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Nudist Friends Review: Finding like-minded friends with benefits

Expert's Summary
Hookups online for kinky singles and beach lovers are very convenient on this great niche site. One can find both casual partners and a long-term mate here, without any complications. Adult blogs and experts’ tips are a good bonus to modern features and concepts. Do not waste your time alone, spend it with these gorgeous hot women of different nationalities. Note though, that Nudist Friends doesn’t welcome or allow explicit content. Its main idea is respecting each other’s choices in nudity, instead of just getting naked on demand.
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Members Quality
Free of explicit content
No ads
Suitable for serious dating
A bit overpriced
Poor design
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Is Nudist Friends free

1 month$29.95
3 months$59.95
6 months$95.95

The Nudist Friends site cannot be used for free. Also, it is somewhat overpriced. But the price goes fairer if to purchase a 3- or 6-months pack.

What is adult lifestyle on Nudist Friends

Since progressive girls in the West are modern and well-provided, other sex strategies should be applied to them than to Russian women or singles in Asia. They do have another mentality.

There are hookups for free while monogamous relationships should be earned by like-minded views. Otherwise, open-minded and sex-positive women do not tend to date one man only.

If a guy greatly contributes to a common budget and remains sincere when rejecting any jealousy, he might earn the LTR with a Nudist female.

But, it happens more often that a foreign man who dates a western woman prefers to have open views too, and enjoy all kinds of fun together, along with partying and traveling.

If you want to hook up with a Nudist, it’s easy to do thanks to a huge number of themed clubs. Some are niche, so singles can join BDSM games, swinger, or threesome scenarios.

LGBTQ members also feel free and appreciated on Nudist Friends, as there are many cultural events for them. It’s really a site of many interests where any activity can be enjoyed.

Is Nudist Friends for sex-positive singles

Modern hookup sites offer more kinds of affairs than we can imagine. It’s not just a traditional romantic interaction anymore like in the early era of online dating.

Today, one can meet a same-sex partner, an interracial mate, a submissive or dominating lover, and it’s just a little part of all kinds. There’s no need to try them all, of course.

But there are always some singles who want to collect their sexy impressions and experience the maximum of options. For these wonderers, Nudist Friends was created.

Closeup summer photo of sunbathed sandy woman buttocks lying on summer beach with white sand. Top view

The first principle is, never chase quantity over quality. You won’t like the results if you do so. Care about trustworthy singles and qualitative hookups or long-term interactions.

Chat a bit longer than your impatience dictates, analyze a person’s profile, think twice before meeting a particular one, arrange your hookup date in a wise way, in verified places.

Do not forget that most people you chat with, have their own demands too, they want a trustworthy person. Try your best to prove your reliability, even if it’s about hookups.

How do I get laid on Nudist Friends

Better do not demonstrate your playboy lifestyle much. Even singles who are professionals in adult dating, usually follow one line only and reduce the number of casual partners.

If you manifest your open-mindedness a lot, you may become less popular or encounter a negative reaction of some jealous gal. So, collect your hookups quietly, and be respectful.

Pretty faces and curvy figures, clear intentions, flirtatious attitude are typical on NF. Thousands of hot girls are available for chatting and correspondence, meetings and hookups.

An adult dating blog on the platform additionally raises one’s chances to make the right choice. Passionate females from all the world are embracing the idea of meeting a sexy guy.

So, find things in common plus to being comforted by nudity. There are plenty of topics to discuss if you really want to impress an open-minded chick on Nudist Friends.

Is Nudist Friends for travel dating

It’s in fashion to search for a mate for traveling, but there are not enough tutorials on doing that and ways to treat the personalities you have found. Nudist Friends covers it all.

It’s important to make sure you like your travel mate enough for spending time together. During the trip, you are kind of isolated with each other, so the chemistry should be strong.

Young beautiful sexy female model in black bikini standing in sea water near huge rock

For this, spend nights together in your natural environment first. Listen how a girl talks, watch her body language, mimics, habits, and try to predict whether she would annoy you soon.

Finances are an important part of any trip. Measure carefully whether you would accept to be a sugar daddy for smb and cover her travel expenses, or you want an independent mate only.

Both options are available on Nudist Friends, you just need to list your requirements in the profile in advance, and discuss that directly with a potential mate.

How do I succeed with girls on Nudist Friends

When we first try hookups online, we barely imagine whom exactly we want to meet and what to expect. It causes connections we don’t really need and even some disappointments.

Later on, we gain some experience and make a wish list of a future partner’s or casual lover’s qualities. Did you ever compose such a list? It really works and brings wonderful results.

But there’s a more important question, how to make our perfect mate stay when we already found them? Not everyone knows how to do that, so, all our effort can be in vain.

Hookup experts prevent singles from such a loss and share effective pickup strategies in advance. Then one can develop them and add some tricks from himself.

Do not underestimate the importance of friendship. The typical FWB is most probably about adult dating since a girl needs to be your buddy for efficient sex cooperation.

If you want a spicy experience with a Thai female masseuse or some French swinger couple, your new mate should be open to that. Always prefer a discussion to surprises.


  1. You can complete your profile, take personality tests, and other paid features to find the right partner.

  2. One study revealed that 55% of people who date online have experienced a problem or a security issue.

  3. Some states have the highest divorce rate in the world, but you should take your time to find the right woman.

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