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IndonesianCupid Review: Asian hookups and dating in 2021

Expert's Summary
Mostly meant for interracial dating, IndonesianCupid gathers 168K USA members and almost 1 mln. of users from other countries. All Asian girls are present, not just Indonesian ones. The activity of the members is striking, as well as a big number of 18 y.o. girls online. Unlike on Russian hookup apps, it isn’t the sign of the scam since Asian women get mature very early. Moreover, they are strongly willing to meet a westerner, either for sponsored sex or long-term dating and marriage. So, chatting on IndonesianCupid is fruitful, indeed. The interface and features of the site are identical to all Cupid Media affiliates. Traditionally, there are CupidTags and the Show Interest button, so the platform is easy to use and explore.
Ease of use
Members Quality
Over 1 mln. members
Real genuine girls
Free joining
High safety level
Messaging is paid
Men slightly prevail
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IndonesianCupid Audio Review

How much is IndonesianCupid


It can be said that IndonesianCupid is free for women since basic members can communicate with paid members without upgrading. The pricing is average and similar to other Cupid Media products.

Gold members can send and receive messages automatically translated. There are no ads, and one can use the site anonymously. Also, the profile is highlighted on demand and better seen to others.

How do I hook up on IndonesianCupid

Indonesia is one of the most popular destinations for sex traveling, because of its majestic nature and various places of interest. It’s also famous for its beautiful, model-looking girls.

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However, if you are not prepared with certain information, you won’t be able to reach them. Let’s start by saying that Indonesian girls are Muslim. It’s not just a nomination but a very serious belief.

Although they have a weakness for foreign men, and even consider them to be a good match, extra efforts are needed to seduce them. Chat with them nicely and for quite a long time.

Is IndonesianCupid for sugar dating

There is a certain category of less religious girls who are searching for sugar daddies. They need their support so desperately that welcome even much older ones. There can be family reasons for that.

So if you want to get intimate with a young gorgeous Indonesian girl, you just need your wallet with you. It’s usually possible to meet them online or make a deal via their female relatives.

Indonesian girls are optimistic, easy-going, fun, patient, and they think they’re very lucky if they are with a white man. But they quickly recognize whether he is a successful businessman.

His low status can make them upset so they’ll end the communication. A man’s financial stability is even more important for Indonesian chicks than his readiness to get married.

If they have to choose between a rich lover and a poor fiancée, they are going to choose a lover. There are also wealthy girls, especially in Jakarta nightclubs, who aren’t after your money.

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They might just want some fun and a good sex, especially if model looking and well travelled. It’s better to ask her directly what she expects to get and what her views are.

How to find a good hookup on IndonesianCupid

Once you meet online someone balanced, i.e. an open-minded yet modest girl, you will start discovering her real self, free from social dogmas and restrictions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

First of all, by her natural sensuality. But even when the ice is broken and you are driving your girl naughtier and naughtier, she may still avoid touching you and caressing you in a public.

She may behave as a very good girl from a conservative family. Since you can’t change that, you need to rely on your secret place and time together only. Set this up while chatting with her.

It can be easily explained by the fact that she most probably lives with her parents, at any age. In her culture, a girl can only live with her husband or her family. There’s nearly no influence from the out.

But it also means that you are their undoubted leader. As a man, you are paying the bills, taking decisions, taking care of your lover and telling her what to do. That’s a big but pleasant role.

All these best dating tips are found on IndonesianCupid, for the variety of members using it for a match search.

Should I date my IndonesianCupid hookup

Western men are highly desirable for Indonesian girls and their families because they are less poor and less lazy than local men. However, try not to fall in love and get engaged with them.

Because there is a huge possibility you’ll be asked to convert into a Muslim. Maybe a girl’s beauty and submissive nature are worthy of such sacrifices but our experts wouldn’t be so sure.

Although very sexy and seducing, with perfect curvy bodies, they also have great hearts and lots of sensitivity. So it’s better if you treat them well and don’t let them down after being so enchanted.

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If you don’t have serious intentions, at least be kind and protective, and you are going to have an unforgettable experience with these chicks. Buy something nice to them and their family members.

But without meeting them often and giving too many promises. Being with an Indonesian girl is an unforgettable experience because they treat you as a prince charming who they were expecting.

And they see a true man in you. They are quick-learning in a bed and naturally passionate, so it’s hard to get disappointed or tired of them. They are hot lovers and loyal mates who inspire you with their beauty.

How to create a good profile on IndonesianCupid

The profile info can be modified later on, after registering. Some men leave it brief, but it is really recommended to put some thought into it and list as many interest or character traits as possible.

Even if it’s for a short fling, Indonesian women have a very cautious attitude and mentality. They care to read through a man’s profile thoroughly before accepting the real meeting idea.

So, do not ignore this option and fill in all suggested rows. Try to present yourself as an intriguing and manly person who is caring and secure, then your chances will grow even higher.


  1. While many of the popular dating apps are a great option for meeting women, there are other alternatives you can try.

  2. Using a dating app can make it easier to find a woman who is interested in the same things as you.

  3. You’ll be able to communicate with other members even when you’re on the go, and you’ll be able to save money on your membership fees.

  4. When dating women online, one should not try to fool them into thinking they are someone completely different.

  5. If your potential partner finds out that you’re not the same person, the relationship could come to a rapid end.

  6. The more authentic you appear on a dating site, the more likely you will attract other women who share your values and interests.

  7. They will give you the inside scoop on how to attract women and strike up a conversation with them.

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