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Lovestruck Review: Dating and hookups with UK singles in 2022

Expert's Summary
Lovestruck could be for singles loving the truck lifestyle or long driving. But nope, it's just a name not a concept. The site works for all UK hookup seekers. It is also suitable for long-term relationships or friendships with benefits. Just the site isn't modern enough to support the newest and vital features like instant chatting. But exchanging messages is romantic enough too, most UK singles think.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Fully free
Good male-female ratio
Strong matchmaking
No instant chatting
Long verification
Only a few US members
Total Score

How much is Lovestruck

Lovestruck is completely free of charge. There is no even option of Premium or credits purchase.

It makes it fully available for young singles and appreciated by all categories. Chatting should be free, and Lovestruck is into that.

No additional fees or hidden payments are ever needed for enjoying the site along with its features and offers.

How do I use Lovestruck

Can you imagine starting to talk to a sexy girl right on the street in US, like in good old times? It’s acceptable on Lovestruck.

Feel free to approach some hottie for jogging in the park together, walking with her friends, or having a coffee on the terrace.

Photo of a beautiful young woman drinking coffee leaning up against a wood wall.

You’ll be welcomed, as all girls on Lovestruck are single at the moment. It’s better than meeting offline in a bar.

Women there are either taken already or commercially minded, so it’s risky. Instead, visit Lovestruck and chat there.

The public online is much more decent and you have great chances to find a local girlfriend within the shortest time.

What is Lovestruck about

If you dated and hookuped online a lot, you may already know that US women can be pretty straightforward in the chat.

It’s their way to lead a private communication. If they want you, they take you and make the first move.

Gorgeous fit dark-haired girl in a swimsuit stands near yellow surfboard on a sunny day

It’s nearly impossible to have the same with foreign hotties. If they act this way, they’re either cheap gals or confident cougars.

Well, all these categories can be found on Lovestruck. It’s mostly for local affairs, but travel-friendly as well.

Its concept is simplicity, being down-to-earth and easy-going. If it sounds like you, just go on and join this site.

What is Laissez-Faires on Lovestruck

The Laissez-Faires Party feature on Lovestruck helps single users gather for having fun and going out.

They may drink or not, dance or not, hook up if they want, but they feel as one team and enjoy the evening.

Gorgeous sexy woman at black bra posed at studio lying on a bed

It’s one of just a few fun features on Lovestruck, so users should appreciate it a lot and feel entertained.

Any kind of event can be promoted and suggested via this tool, to make local encounters happen.

Use Laissez-Faires Party when you’re bored or horny. In both cases, it’ll assist you perfectly.

Is Lovestruck any good

The site Lovestruck can surely be called unique and efficient, even being so simple and lightly designed.

Mostly because it offers and provides matchmaking on a fully free basis. It isn’t automatic, but manual and profound.

Wearing headphones. Photo of gorgeous blonde woman in the gym

Such options aren’t found on other chat sites. It surely takes place thanks to volunteers in the dating industry.

They work for the singles’ sake without any reward, so those are probably other Lovestruck members who found love.

Plus to sharp geolocation, the site ensures that loners meet based on their psychological compatibility, which is cool.

Is it ok to use Lovestruck

Most singles prefer trendier dating apps and sites than Lovestruck. It has certain flaws for sure.

There are only several features, no instant chat, and the verification can take too long.

After launching in 2010, it hasn’t been updated much. While other platforms offer a variety of search tools.

Close-up portrait of blonde gorgeous woman in beautiful makeup looking into camera

Not all encounters are even local, as some users may live as far as in Australia or Hong Kong.

But it’s still fun to use, as there’s a high guarantee people who contact you are totally real.

One may arrange the meeting or communicate online romantically, without being frustrated.

How do I know Lovestruck is legit

Usually, elite escort platforms, adult dating sites, and very costly ones raise many questions.

Users get very cautious and start wondering whether this source is legit. But Lovestruck is trusted.

Mostly, because it’s free, and most members are just next-door chicks bored on Friday night.

Portrait of attractive young blonde woman with long hair looking aside

But also, because the site cares not to let in fraudulent personals or underage teens. It is reasonable.

Without the ultra-trendy design, it simply unites local single personals for sex and romantic affairs.

It’s everything a western loner needs, whether he is in his late 20s or older. Chat and meet, it’s that easy.

Is Lovestruck for single farmers

There are niche dating sites specially created for single countryside habitants. Lovestruck can be one of them.

If you’re from a big city, and dated only spoiled chicks, then you didn’t see such an attitude for years.

Let us guess, you were literally thirsty for pure hearts like the ones found here on the Lovestruck site.

Her young passion can be happy and authentic. She’s very romantic and you can conquer her with long walks, nice talks.

Gorgeous young woman dreamy posing on sky background in spring weekend

And surely, with holding hands or watching the sunset. It usually means, the first kiss is coming soon.

A farm girl’s instincts are extremely strong and once the frontiers are open, you will move smoothly to the next stage, then next.

After the hookup date via Lovestruck, you suddenly realize you have just had the best sex in your life.

The rest depends on your expectations. While hers are obvious, a long-term romance or another hot night.


  1. You can easily find a girl who’s attracted to you by making a little effort to make her feel at ease and comfortable.

  2. You can also find your ideal partner by using a free dating website such as OkCupid or Facebook.

  3. However, you should know that a person may be very different in real life than they appear online, so you should keep your expectations in mind before meeting them.

  4. This can be difficult to achieve with traditional dating services, but with a hookup site, you can start chatting with single women instantly.

  5. Generally, you should choose a casual date where you can get to know the other person before a more serious relationship.

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