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How to find thots around me: Local hookups with easy-going girls

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Some guys prefer ladies with manners and hard-to-get girls even for brief hookups. It responds to their instincts of a hunter and refined feelings. While the majority prefer easy chicks.

The urban slang word thot has a softer meaning than a slut or a whore, and literally means that hoe over there. A girl called by this word, is surely less respected than a regular hookup or a girlfriend.

Still, there’s a slight nuance of gratitude in this definition since thots do not charge any money for their services and get intimate a lot just for pleasure. They may expect too much attention though.

Impatient hookup seekers want to find thots for saving up the time and getting laid instantly, without unnecessary explanations or preparations. This is how to find them in your area.

Ask your buddies

A real thot is known by many. If not their reputation, they wouldn’t even be called like that. So, just ask your friends which girls are considered easy in your area, and where to meet them.

Most often, they hang out in a bar or a nightclub that are popular and affordable. Since their main trait is wanting attention from the others, and new admirers are needed constantly.

Also, they’re shallow enough to spend most of their time in such places. Approach them confidently and be straightforward, but do not forget to flatter them. This is how to get a thot.

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Otherwise, you can ask a buddy directly to bring such a girl to you or make you acquainted somewhere. It’s a perfect way to get friendships with benefits and casual affairs locally.

Once you decided to do so, make sure there’s no jealousy among your main traits. It can easily appear that one of your buddies knows what kind of lover she is. Are you really ok with that?

On one hand, it’s a good advertisement and a guarantee for one-night-stand. On another hand, it may discourage you in the process of hookuping. So, weight all pros and cons in advance.

Use listcrawler and casual sex apps

Sex aggregators like Listcrawler, are knowingly the best sources for meeting thots. Remember they differ from escorts and do not ask for any reward, or only symbolic one.

Adult dating apps are very promising too. Once you gain some experience, you start recognizing thots immediately, just by their photos and self-description. They do not exactly look cheap.

They take care of themselves and have some proud, but cannot resist when someone wants them. They respond quicker than others, to a sexual invitation and giggle once you compliment them.

This, let’s say, light cheapness and naivety on a border with vulgarity are making thots so attractive for impatient men. It’s possible to get laid with them literally within an hour after the first chat.

Other nuances to know

There are many MILFs among thots, not just young girls. So, if you don’t mind horny women over 28 or 35+, do not reject this opportunity. They’re more experienced, and more feminine too.

It’s a big mistake to boldly offer non-vanilla experiments to thots, just basing on their reputation. For example, threesomes or sex in public. They might not be ready for that at all.

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Some get offended heavily and others just need some deeper level of trust for accepting the idea. Unless you met an easy-going girl on the kinky sex platform, you cannot go that far with things.

Moreover, thots have their own feelings and emotions, they may agree to get laid simply because they liked you a lot. They’ll sense well when you cross the line and try to get an advantage on them.

In other words, be as delicate as the etiquette requires in all other hookup cases. Disrespect doesn’t fit anywhere and can be interpreted as an abuse. Act politely and you’ll find thots enjoyably.


  1. Not only can you meet new people, but you can also interact with them without making yourself vulnerable.

  2. The most important thing to consider when choosing the best hookup date is that you should avoid alcohol, and avoid smoking.

  3. This is not to say that you should not try out a hookup dating website if you have no intention of getting serious.


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