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LiveJasmin Review 2021 – Hookups online and virtual sex

Expert's Summary
LiveJasmin is a completely erotic-oriented site with amateur and professional webcam models performing virtual sex for coins. It’s well-recognized, and high-rated for two decades now. It’s stylish and refined enough to differ it from tons of trashy apps and sites of the same sex chat category. Although credits-based, it’s fairly priced enough to consider it legit and comfy. LiveJasmin has always been one step ahead of their competitors regarding the overall quality and special features. So today, those are the Vibra Toy feature and Send A Surprise alluring tools. Chicks from progressive European countries prevail on the site since their social and economical level is overall higher and they can afford the primary investment into their sexual business. The founder of LiveJasmin is also a European, to be exact, a Hungarian entrepreneur.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Highest quality of webcam models
Modern sexy design
Strong customer support
136+ mln. USA users
High price
Female users in minority
Total Score
LiveJasmin Audio Review

How much is LiveJasmin

28 credits$33.99
98 credits$106.99

LiveJasmin keeps its pricing reasonable. Most users admit the price is adequate to the quality of sex services and girls’ hotness, not found on analog apps and sites over the Internet.

Credits are gradually spent on video chatting with models and extra functions. The number of spent coins depends on the rating of this particular porn star, and the type of video chatting.

Are there genuine girls on LiveJasmin

One should realize LiveJasmin isn’t for dating or even real hookups. It’s for virtual sex, and men are paying for what they see. In this situation, it doesn’t matter at all what women are really thinking.

If you want them to flatter you sincerely, just believe in what they say. It doesn’t make sense to try getting their direct contacts either. It’s a bit awkward to ask this question during a chat.

fetish hookup sites
LiveJasmin hookup messaging

Even if some agree to meet you online, most probably, those will be escort personals or girls hoping to find stable sugar daddies. That is who joins such platforms for getting a profit there.

It’s ok if you don’t mind sponsoring high-class trophy babes, but if limited in money or wonder how to find sex friends in your circle, better search on other apps and sites.

Who can join LiveJasmin

It’s rather hard for any woman to join the site and start streaming. Plus to a great model appearance, she is required to have really qualitative technical equipment. Which means, expensive.

A good laptop with a modern video card and a lot of space on it to provide excellent speed, perfect webcam quality, new generation optical wires, or one of the latest wi-fi routers.

It’s particularly one of the reasons why Russian and Ukrainian girls are in minority on LiveJasmin, despite their top model looks and need for money. They simply cannot afford all the items.

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LiveJasmin site that actually works

Add to that a beautiful luxurious background a girl should provide, in order to compete with the others and to be rated high enough by male users. Most LiveJasmin females demonstrate it.

Chicks from progressive European countries prevail on the site since their social and economical level is overall higher and they can afford the primary investment into their sexual business.

How do I chat on LiveJasmin

There are group chats on LiveJasmin free for men and easy to access for women. Guys and girls are exchanging greetings and flirting there until some chick intrigues you enough.

It already costs you coins so you should watch out. Most men are quitting in a few mins after once a girl showed everything she has to offer. While others enjoy longer video chat.

They can give certain orders to a girl and keep relaxing without counting the money at all. Choose what is better for you, your mood, and your budget, and go for that.

Why use LiveJasmin

Even on adult dating apps, girls who call themselves sex-positive, may behave too modestly and disappoint you. On LiveJasmin, it just never happens. Women come there with the purpose of hookups.

They are literally selling their erotic attention. So, most of them are doing their best to be friendly and satisfy a man. Along with that, LiveJasmin isn’t considered an expensive sex chat site.

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Completely free LiveJasmin app

It is averagely priced if to control your spendings well and use it just once in a while.

Is LiveJasmin any good

LiveJasmin remains one of the leaders in adult dating online for years. It already means something. It keeps on pursuing the highest demands and standards in the market.

As well as the girls’ appearance and attitude towards customers. While the most popular competitors of LiveJasmin are allowing so-so looking women in, with the low video quality.

It can be said none app or site can compare to LiveJasmin therefore, either in 2001 or today.

Is there scam on LiveJasmin

In general, scams can be expected on two platforms where singles have romantic expectations. Their feelings are easily hurt, and no money topic is appropriated.

On livejasmin, listcrawler, and similar hookup platforms, all interactions are based on finances from the start. So, there cannot be exactly scam, but rather fraud.

But no such stories are noticed in the feedback about LiveJasmin. Most male users admit they received what they expected to, and sex experiences were money-worthy.

What is VibraToy on LiveJasmin

With the VibraToy feature, livejasmin developers have moved forward the cybersex in near future described in many fantastic novels. It helps to get in real physical touch.

Approximately half of them choose to use the VibraToy tool, for which they are extra rewarded by the site. Men can identify such girls by the VibraToy badge.

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LiveJasmin hookup site like craigslist

This device is basically a vibrator connected to the livejasmin software via Bluetooth. During the private chat, while a girl is using it, a man can manually change its mode.

For sure, it’s the closest imitation of the intercourse that is only possible nowadays. After adding this feature, LiveJasmin quickly increased the number of its members.

Why is LiveJasmin bad

Any popular source is getting critics, and LiveJasmin isn’t an exception. There are guys saying it doesn’t motivate at all to have virtual sex without a real one and with paid chicks only.

It is understood that all connections on LiveJasmin are shallow and skin-deep, but singles aren’t coming there for soulmates. The users shouldn’t even be single to use this site.

So, it makes no sense to moralize much, better to enjoy such a modern opportunity and grab the hot girls online ready to serve you. This particular site provides the highest quality.


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