to the couples, they are known to visit massage parlors together and it strengthens their relationship. So, it’s totally ok to use RubMaps.

If your intention is to visit a naughty SPA with your girlfriend or wife, however, ask the workers in advance about that. Some masseuses aren’t serving women intimately.

It’s a very arguable moment and bi-curious girls find it offensive. Moreover, most parlors fight for serving all genders as well since it’s highly profitable for their business.

Is RubMaps legit

Bodyrubs became a healthy replacement to escorts that can be forbidden depending on the state or the type of services. There’s nothing wrong about the massage, even if with some kinks included.

MP listed in RubMaps, are also on Google so those are existing organizations. Girls masseuses who are working there, cannot refuse to meet or ghost on you, as they’re employees.

Many are Asian, so they do provide Thai massage, foamy Nuru, feet massage etc. along with happy ending. It’s more convenient and affordable than sex tourism and it’s legal, too.


  1. While most sites will prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud, you can avoid these scams by reading reviews and avoiding scammers.

  2. Whether you’re looking for a casual partner or a long-term relationship, you should always consider your safety.

  3. And make sure that you’re safe by choosing an online dating service that suits your needs.

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