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Hot or not Review 2021 – The biggest choice of hookups worldwide

Expert's Summary
On Hot or Not, there is an enormous number of young people’s photos, sometimes indeed very attractive. The app also helps to find them and like them through social networks such as FB. In this case, you can see whether there is any recent activity, and make sure those people are real. The Game by Hot or Not is extremely popular among teens and singles under 35. It encourages to tell about one’s interests such as sport, self education, hobbies, joining real communities and events locally, sharing things and self-made items, and so on. It is a modern platform for meeting new people nearby, either for friendly interactions or casual affairs. As a website, exists since 2000. For many, it’s just an online game. Forbes describes it as an app like Tinder, but just for fun. Mostly contains sexy selfies.
Ease of use
Members Quality
384 mln. members
Young singles under 35 prevail
Inexpensive or free
Focused on the shell
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Is Hot or not a dating app

The Game by Hot or Not is a controversial app that isn’t meant exactly for romantic dating. Its principle of work is estimating other users’ hotness and comparing them.

Although there are bios too, they are quite brief and no one actually looks at them. We would characterize the purpose of this app as a very light form of flirting. But it is great to have the best one night stand.

How does Hot or not work

On this app, you basically swipe right or left like on other modern platforms. But photos can be also rated from 1 to 5, which motivates members to look as sexy and friendly as they can.

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There are entertaining quizzes, communities, and links to users’ social networks, which makes the app similar to a pleasant virtual game. It allows to build social circles online, too.

Is Hot or not and Badoo the same thing

Since Hot or Not app is owned by Badoo now, they are showing the same member base, and very similar features. However, those are still separate platforms and some options are different.

How much is Hot or not

Premium 1 week$3.99
Premium 1 month$12.99

Hot or Not can be used completely for free, which most members do. However, to obtain more fashionable and progressive options, some upgrade to Premium which is pretty affordable.

It allows to re-do the negative votes, highlight the profile, use fun stickers, and so on.

Is Hot or not safe for teens

HotOrNot is mostly welcomed among teens and people in their early 20s. The base of members is huge, although a bit less than on Tinder, so the idea seems global and attractive.

Psychologists say, it’s an illusion of finding new friends or what’s more important, fans. But it isn’t actually an appropriate platform for a kid or a youngster, so parents and themselves should be aware.

It teaches to judge people by appearance only. Some users want to get noticed by any means so they use the sexiest or dirtiest images. It becomes a general attitude in relationships and life.

Many profiles are fake or inactive so it’s like an adventure at the ghost place. Teenagers and young people often do not realize they deserve to be appreciated on a deeper level.

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Many of them aren’t as skin-deep as the modern culture. Their feelings may be potentially hurt. There are better platforms for sensitive youngsters with the non-balanced self esteem.

In fact, one is buying people’s attention for money on such apps. Moreover, they are willing to pay just for being able to rate the others. It’s a bit disturbing, specialists think.

Yet, for young models who got used to public attention already and can sort out the toxic impact, Hot or Not is ok. It may train them to deal with very different people online and grow popular.

How do I deactivate my Hot or not account

There’s no need to contact the app team. All can be done via the profile settings. Just choose the option Delete and confirm this action by email. Shortly, your data will be fully removed from the site.


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