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Hinge Review – Contemporary dating and hookups for young singles

Expert's Summary
Even hookups can be thoughtful. This Hinge motto attracts millions singles who are not ok with shallow tinder principle of choice. On a contrary, Hinge app encourages to fill the users’ profiles in depth. Hinge is Facebook based which has its advantages and flaws. Profile photos are easily re-uploaded from FB, and matches are suggested out of the friends’ contact list. It’s great for dating but somewhat doubtful for those interested in easy hookups and anonymity. Yet, most users report they succeeded with Hinge and met new single individuals shortly.
Ease of use
Members Quality
First 3 months free
Real-contact based search
High success rate
Slow matching
Some percent of catfishers
Total Score
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What are the rules of Hinge

While browsing on others’ profiles gallery, one should like or not their pictures and bio. The chat starts only when liked back. Only few matches a day take place, since the processes are less automatic.

Photos can be commented. It brings the users closer quickly and plays the role of ice-breaker. Matching also works basing on answers to questions during the registration of a new member.

Is Hinge a hookup app

The concept of Hinge is rather about romance and long-term commitments. But there aren’t dating apps that could not be used for casual sex. Just be open and friendly, reveal your kinky intentions early.

Hook up on Hinge only if you don’t mind having common friends and all the gossip connected with that. If you’re young like most Hinge users are, it shouldn’t be an issue as many youngsters are after sex.

Why am I not getting any matches on Hinge

Successful matching on Hinge completely depends on you. It means, if you want the system to match you quicker or with a bigger number of singles, fill in your bio fields more thoroughly.

Make sure you answered all the questions of personality quiz during signing up, and add the interest or hobbies list to your profile. The more personal you get, the more Hinge matches you receive daily.

Is Hinge good for over 40

Hinge is honestly rather chosen by under 30 singles, but they are good reasons to join it for older personals too. It’s less shallow than Tinder, encourages the psychological compatibility, and entertains well.

The quality of singles on Hinge is more than satisfying for 40+ singles since there aren’t just duck-lipped Instagram models, but real people ready to meet up. Also, it’s easy to use and intuitive.

Can I see who I liked on Hinge

Hinge doesn’t save one’s list of Favorites or viewed profiles. You can only see who you liked if you have matched. Then you can check for those personals in your Matches screen and start a dialogue.

On another hand, remember Hinge suggests compatible singles out from your social circle online. So, if you weren’t liked back by someone yet want to meet, try to run through your FB friends’ contact list.

Which is better Hinge or Bumble

By statistics, Hinge success rate is 10 percent higher than Bumble. Nearly 100 percent of online matches meet in real and take their further decision. Half meet for hookups and half for longer dating.

On another hand, Bumble database is bigger. It’s also a matter of habit which app is more convenient for you to use. Also, Hinge is focused on western singles while Bumble serves globally.

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