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How to hook up with women and become a pro in casual sex

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In 2021, we are still taught to court girls for setting down. There’s a lack of hookuping tutorials although the adult dating lifestyle is chosen by millions of open-minded singles worldwide.

Here is how to hook up with women casually like a pro. This hookup advice is needed if you’re too busy with your daily duties for learning more facts about contemporary dating and intimate activities.

Define your sex priorities

If you are satisfied when your partner is, and seeing their pleasure raises your self-esteem, then you should definitely take care of your good shape. When you’re fit, you perform longer and remain resilient.

If, on the opposite, you like when things are done and you mostly care about your own pleasure, then experiment freely and bring as many sex toys as you want. It’s a good way to hook up with women.

Control your instincts

Hookups are for great sex, no one stays in a casual relationship when sex is bad or insufficient. But here the trick lies, the more your gratitude for great time and emotional attachment grow, the more you risk.

Perfect hookups help us be ourselves without pressuring our lover or being pressured by him. If they can meet only twice a week, we should be ok with that. If they have several partners, that is ok too.

Jealousy should be controlled even if your hookup girl is the hottest model you want to own. It’s against the concept of adult dating where everyone stays free and able to do whatever he wants.

Learn to respect without love

The utmost respect towards another person depends on our education and upbringing, not even on our personal attitude. Not all men respect women they married, and it’s even harder to respect our hookups.

But it should be done, because it shows how civilized we are. It’s the main rule for single travellers and sugar dating. Follow it like other sex positive people, and you will gradually learn that respect is in the core of hookups.

Practice that with your casual lover. No matter how dirty she got for you in a bed, it’s just an animal part of our personality. Other single women will also feel that you’re respectful, and show their interest.


  1. Unlike in person dating, these sites give you the opportunity to meet someone who shares similar interests.

  2. You can usually get a free trial and then decide whether you want to use it for more than a few months.

  3. This site has more than one million members, and it offers detailed profiles and unique filters to help you narrow the number of matches.

  4. You can select a person’s age range, location, smoking habits, alcohol and culture habits, and whether you want to meet someone with children.

  5. While these sites may be unsuitable for serious relationships, some members use them for the fun of it.


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