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Polish Hearts Review: Eastern European dating and hookups online

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Find beautiful Eastern European ladies dedicated to their future man. Gorgeous and classy, they present themselves in the most decent way on Polish Hearts. Do not hesitate and join this great dating site with numerous pros and bonuses. You’ll meet sexy girls from all over the world and broaden your intimate experiences. The advantages of international hookups are so obvious with Polish Hearts. Find the best single persons and establish the kind of relationship you prefer.
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How much is Polish Hearts

1 month$19.99
3 months$25.98
6 months$40.02
12 months$60.00

Compared to other dating sites, Polish Hearts is medium-priced. If stably interested in Polish personals, it is reasonable to purchase a 12-month pack.

How to date girls on Polish Hearts

Relationships on a distance aren’t that problematic anymore, since people travel intensively and have flexible schedules.

From their side, hot girls also travel more and don’t mind to temporarily relocate to a man’s country or welcome him in their homeplace. 

But dating abroad is still a challenge in a way, and we need to be ready to any surprises. Although most of nationalities are greatly westernized already. 

Polish girls, although they come from Eastern Europe, are rather ultra-modern. Their Slavic femininity doesn’t change, but they’re very independent. 

Sexy dreaming. Sexy young woman with long blond hair in black bra holding hand on her face while standing against window at home

They are so naturally sexy, that their behavior can seem a bit predatory, in a good way. Polish women are certainly provocative and very active

Girls will not be able to resist once you appreciate Polish music and movies. They all like their local stuff to be respected and admired.

Is Polish Hearts for travel dating

For lots of men, it’s too extreme to leave their homeland, local affairs and try dating overseas. But why not if it works for millions of people worldwide? 

Very often, personalities from completely different countries match perfectly like puzzles, since their national difficulties aren’t of the same type. 

For example, one partner is a good survivor in conditions of poor economy but has a peaceful character, and another partner needs a balanced person. 

A gorgeous sexy long-haired woman seductively posing over a dark background, wearing sexy lacey lingerie.

Polish girls are feminine and traditional, which is very reassuring for their western admirers. They cook and clean, dress well for their man at home, show care. 

An inexperienced traveler should listen less to negative comments or his own fears, and take a risk definitely since hot Polish women are worthy of that.

Will I get laid on Polish Hearts

Hooking up a Slav woman is always more challenging than girls of other ethnicities, since they’re the most intelligent and refined ones.

The best-looking girls from Eastern Europe are gathered by their wish to meet a westerner. Hot women ready for positive changes, are chatting and sending pics.

Singles across the world report Polish Hearts is very effective and fulfilling, since lots of great options are available and people find each other easily.

Sexy slim lady in sensual bikini on a tropical beach undress pink t-shirt and erotic posing to the camera. Modern hipster girl have fun on sea ocean

Meet the sexiest girls from Poland on Polish Hearts for sex and longer affairs. Hot girlfriends share their spicy content and real emotions. 

The site takes into account all previous flaws and bugs of its competitors and improves them. Reportedly, Polish Hearts is helpful and matches singles well.

What is special about Polish Hearts

The best thing one can do for succeeding on Polish Hearts, is remembering about individual traits of each nationality he is going to deal with.

Lots of singles underestimate the cultural aspect and treat Polish women like if they were western girls. This nuance is getting lost although it’s vital. 

European ladies seem to be extremely feminine and family-oriented, except for countries of strong businesswomen like Germany and Sweden. 

Hot young woman leaning on the bed in front of the mirror in a luxury looking flat, wearing hot lace underwear and holding her hair with hand

It’s a girly type which is rare now in the US, they like to be said sweet words, presented romantic souvenirs, complemented from time to time. 

Even those who meet online for hookups, still possess great qualities. On Polish Hearts, girls indeed get much more responsive and thankful.

How to arrange a hookup date on Polish Hearts

Some men invite a girl to visit them. Girls from Poland and other developing countries are so eager to travel and see new places, that they even accept sharing the cost.

Of course, most of them cannot, so consider flying them by low-cost avia or inviting mature women who are more financially independent.

Another option is flying to the girl’s country by yourself. It works if you have a flexible schedule at work or a low business season at the moment.

Couple by the tree. People in a spring forest. Pair with thermos.

How to motivate a girl to meet you immediately? It’s no good to wait for her for days while you’re already in her hometown. Use various tricks and lures. 

For poor girls, even a good facial cream or a French perfume sample are enough to hurry to you. Otherwise, try to guess or ask directly what they want.

How to succeed on Polish Hearts

Although many tutorials already exist, there’s never too much info. Polish dating experts recommend learning about each particular personality in turn.

The first mistake specialists ask to avoid, is arrogance. Some men are afraid foreign girls choose them for being westerners but act toward them as a superior nation. 

It can work only with women who have low self-esteem, which is non-typical for Polish gals. So be respectful, treat others in a way you want to be treated

Sexual blond woman in a red dress lying on a sofa.

Another frequent mistake is over-testing. It’s normal to analyze a girl’s behavior, words, background, her past through the stories she shares. But do that tactfully. 

Some men are overdoing it. They ask the same questions multiple times, compare the answers, request special movements in a video chat

For sure, it breaks the atmosphere. Do not turn flirting online or the first date into a business interview, show wisdom and patience. 

How do I pick up a girl on Polish Hearts

In the beginning, we’re super excited by our exotic affair. It’s all-new, we get some fresh motivation to learn the languages, travel more often. 

But after several months, or even weeks we may get bored. To not let it happen, let’s analyze first what kind of intentions and search purposes we had. 

Passionate sexual happy young couple in an intimate moment in the bed at home

There are cases when former businessmen from the West are forced to date a non-demanding and down-to-earth woman from Eastern Europe when they face bankruptcy. 

No wonder such a rational motivation will quickly exhaust them. The emotional connection and satisfaction will last longer if it’s based on one’s real sexual fantasies

So it’s really crucial for your mutual pleasure to stop limiting yourselves, and to get ready to try very different things in bed via Polish Hearts.

Why is Polish Hearts popular

European dating is in high demand among western travelers since there is always a lot to see and all women are so refined. The variety of appearances is the biggest.

There are Slav, Mediterranean, and mixed girls. One can literally find any kind of beauty there, moreover, girls are both traditional and open-minded.

A young sexy girl in black lingerie and in a T-shirt, lying on the couch at home.

Men often admit their European experience was very refreshing and inspiring for them, especially when it comes to Poland and Czech Republic.

This part of the world isn’t infected with extreme feminism, and model-looking women there are simply breathtaking. They have chic and charm.

Also, good values that aren’t found elsewhere. Polish girls are also the smartest ones since they consider education important. They are great helpers to their men.


  1. A man who is introverted by nature is a great choice for a hookup, but it’s important to keep in mind that women prefer creative people.

  2. Several of them offer premium memberships, but the basic free membership tier is sufficient for online hookups.

  3. Secondly, they don’t save photos that users send to each other, so it’s not always possible to find the perfect woman.

  4. If you’re a man looking to hook up with a woman, it’s important to make sure that you’re presenting yourself in the right way.

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