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How to hook up with women older and richer than me: Step-by-step guide

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Today, when women often happen to have better jobs and businesses than men, they also get the privilege to choose a sex partner. No wonder they want a younger person.

Society isn’t judgemental anymore about where to find easy hookups with the age gap. Both sides are equally interested in this beneficial togetherness, and it turns a norm.

Another thing is that most rich women are very selective and refined, they won’t sleep around with just any fresh guy. Attracting them is a true art to hook up with women older.

Keep in a good shape

No one expects you to be a model, neither cougar ladies even choose them. Instead, they like tidy guys who exercise regularly and take care of their stylish hairstyle. It isn’t hard to do.

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Some older women like a guy to be cleanly shaved everywhere, while others prefer fluffy teddy bears. But even in this case, make sure to have all your curls well-trimmed.

Be damn gallant

Very rarely, anyone needs the old good manners. Better be damn gallant, which means flattering and brutal at the same time. Your lady will tell you the details of her preferences.

Most often, she’ll define the borders of dominance or submission you are allowed to act within. Accept this role, and develop your own strategy for pleasing your rich female lover.

Things get slightly easier when you meet for hookups only, not for long-term sugar dating. Your suggested role might be described in advance in your cougar woman’s profile online.

Fully control your performance

Although performing well in a bed is a part of physical self-training mentioned above, it’s still worthy of separate explanations. Older ladies are experienced and demanding.

It means, they want your sexual resilience and stamina be nearly perfect. Otherwise, they’ll replace you with smb else without rewarding you, and refuse to promote you further.

There are many practices on how to control your performance as a lover. Tantric yoga is one of them, it teaches to control the orgasm and seminal fluid emission.

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But you shouldn’t go that far, first learn to prolong the intercourse and make it more intense when your female partner wants it. It’ll turn you to a superhero in her eyes.  

Generate light talks only

No matter how intelligent and educated you are, remember sugar dating and hookups tolerate zero drama. Discussing heavy topics from your past or the world scene is a no-no.

Do not bore your cougar with any emotional baggage or negative stories, tragic books, movies, or history. Unless she requests such topics by herself, of course.

Your main task is entertainment, since wealthy women are so tired already after their long working days. Massage their head and toes, joke softly, and compliment them.

Impress her ladyfriends

Favorite toys are to be shown to the others and to make people around jealous. The same comes to toyboys. If you do everything right, be ready to hook up with women older.

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When it happens, do your very best. For top hookups with older women, look at your lover only, unless she wants you to entertain her female buddies as well.

Be more polite than ever, but also kinky and naughty to a certain degree. Otherwise, they’ll call you boring. Serve your lady at the table, rub her shoulders, smile with a charm.

Once you get used to this awesome mask of a perfect cub for businesswomen, it will always go smoothly. Her social circle will be impressed by you, and you’ll reach the bigger goals too.


  1. Luckily, the most popular dating websites offer casual dates that allow you to get to know one another.

  2. You can trust them and their reputation, so it’s important to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure.

  3. If you’re interested in hooking up with a guy or a girl, don’t hesitate to check out his or her social media profile.

  4. If you’re trying to find a date online, you’ll want a service with a large database, but make sure it doesn’t charge for a monthly membership.


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