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Only Lads Review 2022: Gay singles seeking hookups online

Expert's Summary
Using the Only Lads site is extremely simple. Only male users are allowed, so gay folks can feel safe and at ease among like-minded personals seeking the same kind of stuff. There are no considerable flaws so the platform is considered good and trustworthy. The only difficulty for US singles is that most Only Lads users are from Europe or Canada and Australia. With its symbolical price, quick service, the absence of annoying ads and scams, Only Lads can be called a gay hookup site with big potential. It promises to develop even further.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Very affordable
Simple features
3+ mln. active members
Lesbian or trans not allowed
Lack of US users
Total Score
Only Lads Audio Review

Is Only Lads free

1 month Premium$12.95
1 month discounted$6.95

Only Lads often offers a discount to its new members. This way, the already inexpensive membership is getting even cheaper. It’s the best option for students and budget-wise folks.

It is noticed popular gay sites for youth are often inexpensive. Only Lads responds to this rule as well. With its affordable pricing, it shows once again its true commitment to unite gay singles.

What is Only Lads about

LGBT hookup sites are not your average flirting platforms. They are extremely important both on a social and deeply personal level. Gay is all about culture and a lifestyle.

It’s a big responsibility to do everything right and help like-minded people easily find each other. Gay culture is widely popularized now thanks to activists and many years of being in fashion.

Modern themed dating sites tend to neutralize the usual authentic style of gay atmosphere, making it lighter and more understandable for everyone. We all need something spicier in a bed.

Bi-curiosity comes for so many reasons such as being bored, exploring our own sensuality, trying to get a better excitement with a partner who isn’t sufficient, or healing our past impressions.

Finally, it can be just another destination on your way to pleasure as a couple or your preferred turn-on as a single. Gay threesomes can be arranged on Only Lads too.

Is Only Lads for gay first-timers

For now, you can enjoy it to the fullest without restrictions than those set by the two of you. Thanks to a lighter style and atmosphere, Gay can become a part of everyone’s daily life.

It pursues lots of respect and approval. We are all different yet awesome. Our bodies and minds hide so many secret nuances able to bring us the maximum of pleasure.

We are here to discover, reveal, and share those nuances with others. Gay dating demonstrates our differences and our gender nuances or turn-ons in the best way.

Gay hookup sites like Only Lads are always about creating a community by interests where everyone is accepted and cherished. Our deepest sexual desires have nothing in common with our social role.

So why not dive into the LGBTQ+ world right now, with the utmost effect and fun. Modern sites include all options and features for meeting new people exactly by your fetish or specialty.

What is the hotness rate on Only Lads

Normally, American gay men would consider both the physical parameters of a casual partner and his open-mindedness in sex, without being obsessed with great and fancy looks.

But Australian or British men may have fewer opportunities to date stunningly hot guys in their homeland. It is typical for Aussie folks to have a lot of tattoos but forget the bodywork.

Moreover, the transgender thing went viral in Australia nowadays. And those pretty self-made girls who were born boys, consider affairs and relationships on a commercial basis only.

European men seem luckier. Some of them come from countries with very masculine looks and behavior types, such as Germany and Sweden. Others are androgynous but super trendy.

Finally, some come from countries with naturally handsome clubs, such as Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia. Many relocated to the US so it’s totally realistic to meet them on Only Lads.

What is Nearby feature on Only Lads

This site belongs to location-based platforms for quick mates finding. The Nearby tool helps to see which members exactly are situated somewhere around and may seek your company.

With such a brief name and very simple in use, it responds to all other features although there are just a few of them. The style of Only Lads is laconic in general, but the site is resourceful, still.

Local hookups are especially desirable for gay folks. It concerns both their traveling and partying in their home city. It’s just convenient to find like-minded or simply bi-curious buddies around.

Users’ location can either be detected manually or automatically. Only Lads isn’t the strongest location-based platform, but it is decent and well-serving.

With only male members present, one can be sure he’ll meet smb easily and quickly using the Nearby tool. Most casual and LTR matches formed exactly this way.

Are there ladyboys on Only Lads

By statistics, every man in the world has dreamed of an Asian ladyboy hottie at least once. It could be an Asian bisexual model, or a hot Asian ladyboy, or both in one person, but it’s a fact.

40% of men are attracted to the Asian type of appearance too finding it very sexy. That’s probably why Asian hookup sites are so incredibly popular worldwide.

Some use them to guarantee an adventure before leaving for a trip, others are interested in expressing their erotic fantasies in a sex chat. Both options are available on Only Lads.

Ladyboys just need to sign up as a male and look rather androgynous since that’s a niche of this site. There are plenty of trans escort and hookup apps if one identifies differently.

Just in case you wonder, Asian ladyboys come either from poor countries or from very rich metropolises/families. In both cases, they aren’t after your money, and Only Lads admins make sure of that.

Such an experience provides you with the best sex you ever had. This factor is also closely connected with the Asian mentality. They know how to play innocent and childish in public but not in a bed.

How do I find a bottom guy on Only Lads

Some gay folks enjoy pleasing their partner a lot, and they are easily recognizable. Even with a little experience, you can detect them and find a perfect match without wasting your time.

Determined cubs can be turned on quickly, they are eager to meet immediately, they have almost nothing on them when you video chat, their eyes are sparkling, and their lips look kissable.

These and many other signs may signalize that he needs no foreplay, all he needs is your dominant male attention and your complete satisfaction. Isn’t it kind of cool?

If the biggest worth of Asian ladyboys is their submissive behavior in a bed, then the most valuable trait of European and western gay folks is their awesome initiative.

They don’t mind making the first step, and then the second one. Also, they don’t mind being on the top or lead the love game tonight if you prefer so. And they switch the roles so naturally.

On the opposite to quickies, refined and demanded sex gourmets would use even the most average platform for establishing a very exclusive relationship and arranging very special gay affairs.

So, meet the brightest personalities on Only Lads and make your time together unforgettable, filling all your spare time with sexy adventures. Be sure the bottom guys would indicate that in their bio.

What are sites like Only Lads

There are plenty of dating and hookup sites for gay singles with a great reputation and mostly positive reviews. Those are GROWLr, Gaydar, Zoosk, Grindr, and others.

It would be fair to mention most of those platforms strive to be extremely trendy and to resemble large social networks. They are equipped with blogs, forums, and extra features.

While Only Lads is very simple with only a few options to use. It isn’t obligatory bad though. It is optimal for busy people or older singles not willing to go much into details with the site.

Easy chatting, quickly accessed gay personals in a chosen area, and a super intuitive interface differ Only Lads from similar casual sex sources. Make sure it suits you too.

Doesn’t matter how many alternatives one finds in the dating market, having the simplest app or site at hand always help. It never takes too much time to adapt to it and enjoy fully.


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