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iLove Review: Best European dating and hookups in 2022

Expert's Summary
iLove is another international dating site that earns on European women's hotness. The price is above average. The most reasonable offer is the 6 months pack, but not everyone is planning that far. The payment is in euros. A big plus is that most girls are real and ready to meet. There is nearly no scam or fraud on iLove. As its name shows, the concept was in romance and a serious attitude. But it's used for travel hookups and foreign escorts ordering too. Meanwhile, profile photos and texts are kept decent. Customer service is quick and helpful too.
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Members Quality
Large member base
Strong support
Real meetings
Rather pricey
No local matches
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How much is iLove

1 month€39.90
3 months€89.70
6 months€119.40

One can view the profiles and surf the site for free, but messaging requires a Premium upgrade.

iLove charges like an elite dating site, which is not always so. But its quality is high enough to pay.

Can I date Russian girls on iLove

Single women from Russia are a part of the iLove database. The marketing is mostly made on their beauty.

Yet, there are also many other ethnicities like Polish, Ukrainian, German, Italian, and so on.

It is clear there are other mentalities and approaches, therefore. But they are all non-western.

Blonde Girl with Long and shiny Curly Hair. Beautiful Model Woman

It leads to such advantages as being thoughtful, feminine, caring, creative, and refined to the core.

Most girls on iLove would meet in real and put their effort to make you like them enormously.

What is Passions on iLove

Passions is one of the matching features and social network elements one can enjoy on iLove.

Once a user decides to fill this section, he must connect his profile to FB or any other network he uses.

Then his photos, preferences, and other data will be selectively uploaded to iLove and processed.

Blonde European woman laying on the bed

As a result, a big range of a person’s Passions is going to be generated and shown up.

If they match with another member’s Passions, they’ll feel more compatible and reassured as a couple.

Why use iLove

Usually, European women prefer to date long months, even live together before making such a serious step as marriage.

Even if they crazily fall in love, they rarely break this rule. But love at a distance is certainly challenging for them.

Then they can accept early marriage to avoid this tiresome separation from their beloved. And iLove girls confirm that.

Beautiful woman with creative hairstyle, vivid makeup. Fashionable girl

Once you get closer to your European mate, you’ll discover that she is the best lover, best listener, and best person.

But remember, Europe ladies are smart and sensitive, they’ll immediately feel if you get false and less committed.

They are worthy of your respect as intelligent and many-sided personalities, fair and kind-hearted.

Is iLove bad

For very impatient folks who want instant hookups or free escorts abroad, iLove can be bad and not suitable.

Foreign ladies and especially Eastern European girls join the site hoping to find a soul mate online.

Beautiful European girl brunette hair beauty close up macro

They give up their usual lifestyle, their closest folks for the sake of mutual love and commitment.

If you take into consideration all these wonderful sides and try to understand iLove girls, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

First of all, with their devotion and care. It’s most definitely your important and happy lifetime experience.

Who do I find on iLove

There are many pieces of research on top European nationalities for dating and marriage such as Russians.

But there are also French girls on iLove, hundreds of them. And they remain quite enigmatic for westerners so far.

French Europeans are more relaxed and more emotional at the same time. They don’t mind doing simple things together.

Beautiful sexy lady in pink panties and bra

They surely love fancy places as well. But even if so, they always suggest sharing the bill and they still remain down-to-earth.

French European brides are glad to introduce their man to the high society and open new horizons for him.

You may need the dress code and some basic etiquette knowledge with them, but others choose not to look too glammy.

You are greatly welcomed by French Europeans and it doesn’t matter how much you earn or what you do.

Is iLove for mature dating

There is a good ration of young and mature women on iLove. They are equally interested in western partners.

But it would be fair to admit that women above 35 y.o. make more reliable brides than very young girls.

Brunette girl with perfect makeup. Smiling beautiful model woman

The last ones aren’t prepared for the nuances and challenges of integrating into another culture and a foreign family.

Moreover, young mail-order brides’ expectations are closer to sugar dating than to an equal relationship.

On another hand, older women are better protected by their knowledge of law, psychology, and ethics.

Do not count on the age factor only though. What matters the most is mutual feelings and commitment.

Is there any scam on iLove

Technically, iLove is better than many similar sites. There is also a small blog dedicated to international dating.

The statistics of international marriages is stably good latest years. It shows that a percentage of successful marriages is high.

Beautiful European bride blonde woman

If there are kids and long years together, the number is higher than that of unhappy marriages ended in a divorce.

Men’s fears about girls’ mercantile interests and hunting for citizenship or millions are normal but often not grounded.

Europeans often remain romantic and naive in their marriage expectations. They don’t have wrong intentions or plans.

It is well reflected on iLove as well where single women indeed search for a companion and lifelong experience.

Is iLove safe to use

People’s minds are severely affected by fears of Internet fraud and negative news. But the reality is much brighter.

Especially when one follows common sense. There are preventive measures helpful for everyone.

In fact, international dating is fun and promising. It is very joyful as girls know the art of flirting and are naturally humorous.

Beautiful blonde in a gold dress looking at camera

It is also life-changing as they used to be highly responsible since their earliest years, especially in Eastern Europe.

They perfectly cook, keep the house clean, always welcome and sincerely greet their husband’s friends and colleagues.

Also, make love with a great open-mindedness and imagination, yet remain classy and feminine even behind the doors.

If the choice is right, such a wife is literally a dream partner who rarely disappoints and never betrays you.

What should I avoid on iLove

Many westerners prefer to keep things simple and date within their region. It can be stressful to travel to Russia.

One certainly needs to be adventurous enough to learn more about a girl’s culture and language.

Close up portrait of fashionable young woman in a gold, short, stylish dress

If a man has a too calm character and busy lifestyle for extra effort, it’s better to date on his local sites.

Also, it isn’t advised to be too trustful toward the top models asking for gifts and money, or Donetsk girls.

If you need to be prudent and cautious with your budget, choose someone with a good profession and modesty.


  1. This site connects singles in specific cities, and matches them based on personality traits and educational background.

  2. You can also tell your friends about your date if you like them, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s best to go somewhere else.

  3. There are many dating websites for married people, but you should always go with a site that has a high rate of success.

    1. In fact, a small proportion of respondents say it is a better and safer way to meet people than traditional methods.

  4. Unfortunately, many women don’t know how to portray themselves in an attractive manner, and this can lead to awkward situations.

  5. While online dating may sound appealing to you at first, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right person for you.

  6. There are also several different dating statuses, including FWB (friends with benefits), NSA (no strings attached), and IRL (in real life).

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