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Raya Review for singles seeking luxury sugar dating and hookups

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Created for successful singles search for one-night or longer companionship, Raya app is high-rated and most desirable to join. Chances to meet stunning models or rich daddies are the highest there. Although the primary aim was to set up equal relationships between local and cosmopolitan celebs, art and showbiz personals, the app now turned to a sugar babies love & sex playground. No referrals, wealth proofs, or long waiting lists are currently needed. Anyone can join if his profile photos are of high quality and personal story in the bio is reassuring. All that for a very symbolic payment of $7.99.
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How do you get on Raya

Since Raya cares more about people’s Instagram rating than about referrals, make sure to promote your Insta account before you apply as a member. Create a cool positive image and follow it in your posts.

If you career is creative or you are an avid traveller, it makes things easier. Fill your Instagram page with these awesome moments, and add as many friends from recommendations as you can.

What do I need to become a Raya member

Plus to a well developed Insta account, you need to apply with an essay question and add the video of you dancing or signing. If you’re just moving around, add the music to your liking.

Although referrals aren’t a must, get one if you can. It’s no secret Raya is friendlier towards LA personals and other urban singles. So, it helps if you live in the capital city of one of the western countries.

What is a friend pass on Raya

Since 2018, Raya started to let new members in via mentioning one popular friend who is already a member. It’s called a friend pass, synonymic to a green light you receive with the help of your VIP buddy.

How to find a rich daddy on Raya

Due to the overall concept of the app, it is highly advised to pretend you’re a good earner and a luxurious life participant too.

Align your Instagram page in accordance with this trick, and use profile photos that confirm your decent social status. Then you’ll be contacted and invited for dinners by other members more often.

How long do you get approved for Raya

Do not get stressed, it often takes just 2 to 3 days to get approved. If your Instagram account looks brilliant and popular, and you’re lucky with the admin, it will be so.

But if anything raises doubts, you may get stuck in the list for weeks. Until you have this opportunity, better spend time improving your Insta and friend list.

Who started Raya

It is only logical that Raya has been launched by the LA celebrity who’d pursue the snobbery concepts. It was Mike McGuinness, the huge PR company owner.

He stays away from interviews and makes sure to develop further Raya design and usability.

Can you screenshot on Raya

It is well known Raya is often joined by celebrities’ fans, only with the purpose of spying on their idols. The temptation to screen gorgeous singles’ private photos is understandable, but it’s a strict no-no on Raya.

Once you try taking a screenshot of someone’s profile, you receive an alert. The system will find out automatically whether the private images are misused over the Internet, and ban you for good.


  1. You can find a date on the website by answering questions about yourself, your hobbies and your interests.

  2. It can also help you make the first contact, and it is completely safe to meet new people on this website.

  3. The service helps you narrow down your search by asking you questions about what you’re looking for in a partner.

  4. There are several different types of dating websites, and you should choose one that meets all of these criteria.

  5. An introvert will be more attracted to the physical side of a relationship, and she won’t be interested in the sexual aspect of the relationship.

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