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How to get laid without your own place – Best hook up lifehacks

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Not having your own place to get laid shouldn’t discourage you. It can happen if you study in a strange city or country, if your parents currently cannot afford providing you with an apartment.

This difficulty also grows common among older singles, for example, fresh divorcees. Stay confident and seduce as many hotties as you want. There is some great hookup advice on where to take them.

Friend’s place

Your buddy who lives alone, may agree to host you and your hookup in exchange to some favour. Later on, you may help him with his project at work or Uni, buy him a box of beer or whatever else.

Girl’s room

Lots of single girls are ok to welcome a casual lover in their living place. Just do everything to create a trustworthy impression, express all your charm, and assure them in no bad consequences, ever.

Little hotels by airports

Most youngsters chose to go to cheap motels which isn’t safe or tidy enough. While hostels are too crowded. Pick in advance some nice small hotel by the airport or the railway station, it’s cheap and clean.

At the club

First nightclubs that made it possible, were gay clubs in mid 90s. Today, plenty of top nightclubs to get laid are offering this opportunity. Some pubs have rooms to rent as well, so just make research.

While parents are away

That’s the worst option, for so many obvious reasons. If you live with any relative or roommate, it’s simply uncomfortable to invade into their territory and leave the mess. When you should, at least clean after.

On a beach

Not all outdoor places for sex are equally safe or desert. Better to practice hookup on a beach when you travel, since some countries are ok with that. Other places of nature are often sex-friendly as well.


  1. For example, OKCupid does not allow users to post pictures of themselves, but it does allow you to post pictures of yourself and your appearance.

  2. While you can still find a serious partner on the Internet, the best hookup site is a free trial that requires you to upload a photo and answer a few questions.

  3. Whether it’s a man or a woman, a good hookup date is a date with a woman who shares the same sexual orientation and values.

  4. If you’re still unsure of how to approach a woman, read up on her culture before meeting her online.


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