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Oasis Dating Review: Easy hookups with US singles in your hometown

Expert's Summary
One should know that Oasis Dating has been changing its official name several times. It used to be Oasis Active, and today it's Helium Dating. Nonetheless, it is called by everyone Oasis as it went famous exactly under this title. Youngsters adore it for being free and user-friendly. Although only 500K members are from the US, it seems to be enough for easy friendships with benefits in any city or state. Lots of users are from the UK. Seventy percent of users are under 35, and many are legal teens. Young singles enjoy the concept of sex-positivity and quick casual affairs in their area.
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How much is Oasis Dating

Oasis Dating is free, and there are no special conditions. A few extra perks for picky users can be paid separately, and their cost is being updated.

As to messaging, matching, manual search, or sending ice-breakers, no one is limited on Oasis. It all comes at no cost, which perfectly suits young folks.

What is My Maybes on Oasis Dating

It is normal for young singles and especially girls to have doubts and postpone their final decisions. My Maybes list shows users who you didn’t like or dislike.

You kind of keep them on the waiting list with the possibility to change your mind. It can be due to your other hookups, or due to your current mood.

Such unique features are especially surprising on free dating sites like Oasis. Meet as many singles as you like, and modify your choices.

Three beautiful young women modeling black lingerie wearing black lacy bras looking off to the side of the frame with charming smiles

My Maybes helps you to stay flexible and be more selective toward your casual mates. Take some time to get to know another person.

Reportedly, users under 25 appreciate this option a lot and use it regularly. The My Maybes list can be even longer than My Likes list.

Can I hook up on Oasis Dating

You can use advanced search sorting out the profiles by age, country, height, etc. The site isn’t responsible for your meetings in reality though.

But the percentage of real meetings that took place, is pretty high. The majority of men admit they were able to find at least a few sincere girls.

Moreover, even to meet some of them. The luckiest men managed to see the girls on conditions of sharing the costs. So, Oasis isn’t for sugar babies.

Fashion portrait of gorgeous blond woman with natural make up resting on sunny beach. Holidays mood

Real singles are giving us many signs they’re real. They include casual photos into their profiles, share simple daily details about themselves.

Also, they ask a man natural questions full of sincere interest. If a girl looks like a model, even the most provocative one, it doesn’t mean she minds her profit only.

Many just like to attract guys’ attention this way, and have more hookup meetings.

Are girls legit on Oasis Dating

A genuine person is free for chatting on evenings or weekends since she doesn’t spend her spare time with other admirers.

So, she is single indeed. Always pay your attention what her schedule is. They just share their personal info in a friendly way.

In other words, Oasis Dating is a modern and legit site with great features and possibilities. It offers a big number of verified profiles.

Beautiful sexy lady in elegant white robe. Close up fashion portrait of model indoors. Beauty blonde woman. Attractive female body in lace

So, all beautiful girls are real and sit’s easy to check. Model-looking young students, workers, single moms, all categories are waiting for their match.

Chatting online will make your search quick & efficient. Successful daters know how to show to each hot woman she matters the most.

With such an attitude, he will conquer real single girls on Oasis Dating without any difficulty.

Is Oasis Dating any good

There are no limits to perfection. Once you got focused on one sexy girl, you suddenly think other girls are younger, prettier, more sportive.

Even, better provided, so you can share the costs. But a real person is someone who waits for your calls and messages, asks you about your well-being.

Also, sends you new photos often, plans your visits and trips with zest and eagerness. Mutual effort is a key ingredient for any affair, including real singles hookups.

Young sexy woman in black luxury lingerie lying on sofa. Beautiful female model posing on camera in underwear, attractive girl in erotic clothes

So it all depends whether you want a home girl with strong principles or a sexy lover. When you decide for sure what you prefer, you can find best strategies. 

If you want an open-minded and wild lover without any taboos, choose women on Oasis Dating who present themselves brightly and bravely. 

How to get laid on Oasis Dating

If you want your wild sexy lover to be decent and qualitative, meet urban girls on Oasis who are well-educated. They are sex-positive because they are smart.  

The best is to hook up women who are yoga teachers, fitness instructors, professional coaches, as they are self-confident, imaginative, and express their sensuality freely. 

