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Minichat Review – International hookups and dating young singles

Expert's Summary
Minichat is a popular site for international dating that has been meant to serve marriage seekers. While in fact, it's often a tool for NSA chatting with singles who aren't even in your area for meetings. Yet, it's suitable for travel dating and hookups, new friendships, or naughty chatting. Minichat welcomes all ages and it's quickly seen on its main page or in the photo gallery.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Large member base
Easy to use
Translation to 25+ languages
Messaging is paid
Profiles aren't of high quality
Total Score

Is Minichat free

1 week$11.99
1 month$29.99
3 months$49.99

Unfortunately, Minichat isn’t free. Non-members can take a look, but chatting requires Premium.

The price is average in the dating market. No extra credits are needed to purchase for using the app.

What is Minichat about

Minichat is active and popular enough to be compared to such leaders as eHarmony.

The experted research shows, their statistics of joining and success are approximately similar.

With over 1.5 members from the USA and 1 more million worldwide, Minichat can be considered a good site.

The variety of options allows finding a match quickly in any country or city, including smaller towns.

Minichat hot young woman with sexy hair

The bad thing is that male members severely prevail, there is 70 percent of them in the database.

On another hand, girls are much more active with the chat initiating and video uploads.

Female members are mostly in their mid-20s while male members are in their 30s. Other age groups are presented too.

How do I sign up on Minichat

The dating site starts from its entrance, the registration field. It matters a lot how this part is organized and whether it’s comfy.

Signing up is simple on Minichat. One needs to start by creating his username, which is typical for many sites.

It is used instead of the real name and creates a fun and amusing atmosphere attracting tons of singles.

Minichat sexy woman in unbuttoned shirt and black bra

The gender is indicated along with the desired match’s, and an email address is needed for the user’s verification.

Then, at least one profile photo should be uploaded for activating the profile. The password is created automatically.

The profile photo isn’t pre-moderated much, it can be a low-quality selfie or even some naughty stuff.

Why use Minichat

Some think only real girls ready to meet, should be in the member base. Others just want some qualitative online relaxation.

Most importantly, without any judgment, so professional models serve ok. There are a few of them on Minichat.

They know how to present themselves, how to please a man, and how to keep it bright until the happy ending.

Minichat MILF woman for sex and LTR

That’s why it is rather an advantage on top dating sites. Otherwise, there are plenty of genuine girls seeking LTR.

The primary idea of the site was a marital search. But not all modern platforms can keep this honorable role.

Minichat became a partially hookup app as well since the main condition for joining is the ability to pay.

Is Minichat any good

Minichat certainly meets the users’ needs and shows its commitment to developing further.

These two factors are sufficient for rating it high and recommending it to the others, experts think.

Minichat young woman for NSA affairs

Sometimes, it acts beyond the ethics and unites single users despite their age, gender, or marital status.

Yet, it does this in a non-vulgar way and makes sure the quality is ok. It especially comes to foreign chicks.

It involves a lot of work from providing technical safety to quick customer support and anti-spam filtering.

What are the cons of Minichat

The site doesn’t restrict or stress its members much, only fair conditions are set for their convenience.

All they do is make sure a person is real, non-commercial-minded, non-offensive, and non-aggressive.

While the rest is allowed, including seductive photos and somewhat erotic behavior in video chats.

Minichat hookup blonde woman riding red car

In fact, Minichat does good work and offers all possible tools for the utmost success, as the elite dating site would do.

It’s easy to see then why it grew widely used, even with certain flaws such as the smaller number of female members.

Can I get laid on Minichat

To see whether Minichat is satisfying for users, we should realize what exactly modern singles expect from hookup sites.

Modern is a keyword in contemporary dating. Hookup platforms are expected to be trendier and more innovative.

Why? Because we socialize and have fun while hookuping, it’s that simple and natural for young folks.

Minichat teen lady in bed

Everything should be entertaining, from the signing up process to the real meeting in person arranged there.

Bright design, multiple features for online games, and tests are usually aimed to attract young singles.

All these factors are present on Minichat. So yes, one can get laid if he pretends he is serious.

Is there a dating blog on Minichat

Having new casual partners each weekend sounds awesome, and most singles choose this lifestyle for brighter impressions.

But how not fail in our online search, and are there any pitfalls? Adult dating experts warn such important nuances exist.

Knowing about them defines our success. Minichat does provide a mini-blog as well, covering these topics.

Minichat teen girl a friend with benefits online

If your aim is to grow really popular and place a top position in online hookups, get some useful tips.

Modern people are taught to grow more self-confident in their businesses and careers.

But we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of dignity and inner strength in casual affairs either.

How to attract girls on Minichat

You have probably noticed that long sentences and flattering are only used on serious dating sites.

While for hookups online, it’s enough to say hello and suggest the coordinates of the meeting.

Western girls and all other single women in the world do not expect compliments on casual sex platforms.

Minichat girl looking seductive

It is considered typical only for Eastern admirers. But why avoid nice words if a chick looks gorgeous and deserves them?

If you add some personalized comment based on her profile photos or self-description, she’ll be surprised even more.

Well, surprising a girl leads to seducing her, so do not miss this best chance to hook up on Minichat.


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