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Mature Quality Singles Review 2022: Best hookups for older personals

Expert's Summary
If we take a look at the gallery of Mature Quality Singles, we’ll see exactly people of 30-35 y.o. approximately, of different social statuses. Mostly, those are cougar ladies, women with small own businesses, and the majority of them live in the USA. While male users are in their 40s and 50s. People in the West get married later than in European or Asian countries, and prefer to date without boundaries in between their career. So, we make a final conclusion that Mature Quality Singles as we see it today, is mostly meant for middle-aged personals indeed, who seek LTR or hookups online.
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Mature Quality Singles Audio Review

Is Mature Quality Singles free

Premium 1 month$23.99
Premium 6 months $83.94
Standard 6 months $71.94

Mature Quality Singles isn’t pricey, but its payment plans could be friendlier towards the older audience. It can be used for free as well, but with limited features only.

Is Mature Quality Singles the best for 40+

Although Mature Quality Singles did everything to keep things simple even for youngsters and seniors, including basic free usage, it just isn’t addressing these target audiences.

The youth prefers trendier sites with elements of social networks that would be obviously for hookups. While seniors prefer very classical, romantic platforms and not such minimalistic ones.

Reportedly, new users that remain satisfied with the quality and services of the platform, are usually around 30 and older.

At this age, people aren’t so often after hookups only. The majority of them aren’t looking for marriage as yet either though.

This age is suitable both for traditional dating and dining out as well as for pleasant flirting and fun online. Mature Quality Singles perfectly serves these needs.

mature woman calling on smartphone at a restaurant

What are special features on Mature Quality Singles

Most features that work well and are appreciated by the users are convenient for other age groups, such as 30 – 40 y.o. folks.

For instance, search by geolocation. This feature is actually always a sign of a hookup platform. People who look for a serious relationship, do not mind the distance.

While casual sex seekers are normally focused on the shorter run and prefer to find an adventure as closely as possible, to not spend extra time on such an unimportant thing.

Mature Quality Singles is in fact very fair in this regard. It suggests to its users to indicate the reason for their search directly in the profile, from the beginning.

Easy blocking of other users with just one click is also universal. This feature is especially important for women approached by virtual abusers.

On Mature Quality Singles, the matching tool is one of the strongest advantages called to provide users with what they needed, in a quick and effective way.

How do I use Mature Quality Singles

Connecting additional social accounts is convenient, but optional. Mature Quality Singles has a desktop version and a phone version, both are working equally well without problems.

There are many options for profile highlighting plus advanced search available. Users of any age may also appreciate various ice-breakers and fun smileys to attract one’s attention.

Mature Quality Singles is considered trustworthy. In total, it contains and offers over 5 million verified photos. Highlighting the profile is traditionally available for paid members.

Many are happy with the option of going invisible while browsing. Users also admit an easy and comfortable usage plus very detailed FAQ one can rarely find on other platforms.

In addition, we would mention a big number of success stories that can be found right on the site. Read them through and get inspired to use Mature Quality Singles with higher effect.

Is Mature Quality Singles any good

To remain among the leaders, the platform should offer something really unique and effective. Many giants compete for the older audience and Mature Quality Singles isn’t too pro-active.

It has great modern features, a big database part of which is inactive though. But let’s be realistic, the market of mature dating platforms is enormous nowadays.

Mature Quality Singles is a perfect hookup site for pre-millennials, but they became too picky and selective which is normal. They seem to be in a constant search of trendy designs.

The site may fail by all these parameters, although it’s already fresh and innovative enough for the platform created some years ago. They keep track but do not work on the improvements.

So to be honest, it is rather suitable for housewives who are just bored and want some flirt. Still, Mature Quality Singles is fun and pleasant to use, it may bring you new buddies.

And sometimes sex partners, too. Dating experts think it keeps its positions thanks to the special atmosphere it creates for users. Easy-going, amusing, adventurous, and amiable.

What are Mature Quality Singles pros and cons

The newest mature hookup sites have a lot to learn from Mature Quality Singles as they do not always get the customers’ needs. While this source seems to manage well.

It has been one of the first sites that invented the highlighted profiles. Its system of verification is also worthy of all kinds of appreciation as many platforms just don’t care.

Although the customer support is insufficient, they provide users’ safety and keep it stable throughout the process. It matters for senior singles, for instance.

Another positive fact is the absence of vulgar and naughty stuff. There aren’t frankly erotic or intimate photos, straightforward hints in the profiles, or escort workers.

No one’s sexual services are advertised and promoted on Mature Quality Singles. It keeps plain, modest, and amateur, even being fairly modern and open-minded about things.

A mature woman with night shirt sitting by the window in the morning

What is mature dating blog on MQS

Another option that makes it valuable, is the blog with many interesting and useful articles. We think a dating site or app with such a pleasant bonus as the blog, should be loved and rewarded.

Dating tips, safety tips, and other tips from the experts are provided. Mature Quality Singles also became one of the first platforms that turned into social networks for online dating.

The users can exchange their opinions and discuss things on the platform. It proves the site is really decent and legit.

At the same time, one’s personal data and technical characteristics of his device are carefully protected and remain invisible for a stranger’s eye.

Due to this, Mature Quality Singles seems quite nice and positive. Although one must be prepared to spend some money there and to find a match with a certain hesitation, still.

How to date a mature woman online

As you probably know, the most obvious trait of western women is their independence. If they cook and clean, it’s only because they want to. It’s much more typical for them to share.

They love to wear only the clothes that are comfortable, eat food that is yummy, drink plenty remaining quite sober, laugh out loud, and be imaginative or even dominating in a bed.

Most often, it’s not even a bed but some unusual place. Have you noticed that while dating an American mature? Also, they love the comfort and qualitative, easy-going life.

You must show that you correspond to that level of financial and psychological freedom. When there’s already a spark between you and her, discuss your fantasies freely.

She considers that a good sign. Let’s say, the sign of a healthy relationship. It’s also ok to rush and get closer quickly, most western matures do.

They are often hard-workers and busy bees, but they won’t talk much about their job. They know how to relax and enjoy a man’s company.

To get all the pros, talk about the simplest everyday things, plan a little vacation, massage her shoulders, exchange stories. Such things calm her down and provide some harmony.

Is Mature Quality Singles for cougar dating

The MQS is created for responsible and emotionally mature people. The context isn’t financial and one cannot find a sugar partner through this site, even if the age gap is big.

Although older singles might want to guide inexperienced ones on their career path, others expect youngsters to be independent. There are no upper restrictions for users’ age.

MQS is rather for intellectual folks as one needs to answer the question in an original way to attract other users’ attention. It’s very innovative and logical, as well as the quiz.

The site design also pictures young and mature ladies as extremely elegant, classy, and hot beings making them very competitive. Therefore, it definitely serves the needs of all age groups.

Although female members are obviously gorgeous, the motto of the site is, People are more than just a photo. It helps to fight many modern stereotypes such as chasing Barbies.

It isn’t a norm there perceiving others as objects, selfie-mania, enforcing to be sexual, skin-deep judgments, the lack of respect, or commercializing the physical looks of people.

Moreover, it helps to be original and creative in our standardized world where everyone is using the same kind of sites, taking the same kind of photos, and expresses the same demands.


    1. Her respondents, one -third of her, believe that disclosing their sexual history will lead to negative reactions, and 30 % reveals that she is a lesbian or bisexual, and then she specializes in medical care.

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