Some may even teach other girls how to be multi-orgasmic, sexually fit, experiment with their partner, and stuff like that. Thus, you will get laid with a pro.

A beautiful young half-naked woman in sexy lace black panties lies on a bed in a bedroom.

Lots of men don’t even dare to hook up online, fearing it’s too hard or time-consuming. But it’s easy and joyful, if not to make typical mistakes of inexperienced folks. 

If a girl on Oasis Dating has already shown to you she is a real person willing to meet, keep on expressing your appreciation. Show her she’s hotter than others.

What to expect on Oasis Dating

Every day, singles of the world find casual sex mates on the Internet. Some meetings bring pleasant bonuses like admiration, respect, tasty meal, little souvenirs. 

At times, experts have to admit that hookuping online can be destructive, when a person doesn’t get much, nor even the physical satisfaction.

It’s just a social habit of nowadays, to have casual affairs. On another hand, people who experience financial difficulties and solve them with the help of hookups, benefit more.

Hot woman in the office

They know for sure why they put so much effort and tolerate the flaws. For example, do you try your best to look attractive and sexy when you go out with a new person?

You do wear fancier kinds of outfit and accessories than when you go out alone. All is included into the list, a perfume, thorough shaving or waxing.

Often, some very special lingerie, makeup with a professional highlighter, sexy hairstyle, manicure. That’s a lot to do. And Oasis Dating girls manage that.

Are there hot women on Oasis Dating

It’s well-known that model-looking girls are in a higher demand, and can easily attract anyone. These stereotypes of beauty aren’t dictated by fashion, but by our instincts. 

Being slim is healthier than being fat, and having a flawless skin is a biological sign of good health too. Another thing is that some guys prefer a non-standard beauty.

Caucasian blonde girl posing in blue lingerie lying on the bed. Fashion portrait of model indoors.

Modern girls prefer to enjoy brand-new items, luxurious trips, dining out, and SPAs. It looks more like the elements of courtship, even if it’s just a one-night-stand.

First of all, sexual preferences of you two should be discussed in advance. Develop your open-mindedness and a straightforward manner of talking with girls. 

You can list your taboos, explain your insecurities, even ask for a sex tip, but none of you should cross the line you are setting up prior to the real-time intimacy.

How to seduce any girl on Oasis Dating

if you want to increase your romantic and sex level considerably, do not be lazy. You should exercise your brain and character as well, not just your body. 

The best combination that is always highly wanted, is a sportive appearance and teasing, yet a harmless approach. Your target shouldn’t feel any pressure. 

portrait of beautiful caucasian sunbathed woman model with dark long hair lying on summer beach with white sand

Creating the most peaceful, relaxing, and exciting atmosphere is an art. Just like in ancient times, a person wants to forget about any worries in lover’s skillful hands

Massaging her in a bubble bath, or becoming as submissive as one can, to let a girl express their passion wildly, these are two of many options for earning extra points.

If you know for sure how to stay easy-going in any situation, giving, compromising, then your reward will be huge.

What is Shoutouts on Oasis Dating

Shoutouts is one of a few paid features and it’s in fact sending mass introductory messages. One can pick out from the text patterns and click send.

Each Shoutout goes to 1K of opposite-sex members who match your criteria. So, it’s a powerful tool once you want to attract girls’ attention.

There are other ice-breakers and matching tools, but they are free. If you need to use Shoutouts, try to improve your bio first.

Sexy dreaming. Sexy young woman with long blond hair in black bra holding hand on her face while standing against window at home

If your profile is bright and original enough, you may survive without paid options at all. The interaction on Oasis is active enough.

It’s hard to remain without any interest from women’s side. They seem really hungry and react instantly once you raise the profile quality.


  1. While it’s important to stay safe, you should also remember to respect your partner’s privacy.

  2. Single individuals looking for a relationship often use a web application to find a potential partner.

  3. Typically, the apps will match users who share similar interests and are attracted to one another.

  4. By being honest with yourself, you can be sure that a person who matches your criteria will enjoy the process.

  5. And if you’re not confident enough to meet someone in person, you can always try online dating for fun.

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