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LDSPlanet Review – Christian dating and Mormon brides online

Expert's Summary
Finding a like-minded partner is important to everyone, but especially to devoted Christians. It’s the best guarantee for them that a person has good principles. People put a different meaning into the word Christian, some of them just mean they aren’t Muslim and their upbringing was traditional. LDSPlanet is mostly for Mormons. It unites singles who share beliefs of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. It is noticed though that even non-believers choose to date online on Christian sites if they want a decent partner with strong values. Just note that the absolute majority of users you are going to talk to will appear to be Mormons. Do not spend your time there, if you're different.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Fair price
500K active members in US
Strong anti-scam
No special features
Narrow niche
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Is LDSPlanet free

1 month$16.99
3 months$36.97
6 months$53.94

It would be logical for a Christian dating site to be free. But at the same time, membership fee weeds out non-serious or non-themed users.

Many other Christian platforms are paid too. In the end, this particular price sounds fair and affordable to let all categories join.

Why use LDSPlanet

It’s certainly a very pleasant and even vital bonus when a beautiful girl is also a faithful believer. She is less interested in shallow things.

On a contrary, she dedicates her time to a family and self-improvement. True Christians do not have bad harmful habits or at least work on them.

For mature singles, it’s also a good way to meet someone decent and reliable. Only rarely, Christian dating sites divide into different denominations.

LDSPlanet is dedicated to Mormons. But many Christians do not dig that deep and welcome any believer. After all, a young girl can join your church.

A Young, successful woman having a drink sitting at a table in a modern cafe while waiting her partner. Sensual blouse with decolletage

Girls who position themselves as single Christians, aren’t into the naughty photos exchange or playing games. It’s mostly relieving for men.

Women of the strictest denominations try not to sin before marriage at all. It’s exactly the case with LDSPlanet.

What is Yeses to Me on LDSPlanet

There is a well-organized list of users who liked you on LDSPlanet. It is called Yeses to me. It’s quite flattering to see who did.

If you’re active on the site with ice-breakers, flirting, and messages, your Yeses list will grow quickly. Contact singles who you like back.

Special features on LDSPlanet aren’t many, but this one is definitely helpful. It keeps all potential contacts together. It’s also how you match online.

Portrait of a young seductive woman wearing glasses and elegant white bodysuit. Isolated on a blue background

Do not feel bad about hot women taking initiative this way. It’s a modest method to show you their interest and appreciation on LDSPlanet.

If their photos quality and their personality in the profile seem ok to you, do not hesitate to say Hi and move forward with the meeting.

How to date girls on LDSPlanet

Dating a Christian girl on a niche site differs from usual chatting online. There are many nuances, as it’s easier at one point but more challenging at another.

The courtship is certainly needed in a Christian relationship, but usually men do not complain since these girls simply know their worth and have dignity.

They are healthily selective, too. Some guys are motivated to date women believers for very practical reasons. The hottest girls amaze with their strong principles. 

Front view portrait of young woman standing outdoords in summer. Copy space.

Men often choose ladies from big religious families to make sure they’re virgins or had only a few partners, and they’re good caretakers in daily life. 

Tired of shallow Instagram girls? LDSPlanet will offer only the most decent and valuable females with inner and outward beauty.

Discuss your beliefs and traditions by sharing the Bible quotes, testing each other’s personal qualities, chatting freely without limits.

Is LDSPlanet any good

LDSPlanet has a neat design, user-friendly interface, classical features understandable even for beginners. All ages are available, so mature singles will find a match at ease.

Best Christian singles, physically attractive and spiritually evolved, interesting discussions, romantic tours, all this is waiting for a western single.

people and portrait concept – happy smiling beautiful blonde woman in shirt

Find a girl who isn’t just beautiful and caring, but also a faithful believer and a family caretaker. The most spectacular hotties with a rich inner world.

They readily share their thoughts and private info on LDSPlanet. Christian dating is more respectful and detailed, singles plan their meeting thoroughly.

