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Romance Tale Review – Best Asian dating and hookups in 2022

Expert's Summary
Romance Tale has been launched on a peack of the interest towards Asian dating and interracial hookups. For now, it offers a huge member base all over the Asia, with male users prevailing. It is rather for affairs with Asian girls living in the West than for sex traveling. The site is also suitable for sugar dating, as the majority of women are under 35 and men are in their 50s.
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Is Romance Tale free

20 credits$9.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99
750 credits$149.99

There’s no monthly fee on Romance Tale. All services are paid by credits, so one can control his spendings on the site.

What is Romance Tale for

Romance Tale is one of only few platforms in Asia that are very well rated and highly appreciated by all users, male and female.

There’s nearly no criticism connected with this dating site. First, the quality of Asian girls is high, most are good-looking.

Why is it so trusted? Because it seems to apply the perfect formula of legit dating sites, it isn’t too commercial but active enough.

Sexy Asian girl in a cafe

On Romance Tale, women’s age normally starts from 25 which is already the beginning of maturity and wisdom. Most are serious.

On a fair note, fake accounts still happen. But it’s easy to report them, and there are safety features like personality tests.

Lots of western men became professionals in Asian casual dating exactly with the help of this popular site. Try it out as well.

What are special features on Romance Tale

The site Romance Tale doesn’t offer a wide range of features. It isn’t a hookup social network like many others today.

Instead, it provides romantic services like Flowers and Gifts delivery, or a girl’s direct contacts request online.

Paid members can order a meeting even if they didn’t have a substantial conversation with this woman so far.

Asian sexy woman smiling and lying down on a bed.

If an Asian girl wants to confirm being real and remain a member, she should accept the meeting invitation from a man.

There are no group chats or private galleries on Romance Tale. All the concept is kept simple yet serious-minded.

How to date Asian on Romance Tale

Courtship has a more important meaning in Asia than in Europe or in the west. Girls in general are targeting long-term relationships.

So, they may postpone the intimacy. Secrets of success are different in Japan and China. Chinese girls give up for good life.

While Japanese beauties love being treated like princesses. They enjoy little cute gifts, stuffed bears, heart-shaped balloons.

portrait of young charming beautiful girl with smile, authentic moments of real emotion

Also, going out to cultural events together. All that gives a good guarantee they’ll answer with a kiss and allowance.

Be careful when you’re choosing presents. Especially in Japan, there can be a complicated system of meanings. Learn that first.

Do I travel to Asia on Romance Tale

Japanese and Chinese women surely expect you to get acquainted with their social circle. Japanese families are usually smaller.

Nobody thinks you should arrive with brand-new gifts. They normally expect you to bring smth sweet, and to smile nicely.

Lots of modern Asian girls or older women in these countries aren’t in hurry at all to make you acquainted with their folks.

Pretty mixed race girl working or studying in cafeteria, using laptop

They’d go out with you first, talk a lot, and probably test you. In China, this testing includes very practical questions.

Such as your background, professional opportunities, intentions, responsibilities to ex-wife and children, living conditions.

In Japan, testing is really cute and playful. A girl is just asking about your favorite things and hobbies, checking your humor.

Dating a Chinese or Japanese woman is always fun, and exciting. Romance Tale blogs make sure to explain these nuances.

Is it ok to use Romance Tale

Some men are still in doubts and stereotypes regarding interracial relationships. Romance Tale helps to get open-minded.

Newbies won’t believe how hot and stunning Asian girls are. Many of them are so gracious, petite, seductive, with doll faces.

Cute Asian girl winking

Add to this some very special cuteness, sensual lips, well-groomed hair. All this combination will take your breath away for sure.

Their sexy looks are in contrast with their conservative minds though. If you’re ready to court and wait, you’ll be rewarded.

In general, Asian girls are very romantic, tender, loyal, and sweet. They like little surprises and are very cheerful at all times.

They have strong characters, can bear any difficulties, support their beloved man through the thick and thin.

Is Romance Tale any good

All singles want a good decent partner, smart, and intelligent, but let’s not hide, sexiness always comes first.

People who say beauty ends while a good listener is needed forever are either old or hypocritical.

Exactly Asian brides will always remain the most popular since their natural sexiness breaks all possible records.

Gorgeous Asian girl dressed in white sports top is in the gym

How come they’re the most desirable women on Romance Tale and in the world? It remains a phenomenon.

Dating experts say it’s a combination of qualities that we see only in Asia. It’s hard to find such a complete package elsewhere.

Who do I meet on Romance Tale

It would be a mistake to think Romance Tale is for Asian dating only. Many women are attracted by its concept.

It is long-term oriented, travel-friendly, and provides a lot of tips. No wonder there are lots of girls’ categories.

The site also tells about Eastern European girls and meetings with them in frames of romantic tours or adult hookups.

Sexy Fashion model in black jacket and black panties. Beautiful young woman

Asian women, on the opposite, symbolize unusual experiences, exotic travel dating, keen pleasures not available in the West.

While Canadian, UK dating and other western countries remain leaders in such fields as MILF and cougar affairs.

What are the pros of Romance Tale

Romance Tale is an efficient dating platform for meeting a hot Asian lady, either a very young one or a sexy cougar.

A huge assortment of beautiful women is at your choice. Most of them are willing to commit and relocate.

Time spent with a girl from Asia, is always exciting and bright. They have the most interesting personalities.

Young romantic woman in polka dot dress dreamily walking along old beautiful city park

Also, they are able to drive a man crazy with just one glance. So intense and feminine it is in Romance Tale video chats.

The site keeps classical in a way, without distracting features that slower the process. All is very straight to the point.

Finally, a number of success stories is impressive, although not interracial dating platforms can show the same.

Why choose Romance Tale

Probably dating an Asian girl is something you could imagine only in your fantasies. But it’s very real and can be done here.

Especially if to know the little secrets we are going to share with you. Read and succeed on Romance Tale.

The first thing that surprises in the world of Asia dating is politeness. Funny, but Asian sugar babies bow and apologize a lot.

Young girl looking at her smartphone on the street on a sunny day

Words or behavior are never rude although anyone can be short-tempered and speak louder than usual when they get emotional.

It’s a normal psychological process that takes place in sugar dating. Yet, Asian models control themselves better.

If you have heard they are the cutest, it’s very true. Asia girlfriends are going to make you happy in all regards.

Is Romance Tale worthy of joining

Although millions of western men are practicing interracial dating, even more people remain within the old-fashioned system.

But the balance can be established. Why would a man be inexperienced in Asian travel dating?

Because he is young and just reached the age of dating, or, on the opposite, he’s a senior and considers that extreme.

It also happens that men of perfect age for creating a new family, 35 – 45 years old, are working long hours and cannot travel.

Sites like Romance Tale improve that in minutes giving exactly the information one needs, about exotic Asian hotties.

One can save a lot just by following those tips, meet new personals confidently, and improve his personal life.


  1. Once you’re on the app, you’ll be able to connect with your future partner easily and enjoy every moment with her.

  2. Although they are known to connect younger and older people, they are best for finding a hookup.

  3. If you are concerned about your partner’s safety, you can always take a profile and avoid sending messages without telling anything about yourself.

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