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KoreanCupid Review – Interracial hookup dreams come true

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Did you ever think about dating someone with an exotic appearance? Then you may be interested in Korean girls. They are the cutest creatures with the minimum of demands, due to self efficiency. A lot of men consider them to be the best girlfriends and lovers one could ever find. The large dating company called CupidMedia has many affiliates all over the world and Korea isn’t an exception. KoreanCupid gives the best opportunity to quickly find and meet a stunning Korean girl. Men claim there is a certain percentage of scammers like everywhere, but the number of success stories is impressive. There are Korean girls on the site who live in other countries too, including Europe, USA, Canada, etc. It makes KoreanCupid suitable for travel dating and local hookups, equally.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Large base of Korean singles
High success rate
Good travel tips
Price above average
Lack of female members
Total Score
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Is Korean Cupid free


For contacting singles, you need Gold or Platinum membership and even in this case, you won’t be showered with letters like on other sites. But it’s probably a good thing as it’s a kind of anti-scam guarantee.

Is Korean Cupid legit

The average Korean salary cannot be compared to Russian, Ukrainian or Filipino salary. Women earn well. The majority of them can afford multiple plastic surgeries and their own apartments.

If you take time to chat with them for a while, you will see it’s not typical for them at all to ask for money. But they won’t pay for your ticket either. Sometimes they have a cup of tea with you and disappear.

It’s human nature. It doesn’t make them scammers. Korean girls prefer: white men; well-dressed men; gallant men. Check yourself and your first messages to find out why they remain silent.

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KoreanCupid hookup site that work

The site itself also doesn’t try to cheat you for money as the price is ok, in case if you pay for 1 year at once. It makes less than 40 cents a day. It’s nothing in comparison with other famous dating sites.

Especially of pay-per-letter type that make you spend $20 a day and more. There are no ghosts or automatic bots who are seducing you with fake photos and robotic words just to get into your wallet.

Korean girls love successful men. But they care only about the status, not about cash. They spend enough on their beauty to expect something back, as a very minimum, it’s an equal partner.

It’s true that they will be more interested in you seeing your VIP status on KoreanCupid which means the Platinum membership. But that doesn’t turn them to scammers.

In the same way, they shall appreciate a photo of you wearing a stylish expensive business shirt, not your old wacky pajamas. So, just impress them and do not worry about the financial part.

All is for real on KoreanCupid, experts say. Just learn in advance where do people go to hook up in Asia.

How to hook up on Korean Cupid

If you are writing sweet and soft words, compliments, and romantic promises, they are 100% yours. Focus on that. You need to be a kind of soap-opera guy to seduce them. Perceive this as a pleasant game.

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KoreanCupid free hookup app

Korean women are keen on western men, pale skin, English speech, western manners, and values. They are your admirers, in fact. It doesn’t mean they will immediately jump into your bed though.

They want some kind of courtship first. If limited in time, arrange a short program courtship for them, with dining out and long walks among the Seoul best sceneries. They’ll quickly give up then.

Why seek Korean lovers

What’s so special about them? Why would someone ever go that far to meet a nice chick if Thai girls, for instance, are so easily achievable? Well, Korean Cupid girls are nearly flawless.

Genetically, they tend to have an ageless silky skin, slim figures, beautiful straight hair, sweet sensual lips. Traditionally, they eat healthy and exercise – it’s a part of their daily routine.

But they don’t just rely on nature. Be prepared that many of them are ok with the idea of improvements. The very first thing the young girls do, is some nose job, even if they barely afford.

Some of them enlarge the eyelashes or lips but all girls in the world seem to be doing that already. The poorer and simpler girl is, the more natural beauty you find in her, in case you care.

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Best completely free KoreanCupid

They don’t have big curves so it’s not something you could find on KoreanCupid. But if you’re after slim or petite women of the exotic looks, you should definitely try hookuping Korean.

Asian girls are feminine to the bones, both in a good and bad meaning. They know how to dress and always look like pretty dolls. Korean girls earn well and aren’t fixed on your money.

Western men is their weakness, their turn-on. If they fall for you online, it’s not a red flag like it would be with Russian girls. This particular weakness explains a huge number of success stories.


  1. There’s no reason to put her in a position where she won’t be comfortable and accept your advances.

  2. The best hookup dating sites focus on having fun and flirting with other members, and you can even learn about the other person through the chatting.

  3. The best part of being a man on the Internet is that you can have a conversation with her and choose to contact her later.

  4. But if you’re looking for a serious relationship, it’s better to spend a little extra on a premium site.

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