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How do I get laid right now – Best tips on instant hookups

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Impatience is normal when it comes to casual sex. Suppressing our real desires and instincts hurts us, psychologists say. But very instant hookups can be challenging, even in our progressive times.

Experts on one-night-stands are sharing their precious tips and top facts you didn’t know. One needs to gain some skills and some new knowledge for that, then he’ll get laid right now.

Friends with benefits

On the best hookup apps, you can find the fwb definition. It means friends with benefits, and it’s about someone who you cannot manage without. Those sexy female buddies are always there for you.

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Casual hookups

It’s possible to either get acquainted online or to find them in your offline environment. Hot girls who like you as a person and consider safe enough to hook up with from time to time, are your fwb.

Make sure to have at least several fwb in your contact list, since they can be away or busy when you need one. Do not stop making new buddies for sex until you have four or five at your hand.

Daily gym lovers

Lots of single girls go to the gym exactly for flirting. They keep in a good shape for hearing the compliments from guys exercising next to them. You must know that gym is a top place for hookups.

There are always less occupied rooms and time periods for wild sex with your gym lover. However, try to have only one lover in each gym you’re attending, to not create confusing situations.

It’s a perfect option for morning sex when you’re the horniest. The gym isn’t too populous in the morning hours and you can make an agreement with your sporty lover to get laid right now.

Sexy girls neighbours

Who didn’t dream of the hot girl next door who’s welcome you in her bed? We all surely did. Do not skip this great possibility, it really works when you cannot wait. Establish a nice flirtatious relationship first.

It must be something like friendship with benefits, but more casual. Keep it going despite your and hers stable partners or sudden breakups, go out together, since you guys will need each other for hookups.

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Think about the same option in your relatives’ and friends’ buildings so that you can combine family visits with quick sex. Meet trendy hot singles interested in you, anywhere. Just find the reason not to date seriously.

Office sex assistants

Hookups in the office are ancient and legendary. No matter how trivial it sounds to sleep with your secretary, but it still works this way. Just the laws went stricter so make sure she won’t let you down.

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Do not limit yourself with just a personal assistant, it can be an accountant or female manager. The main thing is that you understand each other, share the same sex positive values, and do not cross the line.

Having a hookup match in the office is a must, absolutely. It’ll rescue you when you’re super horny in the morning or stressed late in the evening. Keep it discreet and reward your office buddy often.


  1. A good dating site will match you with someone who shares your interests and is compatible with your goals.

  2. With a wide range of dating apps and websites available, the search for the perfect match is no longer difficult.

  3. Nevertheless, the more features a dating site has, the better, so you’ll have more chances to find a compatible partner.

  4. Once gives them 24 hours to connect with each other, and you can continue chatting with that person if you like her.

  5. Some sites will let you find a date on their site, while others will allow you to browse through other members’ profiles.


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