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Parship Review: Best matching with European singles for LTR

Expert's Summary
Parship site is basing its principle of work on thorough matching. Its famous compatibility test is awesome. Other pros are also obvious, such as encouraging users not to leave their profiles shallow or empty. The photos are blurred until a person shares them or a viewer pays for a membership. It ensures safety. Still, Parship charges too high like if it was an elite dating site with premium models. But it's not so. It's up to you whether to use it or not. It's unique in a way, but many other sites do the same for free.
Ease of use
Members Quality
12+ mln. members
Strong safety
Very pricey
Long signing up
Total Score

How much is Parship

3 months$121.00
6 months$161.00
12 months$241.00

Pricing is the most doubtful part of Parship. It is impossible to purchase the 1-month pack, although this period might be enough for matching.

The cheapest option is to pay for 12 months at once, which is rather suitable for a hookup lifestyle. The teamwork is worthy of the price though.

What is Parship for

To the ultimate degree, Parship is for happy marriages. But in 2022 and further, singles just don’t want to go that far anymore.

It’s much trendier to live separately and keep on dating or settle down together but as an NSA couple. Still, Parship is of big help.

Its well-known quiz is time-taking but efficient. At least, singles have a feeling they paid for smth substantial like strong real matching.

Portrait of beautiful young woman with bright makeup. Beautiful brunette with bright red lipstick on her lips

As experts say, European women are often interested in two categories of search, elite or sugar dating. Otherwise, they just use hookup platforms.

Parship is suitable for all these purposes. But its initial aim was uniting serious-minded singles interested in long-term affairs.

How do I match on Parship

This site differs from many ohers as it really cares about the users’ compatibility. Each one is filling a long questionnaire on the very start.

Then a system matches you with those whose answers are similar to yours. Details you can discuss later in the chat and find out yourself.

Contrary to the stigma that has been formed, European girls seek a long-term arrangement and a stable private life, not just an adventure.

cropped image of businessman with sexy girl in lingerie

They are built this way, and they simply cannot skip the need for a serious partner. Even if they currently want a sugar daddy, they’ll reconsider.

The matching system on Parship is perfect for European dating since it takes into account the mentality and way of thinking.

How to date European singles on Parship

There are many myths about European girls, such as their stylish looks, and refined manners. But in fact, they prefer casual clothes.

One cannot generalize European women. Too different cultures are mixed there, including Arabic culture and dozens of European nationalities.

What is true though, they are very democratic and open-minded about sex. But the myth about multiple lovers and infidelity is wrong.

Happy young woman relaxing in swimming pool. Smiling girl with healthy tanned skin and wet hair

Europe chicks are just normal girls who fall in love for real but aren’t in hurry to settle down. In fact, they can date one man for decades.

They enjoy keeping a man intrigued, as well as going out with him. Can you give her those butterflies in her stomach? Then wild sex comes after.

Can I meet a mature woman on Parship

European women are known to want a new affair even when they are 40 or 50, like if it was a new hairstyle or a new hobby. It refreshes them.

But only in case if they feel needed and loved. They are usually very skilled and experienced in bed since their youngest years.

They experiment a lot and demonstrate their sex talents with great pleasure. Be fascinated by them and do little romantic things.

Fashion portrait of adult blond woman model wearing white erotic lingerie lying on bed

Just don’t mix the flirt which is her natural behavior, with the real sexual interest. Once she chooses you, you will notice that.

Mature women in Europe are equally passionate and imaginative in bed, no matter on which social level they are and what they wear.

How do I pick up girls on Parship

European females are communicative and amiable. They’re also very easy-going. So, they perceive international dating positively.

Parship helps to get closer emotionally and share hobbies, such as dancing, hiking, or veganism. The chats are started easier thanks to that.

Even a classy girl with principles would trust a guy quicker after seeing his decent profile, a big circle of friends, travel pictures.

Close up morning sensual sexy portrait of stunning young woman just woke up in white bedroom, enjoy her morning time

Today, travel dating is much more in fashion than any other kinds of affairs. Local singles are cool and easy to meet but active folks seek more.

It’s a great way to combine one’s passion for traveling with dating. Visiting European countries is fun enough, but sex adds emotions.

To approach hot girls on Parship, you do not need to be very naughty. But you’re allowed to be very direct since time is precious for travelers.

Is Parship any good

Dating in Eastern European countries has many facets and nuances. One can meet a very young girl for sex on Parship, it happens.

But also, a mature woman who’ll be happy to satisfy her new partner fully and gracefully. The best advice for that is being yourself.

Sexy young girl in a swimsuit set. Beautiful brunette with long hair relaxing on the beach

Foreign women may have great empathy and intuition, they feel when a man is false. Be straightforward about your dreams and desires.

Very often, western men report they had impressions in Europe like if they dated beauty queens or sex goddesses, and on Parship too.

So great and complete their satisfaction was. Just cherish and appreciate the lovers you meet on Parship, there can be a special one.

Why use Parship

Slav women are unique in their own way, they absolutely cannot be affected by western feminism. They possess softness and care.

As well as tenderness, obedience, admiration towards their man. Russian and Belarus girls are bored with locals who are ignorant.

All Eastern European women are happy to meet a foreign guy. It’s just willing to live a normal life with a loving guy, travel together.

the bride, dressed in a boudoir transparent dress and underwear, sits near a vintage bath

Hopefully, raise a child in the country with perspectives, or to enjoy the two-of-us thing. Everything starts from the first date.

And European ladies are certainly the queens of romantic dating. So, appreciate their sincere interest on the Parship site.


  1. With so many single people in the dating pool, finding the best dating online site is a challenging task.

  2. However, they don’t guarantee a good match – so you must be sure to ask a lot of questions.

  3. Using a dating website can save you a lot of time and effort, and will ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

  4. And once you’ve met, the rest will become easier, and you’ll have the opportunity to have a date!

  5. Once you’ve made the right impression, you’ll have the best chance of meeting a woman of your choice.

  6. Lastly, Zoosk has more than 40 million members and offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create an account within minutes.

  7. These sites are not as secure as they should be, so you must use good password practices and never reuse your login information.

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