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MenChats Review: Gay adult dating and male webcam models

Expert's Summary
Since 2003, MenChats is serving those interested in virtual sex with gorgeous gay models and real casual affairs. It is indeed created for LGBT Millenials and in fact, for all age groups. 80 percent of members are male, while 20 percent are reported Lesbians. Such a male-focused environment is attractive for most gay singles and bi-curious folks. It works as a full-fledged LGBT social network too. Users are describing their hobbies and talents, sharing achievements in professional life. So, the site helps them find FWB and gay matches. Many are model-looking and some are local or former celebs. After getting used to a lot of attention and admiration, sexy males are finally able to receive it on MenChats from future lovers. We estimate the site pretty high as it plays an important role in helping gay buddies survive and keeping them in tune with the world. Most personals are real and impatient to meet in person.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Totally free
7+ mln. members
Many young cubs
A bit spammy
Not for serious encounters
Total Score
MenChats Audio Review

Is MenChats free

Yes, MenChats is completely free for all members. It’s kind of amazing, taking into account that so many attractive male webcam models are always there for you.

On another hand, some of them may have a commercial interest and simply chase new sex clients. While others are gay sugar babies or your equals seeking fair hookups.

As to the escorts, although they sign up under this category, many perform a boyfriend experience and seek long-term gay sugar daddies. For many, it’s just a temporary role.

It doesn’t affect the quality of their services, lots of MenChats personals are called diligent in users’ reviews. And at least a part of them are escort models who serve the best and charge high.

In each particular case, do not be too direct and forward while ordering their services. Read carefully about their dos and don’ts, explain yours in the first messages, then set up an appointment.

Is it ok to use MenChats

MenChats is rather a gay social network where friends with benefits can be found. Male models may be rewarded for that or not, depending on their conditions and situation.

But the site indeed plays an important role in fighting the sexual minorities’ loneliness and the lack of self-expression. It allows to create bigger social circles and strengthen them.

There was a similar gay model site that is down now, RentBoys. There were some issues with too young models and providers, as well as the organized chains of escort agencies.

There isn’t such a thing on MenChats. The majority of webcam models and escorts are adult and independent. The site is still up, available from anywhere, which proves it’s legit.

Sites like MenChats are helping hookup seekers and models to realize their sexual dos and don’ts better, to share their real selves with others. It’s up to each person whether to choose to use it.

How do I sign up on MenChats

Signing up is issued via GayMeeting which is also listed high-rated on the Internet. Gay couples can also sign up, there is a special field for that while registering.

If you just want to take a look or keep anonymous, it is possible to enter as a guest. Even for full-fledged members, only basic info is needed, which simplifies the process.

If you are driven not just by curiosity, however, it’s better to log in as a member. Then your conversations and search results will be saved and not erased like in the guest case.

A couple can search for a single or for another couple. The same comes to singles. Female members do not have access to the chat, which ensures a 100 percent gay-friendly environment.

Everything one needs to indicate is his birth date, email, and current or preferred location. Persons under 18 won’t be approved. One also chooses a username, password, and confirms Captcha.

How to chat on MenChats

Chatting is easy and intuitive on MenChats. Moreover, anyone can chat for free there. Just choose between private and group chats, depending on your mood and current purpose.

Video chatting is also available, which is crucial for defining whether a person is real and for a quicker happy ending. One’s own chat room can be created, if there is some event discussion.

One can quickly contact any participant from his Contact list. Also, any active participant in the Chat room can be messaged with one click, either in the general or private chat.

The whispering option is always on, which is very convenient when some active group discussion takes place, and a few comments should be given privately. It’s the old good chat option.

On another hand, fake members and even bots can easily join the chat at times. Once you notice anything like that, report a person and they’ll be banned from the conversation.

What is profile quality on MenChats

Since this site is mostly meant for virtual sex and casual affairs, there are no strict requirements for users’ profiles. Only brief info can actually be added to the bio.

One can upload an avatar for free, and there are no concrete demands on how it should look. No wonder many people are choosing impersonal images and keep things discreet.

