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NaughtyDate Review – Meeting hot singles for sex in your area

Expert's Summary
NaughtyDate became an eye-opener for many showing how much we progressed in sex-positive thinking and hookup culture. The point is that we can get many matches on NaughtyDate. Each time we swipe right on smb and they swipe right back on us, bingo, we’re matched. Some of those singles we meet in real for sex or friendships with benefits. While others are just raising our self-esteem and cheering us up with their attention. Note that NaughtyDate encourages everyone to look like a top model which also motivates others. The matches list section is easily seen even to free members. It is on the left and can be managed. If some memorable matches of yours have disappeared from there, they might leave the site. Chatting with hot singles who swiped right on you, is very reassuring. It’s our guarantee for great local hookups and successful adult dating in the location we choose.
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Members Quality
Easy to use
Many European users
Real hookups
Lack of female members
Some inactive profiles
High price
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How much is NaughtyDate

1 month Premium$39.00
3 months Premium$65.70
6 months Premium$106.20

The NaughtyDate is somewhat overpriced, but there are free and inexpensive trials. It has a typical price of adult sites, although there’s no explicit content.

Also, the system gives you extra credits spent on chats and video chats. In case you do not use them, they expire in 120 days after signing up.

Is NaughtyDate safe

Surprisingly, NaughtyDate is pretty strict when it comes to safety measures. They do not accept underage members or someone with obviously stolen photos.

Group pictures aren’t allowed either, as well as mentioning or depicting drugs use, any kind of violence, or death. Scam is quickly reported and restricted.

Although the registration is quick on NaughtyDate, there are several verification ways. The team is lightly reviewing the new profiles, to weed away the fraud.

Among other adult dating sites, this one is definitely considered safe and well-protected. One can trust his naughty wishes to it without any fear.

What are best pickup lines on NaughtyDate

Since there are several million members on NaughtyDate, the competition is big. If a girl is hot, you can almost be sure she is swiped right by thousands of guys.

To attract her attention and win over, say smth original and avoid common phrases like, hi how r u. Slang isn’t welcomed, so at least copy-paste longer sentences.

Those can be personalized compliments, jokes, short stories of your day. Like, I just finished my laundry but need a cold shower after your sexy photos!

On dating sites, single girls like to feel special. On NaughtyDate, they know you’re approaching dozens of other chicks too. But if you do not mention others, your chances grow.

Portrait of beautiful young woman on the grey background.

Can I date my NaughtyDate hookup

Girls on NaughtyDate are just too sexy and amiable. So, no one is guaranteed against having a crush on smb, even if his initial purpose was hooking up. Find out what to do.

The chance is there only if interest is mutual. If a girl doesn’t ghost on you even after the hookup, keeps on texting and sexting, then it’s really a green light.

Weight whether it has perspectives though. There are still too many options for quick sex on NaughtyDate both for you and for a girl you talk to. Do not raise big hopes.

Modern singles prefer to keep it light and no strings attached even when the feelings are there. Have a few hookup dates and nights out with a person to see and check.

Otherwise, do not ignore other alternatives, especially if the two of you are open-minded and threesome- or swinger-friendly. It can be strong proof that things will work fine.

Who is NaughtyDate for

NaughtyDate is reportedly used by singles of 25-34 y.o. Male members severely prevail, like it often happens on sex apps and adult sites.

It is surely used for casual meetings, and at least half of online encounters end in bed. Online flirting and virtual sex are also among the purposes.

Although erotic and frank, the site doesn’t welcome or allow extremely explicit photos and videos. One should search for this kind of content elsewhere.

NaughtyDate is swinger-friendly but isn’t exactly dedicated to this niche. The same comes to LGBTQ+, BDSM, and a darker fetish scene.

The site isn’t for teens but can be for mature singles and MILF hookups. Seniors are considered a sensitive audience when it comes to adult stuff.

Portrait of a smiling young woman using mobile phone while leaned on the stairs outdoors.

What are the icebreakers on NaughtyDate

This adult site suggests quite classical icebreakers such as sending flirts and getting the views notifications. One can add Friends and see their updates.

Once you review the Feed and thumb up on posted photos or mood statuses, you get noticed and contacted more.

There are Winks and Flirtcasts sent manually, so one can be sure a person liked him indeed and it’s not automatic.

Although there are no very special features on NaughtyDate, these basic icebreakers are sufficient to start a conversation online.

Is NaughtyDate any good

Some millennials still think NaughtyDate is too shallow and hookup-focused vs dating sites. This philosophy especially affects teens, who only want to look Instagrammable.

Prominent psychologists think NaughtyDate is ok, as long as a person is pursuing other interests and reflecting them in the bio. If your life position is pro-active, it’s fine.

The temptation is too big to copy the others when it comes to duck lips and Insta eyebrows or workout photos. Be trendy in clothes, but not in imitating someone.

Times are changing fast and escort listing sites are winning over the apps like NaughtyDate. It’s not out of line anymore to look provocative and show off on the pics.

Today, the NaughtyDate app is rather the icon of style and good taste. It is used by celebs and popular models, people get social with its help and find new circles for partying.

So, hookups are just a bonus to what one is getting when he uses NaughtyDate. And they are organized in a modern and decent way, specialists add.

Is it ok to use NaughtyDate

Times are changing very fast, and NaughtyDate responds to those changes. Maybe in the 2000s, partners were hiding from each other their real desires and casual affairs.

But in the 2020s, the tendency has appeared to share casual partners with each other or at least discuss them openly. This tendency only grows and strengthens today, in 2022 and further.

Dating experts admit hookup sites for swingers and threesomes are more popular today than hookup sites for secretive cheating of married people.

It can happen that a wife is aware that her husband might have other affairs but has no wish to go into details, for the sake of their relationship. Or, she is often away for business.

It’s well-noticed that good adult dating sites should have elementary preventive measures such as the Panic button, anonymity of profile data and photos, or strong scam filters.

If most of this is absent, it only means the site is created for non-secretive and actually non-married people who don’t have any reason to care about their reputation.

NaughtyDate isn’t judgemental and allows everyone to be himself, regardless of sexual activities or non-realized wishes. Just flirt online, share fantasies, and make them real.

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