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How to have the best one night stand – Top hookup tips

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Quick casual sex seems the most desirable by everyone, but many singles don’t know how to arrange it in the best way. Some useful tips may help to have the biggest choice of hookups worldwide.

Do not become totally technical in your performance, keep the balance between your sexual creativity and applying the special secrets you learned in adult dating blogs. It’s a winner’s combination.

Be positive and witty

No one wants to spend Friday night with a nerd or a boring person. Entertain your casual mate from the first words and all the way long, then both of you will be having the best one night stand.

Single girls accept the sex offer easier if a man is humorous and nice, and if there are any problems during the process, they shall react smoothly. It brings extra points and great bonuses anyway.

Safety is everything

No matter how horny we are, or how much we romanticize sexual adventures, it’s still sleeping with a stranger. All risks and disadvantages are involved, so hookup seekers should be really careful.

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Experts bet you don’t want to spoil a bright and kinky night you anticipated so much, with some trivial disease or unwanted pregnancy of your casual mate. Who knows, they might chase you after.

Keep things safe and clean, as much as you can. Have several means of protection with you, not just condoms. There is a lube that contains antiseptic in it, special gels and cremes doubling the effect.

When you think through such little details in advance, nothing confuses or distracts you during the one-night-stand itself. Respect and love yourself enough to take care deeply and organize it well.

Focus on this partner

Yes, it’s just for one night or a few hours. You know that, and your casual match knows too. You may have another hookup on the next day. But only if you focus on this one, you’ll get the maximum.

Specialists on adult dating and sex positivity recommend to always follow this advice. Concentrate on each action and each sensation in a bed, like if it was your last opportunity to get laid ever.

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This is how the quality of the intimacy grows. During and after it, you feel you haven’t been killing your time with someone cheap, but spent the best night with a hot princess. It’s all in your hands.

Add some spice

When you prefer some particular kinks and fetishes, quite dark ones, it makes sense to find casual partners on special niche platforms. On average sources, girls accept only light experiments.

But it’s not the reason to leave your best one night stand completely flavorless. On the opposite, be brave and add as much spice as you want, including the best Russian hookups and traveling.

It can be watching adult movies together, using a big mirror for observing your naughty movements, spanking each other, or whatever. Just make sure your lover is ok with that and feels at ease.


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