It’s the only kind of online acquaintances completely opposite to sugar dating, singles seek a like-minded person, first of all, the best friend and a loyal spouse.

How do I chat on LDSPlanet

It goes without saying that one who wants to meet another single Christian, should fill in his profile carefully. Christians are thoughtful people. 

It’s important to mention one’s denomination on LDSPlanet, the church name, nuances of beliefs, activities in the church, and views on the partner’s duties.

woman with smartphone and coffee at restaurant

It is completely normal to discuss the Bible online instead of naughty talks, compare the understanding of famous quotes, plan future life together.

The same faith unites people, but it’s not the only factor when you’re choosing a lifetime partner. You still need to like a woman physically, emotionally, intellectually. 

When this all is present, then being united with the same spirit, the same views, and interests become the main aspect of your online communication.

What is the girls’ quality on LDSPlanet

Some of the basic facts are understood from the beginning, for example, a girl should be tidy, sportive, active. Those are not spiritual traits but they are vital, too. 

That’s why you should request frequent video chats, photos of her room, check whether she is jogging or exercising daily. For a girl, the good shape is more important.

happy woman calling on smartphone at restaurant

But it comes to her natural beauty. Make sure she isn’t into artificial hotness. Modern pastors and priests seem to allow makeup, but it shouldn’t look vulgar. 

It surely isn’t appreciated when a Christian girl has breast implants, a nose job, or a wig. The Bible says we shouldn’t transform our bodies in any way.  

But rather test a girl’s inner qualities, her attitude towards her family especially the oldies. Luckily, girls are very qualitative on LDSPlanet.

How do I get closer with a girl on LDSPlanet

Chemistry is important for all singles, regardless of their beliefs. But not everyone is ready to jump into marriage once chemistry is there.

If non-believers can easily base their relationship upon physical attraction and passion, for Christians it definitely isn’t sufficient. It’s just a part of the big puzzle. 

Close up studio portrait of a beautiful young female medeival warrior posing sensually on black background copyspace fierce sexy femininity

This is understandable, as a person who deeply accepted Christianity into their heart and spirit, will always try to possess good values. 

Until deeper discussions took place, and your potential mate’s personality has been analyzed, you may normally want to postpone the expressions of desire.

Christians of one category suggest reading the Gospel more as it keeps from any temptations. While of another, to hold hands and hug lightly until engaged.  

Are there real girls on LDSPlanet

Such girls are truly gold who cannot stand narcissistic western values. Christian ladies are modest, down-to-earth, helpful, supportive, and compromising.

To test her, ask whether she prays daily and how exactly, whether she tries to keep from sinning, whether she read the Bible and understands it.

Beautiful girl sitting at home. Woman in a bue blouse. Lady with laptop in her hands.

There is never a one hundred percent guarantee in our changeable life, but it’s for sure that women believers on LDSPlanet are mostly real.

If you also possess these ideals another person is expecting from you, your experience will be fully positive and you will be able to share good reviews too.

Some men see no compromises and want to have the most devoted Christian wife. It’s totally possible on LDSPlanet which is for Mormons only.

Can I use LDSPlanet for travel dating

The majority of modern Christians do not see a problem at all in travel dating, whether it’s good or bad. There are foreign girls on LDSPlanet too.

Where is possible to find a good bride? Surely in the West as well, but many prefer to get rid of local junk values. The most important she is a believer.

It’s easy to spot them among the bar girls and sugar babies, so get ready to meet your Ms. Right. If you’re into the Slavic type, your best choice is Russia.

Some Eastern European women perceive their faith very seriously, and they should be found on LDSPlanet. Just make sure they aren’t too Orthodox.

At the same time, in many countries like Dominicana, Brazil, Ghana exotic beauties are ready to listen about Jesus and what He did for us. So make your research.

As you can see, it is completely real to find the most impressive hottie in some nice place and combine your search of a life partner with exploring new spots.


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