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Muzmatch Review 2021 – Muslim hookups in a modern way

Expert's Summary
Muzmatch is a popular Muslim dating app with almost 1 million single Muslims in its base. It is mostly used within the UK and the USA. It’s medium-priced comparing to similar apps. Most female members report they were contacted by hookup seekers only, while male users complain women are hiding their profiles as private. Still, casual affairs are possible. It could be a breakthrough in conservative Muslim culture if not the lack of features and weak customer support. For now, Muzmatch keeps on developing and promises to serve better.
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Strong verification
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Poor location feature
Many hidden profiles
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Muzmatch Audio Review

What is Muzmatch app

Muzmatch is the first Muslim casual dating app that strives to pursue open-minded thinking among its members. Two founders of rather young age with cosmopolitan views are on duty.

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Plus to the purpose of marriage which is unavoidable on Muslim apps, this platform serves international hookups, travel dating, and mutually respectful local one-night-stands.

Is Muzmatch free

1 week Premium$4.88

None Muslim dating app is free, and it’s a fact. This category’s mentality is closer to elite dating, with the high standards and ability to earn well. The app pricing went up last years.

It is paid weekly not monthly, but at the end, it makes 20+ bucks a month, up to 50 because of extra credits’ purchase. Credits are needed for all extra services and unlimited messaging.

It’s up to each user whether to pay that high for Muzmatch services, but keep in mind it’s one of a few unique and rare opportunities to get laid within a strict Muslim culture.

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A good thing is that 7 days Premium can be given for free if you invite your buddy to join as well, using your personal referral code. And it’s kind of easy to get your single friend interested.

Is Muzmatch safe

Most experts call Muzmatch a safe platform, except for its bugs and glitches. It’s a no coincidence that main founder of the app is a former bank worker who knows all about security.

Plus to technical safety, it provides the option of hiding the profile and making it private. It’s convenient for female users who want to stay discreet for hookups and fiancee seeking.

How good is Muzmatch

The answer depends on what you expect to find there. Muslim women tend to seek financially stable lovers and life partners, but male members on Muzmatch aren’t so, mostly.

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Reportedly, around 20K out of 1 mln. members have already found a match on the app for further marriage. The rest 80K are certainly after casual stuff, and responses are good.

With this great app, there’s no more need to study the dos and donts of fb sex. All is found easily and decently with mutual wish and commitment.

Iz Muzmatch halal

The developers claim, it is. Let’s start by admitting that some Muzmath users aren’t Muslim or Arab, they just admire this type. So it’s rather individual and depends on one’s own analysis.

How many swipes do you get on Muzmatch

Unlimited swipes one is getting once he upgrades to Premium. 100 free swipes are given to all new members as a bonus. All next swipes cost extra credits, bought separately.

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How long does Muzmatch take to approve

Remember what it is said about typically Muslim attitude towards the high quality. Add to that a famous impatience of Arab people. Muzmatch profiles are approved within 24 hours.

It makes the app completely different from most platforms that keep singles waiting from 3-5 days to a month, if to talk about VIP elite dating. Approval on Muzmatch is real fast.

How can you tell if someone is online on Muzmatch

It’s impossible since Muzmatch cares a lot about the users’ privacy, especially females. You can check whether your message is read though. It stays grey if it’s not.

And it gains yellowish color if it is. There are no other ways to check when or whether a person has been online. There’s no green online icon in the profile or messenger either.

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What do you say on Muzmatch

Muslim females have higher standards than most western ones. They do not like to be approached easily, and require at least a minimal empathy from a guy, even if it’s all casual.

So, do not use typical pickup lines like hi how are you, when are you free to meet, etc. Better ask politely what made her swipe right on you, or what she values in a guy’s personality.

It’s understood she is going to say some common words only, but you’ll gain extra points for your politeness. Talk a bit longer before you go straight to the point and ask her out.

How long does Muzmatch take to delete

Upon the profile removal request, it is processed within 24 hours. As to the personal info like photos, bio, contact data, it is being permanently deleted only within 3 years.

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It may seem to be too long or weird, but in fact, it gives each user an opportunity to restore the profile back once they change their mind. The info is never shown or given to third parties.

How do you match on Muzmatch

Like on most hookup apps, Muzmatch suggests you other singles just basing on the location. When you thumb up on each other or swipe right, the match is made and you can start chating.

Taking that geolocation feature is reportedly weak and glitchy on Muzmatch, you are rather getting random profile suggestions. Which isn’t bad if you’re ok to travel and meet.

What happens when you block someone on Muzmatch

It’s easy to blacklist someone on Muzmatch, since the team works a lot on protecting the users. Female members can be sure to get rid of suspicious followers who chase them.

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Once the user is blocked, he or she cannot see your profile, send you messages, or list you among the matches and contacts anymore. The blocking is quick and automatic.

What does Visited you mean on Muzmatch

If another user took a look at your profile, regardless of swiping on you or not, they are counted in the Visited you list. It gives you extra opportunities to contact new people and hookup.

Why do chats disappear on Muzmatch

If the chat history you had with someone suddenly disappears, it either means they deleted their account or blocked you. Muslim singles are known to be more cautious, so, take it lightly.

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