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How to get a one night stand if a hot girl wants to date

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Modern hookup culture seems to turn everyone into easy-going lovers. But some beautiful girls still want a family and classical dating only. There are just two ways to get a one night stand then.

First is to accept the challenge and play their prince charming until they give their allowance. Second is to keep on insisting on your sex positive views and try to make them more open-minded.

Both casual sex strategies require some artistic skills and patience, so get prepared. You cannot start that without working on your self-confidence and courage. It adds more spice to further success.

Hookup strategy 1. Good boy

A good boy likes to discuss the future perspectives, travelling together, pursuing common hobbies. Do not go too far discussing the kids or the house to move in together. Feed her hopes lightly.

Ask her to show you her childhood photos and admire them. Ask questions about her family members. Be polite and interested, but do not cross the line by visiting them in person.

Do not turn this softly seductive process into a long boring courtship. Do your best to enchant her strongly enough to try getting laid on the second day, then on the third day. Three days are too much.

Hookup strategy 2. Bad guy

We are attracted to the opposites. The better-behaved and old-fashioned she is, the more she’s tempted to follow you and reveal all the deepest instincts. So, seduce her openly at any given moment.

For that, use frank body language, naughty mimics, moderately dirty stories. Take her to the nightclub or party where people get kinky. Finally, get her some good drinks regularly. It’ll work!


  1. The biggest downside of online hookup sites is that they’re notorious for preserving photographs of members who want sex but don’t want to commit to anything.

  2. The best way to connect with a woman on the internet is to use a website that allows you to be anonymous.


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