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Mate1 Review: Pros and cons of casual dating with naughty singles

Expert's Summary
Mate1 dating site is a contradictory platform that succeeded to grow popular, despite all its flaws and weird sides. For instance, it stopped serving Europeans since 2017 and got focused on single westerners only. In addition, female members aren't allowed to ever update their profiles. If there is some mistake or non-actual information, it just remains like that for years. Otherwise, Mate1 is safe, has a free trial for men, and plenty of useful features. Is searching tool is the most detailed, and one is signing up very quickly.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Free for females
31+ mln. members
Unique features
Poor design
Messaging is paid for men
Total Score

Is Mate1 free

1 month$29.95
6 months$69.90
12 months$139.80

This pricing is actual for male members only. Females use Mate1 for free. But it leads to some cons too, girls cannot enjoy some Premium features.

Otherwise, the site is totally affordable. Its monthly fee is considered medium in the dating market, and it sounds rather fair.

How do I know girls are real on Mate1

Unfortunately, there’s no special badge on Mate1 for verified members. Since girls are joining for free, there can be some fraud as well.

But the statistics show it is pretty rare, and most users are legit. Check it out with the help of video chat, as catfishers can’t use it fully.

Also, do not be shy to ask direct questions and be frank in return. It’s the only way to establish good contact and test a single woman you liked.

Beautiful young girls have fun together enjoying the summer holiday vacation

Although it’s normal for modern girls to be naughty, only suspicious ones desire you from the first second and shower you with compliments.

So, use common sense and all your previous experience in order to detect genuine chicks. Once you are dissatisfied with one, you can report her.

Is it ok to use Mate1

We live for the brighter moments, it’s known that many people break their LTR exactly because they’re bored and hate the routine. It won’t happen with hookups. 

If you enjoy new things and want to see others happy as well, just use Mate1. There’s no place for short-mindedness in the modern world. 

But first of all, hookup specialists recommend getting confident, planning well much in advance, and finding the hottest single girls wherever you go. 

Sexy young woman in black lingerie at home. Seductive sporty girl posing near stairs.

People who have tried many things in their intimate life and would like to share those achievements can be found on the Mate1 adult site.

When single men highly rate hookup sites, it usually means they have met at least one real person with the help of that platform. Mate1 provides that.

Can I meet foreign girls on Mate1

Casual affairs suit modern singles more not because all of them are shallow. People are rather busy and cannot travel to some other part of the world often.

Yet, it does happen that we want to prolong that hot period by spending more time with our sex mate. What to do then and which steps to make?

A distanced affair is a challenge, so it demands bigger resources than local ones. Those are free time, finances, health and energy one is spending. 

Image of a pretty young woman posing isolated over red wall background with bright red lipstick.

Like any other active lifestyle, travel dating requires stable income, exercising, doing various sports to stay in shape and be able to perform in bed

At the same time, it is possible to save your energy and spend it wisely instead of spreading on a hot girl 24/7, when you meet in real. Keep some for yourself.

Are there Asian women on Mate1

The number of western men interested in Asian hookups is growing every year. Asian women are just too feminine and obedient to ignore them.

Male users on Mate1 often report only girls from Asia make them feel appreciated since no one else is showing so much respect.

Asian chicks aren’t the same in all countries, they are taller in Singapore and South Korea, a bit more curvy in Thailand and the Philippines.

cropped shot of sexy girl in bra holding cup of coffee

An expert in Asian dating always knows where to find a girl of some particular kind of appearance or character. Brides in Asia tend to be humble.

They love casual clothes, but also enjoy looking sexy for their partner. They are very patient and accepting of any sexual desires of a man.

Do I find Latina girl on Mate1

Intrigued by hot Latino women? Try dating them on Mate1 and you will see this interest in mutual. Hookups with Latin chicks are never boring.

They’re energetic, bouncy, sweet, amusing, and sensual to the core. Men who date Latina, report they are ready to make love for nights and days.

That’s probably why they’re always fit. Sexy Latin girls are healthily ambitious, they don’t like being lazy so they assist their man with everything they can.

Sexy young woman in black lingerie is smiling while lying on bed

Very often, Latino lovers are called real treasure and it’s true. They are unforgettable with their passion and charm, their ability to focus on a man.

Meet them on Mate1 and set up your hottest hookup date ever, with a gorgeous Latin model for casual sex.


  1. Most of these sites allow you to be described by a friend, which is beneficial when it comes to making a first impression.

  2. On the downside, you can embarrass yourself by making yourself too chatty and revealing too much.

  3. As long as you keep the details to yourself, you won’t have to worry about someone stalking you or stealing your identity.

  4. But there are some precautions that you should follow before meeting someone new online.

  5. Many of these sites rely on algorithms to match potential dates based on their search criteria.

  6. That means that while there is a chance of meeting a wonderful new person, you still need to put in some effort.

  7. While you may get lucky and meet someone special, you also need to put up with unwanted situations and experiences.

  8. You shouldn’t be shy about sharing your personal details, because you never know who will come across it.

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