One can use the incognito status and set the Unavailable status when online, or vice-versa. These settings are responding to one’s introverted or extraverted mood and increase comfort.

Online cam models, for instance, do not need much self-advertisement in their profiles. They add a hot alluring photo and a few spicy lines, then keep on attracting with their videos.

Is MenChats for bisexual men too

Yes, MenChats totally welcomes all groups of men from strictly gay to bisexual, bi-curious, or trans. Bisexual models may serve even a heterosexual couple in real or virtually.

Bisexuality is considered very common in hookup culture and is associated with honesty. In the conservative society, people used to hide their many-sidedness in sex.

Well, it’s time to enjoy who you are on MenChats. All webcam guys and simple users are super welcoming and amiable, ready for any frank discussion, and show the maximum of support.

It makes the site a perfect place for youngsters and first-timers who aren’t sure when and how to have their primary experience. They can hook up safely there, and fully enjoy it.

Not to talk about gay escort personals who are totally welcoming towards newcomers and inexperienced folks. Bisexual men can feel safe and confident in their company.

Are there special features on MenChats

You’d be surprised but there are no special features on MenChats at all, aside from those ones described above. Only text chatting and video chatting, that’s it.

On another hand, if these simple features weren’t so effective, MenChats wouldn’t be loved that much. For now, the site rating is above average, which means users just don’t mind.

MenChatsLive its sister site, is equipped with the same tools. Its main specialty is gay webcam models too, who are giving all their attention to the site guests and members.

MenChats is more focused on real users though who may look less astonishing and professional, but their purpose is to meet ASAP for instant hookups.

Remember all participants of the group chat can block another participant. Use this button only when sure someone if fake or abusive. Be polite so other members won’t block you.

What is gay adult chatting on MenChats

For any gender or age group, it is crucial to have sufficient communication with like-minded people. It is even better if one can express himself in erotic meaning.

Today, gay men are suppressed way less than decades ago, and their feeling of loneliness is less stressful. Still, an active conversation like on MenChats plays a big positive role.

There are different types of communication on this site that you define by yourself. Webcam models are usually sweet or alpha masculine, somewhat narcissistic personals.

They’re after your attention and may either worship you or expect your worshipping. There is also another kind rather connected with friendships when folks exchange opinions on things.

Make sure you’re open-minded though as most topics might be connected with sex and kinks. Be friendly towards the couples who do not mind brave experimenting and soft swap.

Is MenChats safe

The reports are showing MenChats isn’t safe for all five stars, since anyone can join as a guest with quite different purposes. The site team rather expects users to be independent in that.

The safest way is not to communicate with anonymous guests at all, but rather with stable members who have their bio filled. Use your logic and common sense too.

A good thing is that suspicious accounts are quickly reported and blocked both in group chats and in private. A solid reason to block smb is him suddenly asking for the money transfer.

Verbal abuse is also among such reasons. But luckily, they take place pretty rarely on such a friendly and trustworthy platform as MenChats that is pursuing understanding and tolerance.

What is better MenChats or RentMen

It’s true both sites may have similar purposes, instant and/or commercial gay sex. But MenChats is for all other categories of hookup seekers as well, which often means free hookups.

Some webcam gay models on MenChat aren’t any lower in quality than hot RentMen celebs. The difference is that a part of them are after virtual sex only or meet for no cash.

RentMen is great for sex traveling and meeting gay mates in any city on your way, all is well-organized there for this purpose. MenChats is more for local hookups and online HE.

If you’re snobby about design, RentMen would suit you better. MenChats is only on its way to real naughty elegance. But if your choice is simplicity, then just enjoy and seek no more.


  1. While online dating does have its disadvantages, you can rest assured that there are countless ways in which it mimics the offline world.

  2. If you have met a woman through an online dating site and feel a connection with her, be sure to make a date.

  3. The rise of dating apps and websites has opened up more opportunities for people to meet new partners and make new friends.

  4. In short, the best way to start a conversation with a woman on an online dating site is to be open and honest about your intentions.

  5. The best hookup dating sites are ones that give you the flexibility to meet potential dates with minimum effort on your part.

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